GD-22S Vs. Anchor, AGAIN.

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  1. The Rogue Wolf

    Can someone tell me why the phrase "maybe it's just not suited to my playstyle" seems to have so much trouble entering so many heads? :confused:

    Are you actually incapable of replying to any form of disagreement with anything except a "1v1 me mate"?
  2. DrakeFang

    Yeah. He pretty much is.
  3. orangejedi829

    Cyclone best LMG.

    But seriously though, Anchor is a CQC LMG. In almost every situation where it shines, you'd probably be better off with an SMG, thanks to the much higher DPS, higher RoF, much lower TTK, and 0.75 ADS speed. For anything outside of CQC, Anchor is passable at best, easily being overshadowed by the SAW, GD-22s, and even the EM1, IMO.
  4. FriendlyPS4

    Whats wrong with a 1v1 in a GAME? 1v1s were fairly common in PS1. We would have them in the stairways or any place while waiting for the cap. As I always said Im just GOOD. Not like Im going to MLG anybody. Relax.
  5. LaughingDead

    Anchor has a higher dps model and hipfire rating for more cq ar style lmgs. GD22 (god I hate that gun) is more ranged. Its like carnage verses guass rifle
  6. orangejedi829

    Actually, that the SAW has a high skill ceiling is a common misconception. The gun has a very high skill floor, in that it takes a lot of practice to just become competent with it. But it actually has the lowest skill ceiling of the three factions' primary LMGs. Meaning that, no matter how good you are, all other things being equal, a player of equivalent skill will always beat you with a CARV or Orion. This is simply because these LMGs have higher DPS and lower TTK at all ranges than the SAW. Not to mention that the SAW absolutely requires burstfire to be accurate, decreasing its DPS and increasing its TTK even further. And no matter how good you are, you can't change those stats. Someone of equal skill with another LMG will always out-DPS and out-TTK you.
    Hence, the SAW has the lowest skill ceiling of the main LMGs; the others can simply perform better in the hands of a skilled player than the SAW can, thanks to their stats.

    (And I've auraxiumed both the SAW and the GODSAW, so it's not like I don't have experience with the weapon.)
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  7. Shadowomega

    Gundem try using the Anchor without the forgrip and get back to us, I got a feeling it will feel more accurate without it.
  8. DrakeFang

    I'm somewhat inclined to disagree. I've auraxiumed all of the starter LMG's, and found the Gauss to be the most effective after learning to control and capitalize on its mechanics. I've often found that the paper stats don't mean a lot when you're looking at weapons in actual combat, especially when they're this close (theoreticals are all within .1 sec of eachother I believe). That said, I'm not a huge performance stats guy either, so I won't try to argue with someone likely more well versed in the field than I.

    My general methodology tends to be Anchor to take the point, Gauss to keep the point. A properly positioned Gauss is one of the best defensive weapons in the game, as your kills per mag (especially with headshots) and solid (even if not the lowest) TTK can let you shutdown entire avenues in many fights.
  9. orangejedi829

    No offense, but it's not really a matter of opinion; just simple math.
    Look at it this way: What is "Skill Ceiling"? It's the point at which the weapon becomes the limiting factor to performance, rather than the user's skill level. So let's imagine we have two robots with perfect skill. Logically, the weapons with the highest skill ceilings will perform the best in the hands of these robots, since, with perfect skill, the limiting factor to performance will be the "Skill ceiling" of each respective weapon.
    Now, if you had a robot with a SAW face one with an Orion or CARV, the robot with the SAW would lose 100% of the time. If the SAW truly had the highest skill ceiling, this should be the other way around. But it's not; the Orion and CARV have the highest theoretical performance threshold.
    This is on top of the fact that the SAW is super cumbersome to use and woefully inaccurate if not burstfired (which only hurts its case further).
    Sure, it's an okay gun. As I mentioned, I aurax'ed both variants cuz I used to really like it. But as I ran into more and more super-high-level players, it became apparent to me that the SAW simply cannot compete with a skilled Carv, Orion, BG, MSW-r, etc. user because, as long as they land their shots, they will always beat your TTK. These days I run Cyclone for CQC since it's the only NC HA gun that can match Orion and CARV in terms of DPS/TTK (inside 8m only, though), and NS-15 for longer ranges since it makes up for its TTK disadvantage with low recoil and excellent accuracy (unlike the SAW).
  10. The Shady Engineer

    750 rpm/143 damage weapons i.e Orion, CARV literally have the EXACT SAME TTK as 500 rpm/200 damage weapons.
    0.48s bodyshot TTK at maximum damage range
    0.24s headshot TTK at maximum damage range
    0.56s bodyshot TTK at minimum damage range
    0.24s headshot TTK at minimum damage range

    So no if two robots with perfect aim were to fire at each other with these weapons the one equipped with a CARV/Orion wouldn't win, the duel would end in a kill trade.

    As for the SAW being inaccurate and require bursting while Orion and CARV don't, I think you're doing it wrong. All 200 damage weapons have a standing CoF of zero. Combined with the generally low horizontal recoil and the ability to equip an advanced grip, they're literally the most accurate automatics in the game. However they do have a high moving CoF. Meaning that instead of ADADing with these weapons, it's more of a A-stop movement-fire 3 round burst-D-stop movement-fire 3 round burst maneuver. In fact because of the non existent standing still CoF, the SAW is the only gun in the game I feel comfortable standing still and slugging it out with my target. With the movement penalty from overshield, ADAD doesn't have much of an effect anyway.

    That's not to say that all starter LMGs are created equal. Like all other high fire rate weapons, Orion and CARV have an inherit advantage in CQC because missing shots isn't punished as much whereas the SAW, like all other high damage weapons, has an advantage at further ranges because you don't have to land as many shots to kill the target.
  11. FieldMarshall

    I honestly dont like the Anchor either.
    But i like ADS weapons and my favourite LMG is the SAW, so i guess im weird.
    (The feeling of firing an automatic weapon with 200dmg at someones face just feels too good)
  12. Corezer

    Oh God, it looks like Obama plays PS2 lol

    "That's not politics, that's math!"
  13. orangejedi829

    This is assuming no Nanoweave, no overshield, no medic healing-thingy.
    IRL, everyone wears nanoweave, which increases the SAW TTK to 0.6s or 0.72s (depending on level) and the Orion/CARV TTK to 0.56s and 0.64s, respectively.
    Plus, the TTKs you listed assume no misses. I realize I proposed a model with perfect shooting, but aside from that, IRL, even the best players miss. And missing with the SAW is more punishing than missing with the other guns in terms of TTK.
    When you're doing your A-fire-D-fire move, you're burstfiring. My assertion was that the SAW needs to be burstfired. Against an opponent who full-autos his CARV or Orion while ADADing, (which is perfectly feasible in close-medium encounters, unlike with the SAW), they will have a huge TTK/DPS advantage over you, so you had better hope your aim is significantly better than theirs.
    Haha, you should have seen my rant about statistical analysis on Alert wins. ;)
  14. Gundem

    Great discussion and all, but I'd like to politely remind ya'll that this is about the Anchor(Which I still don't like) vs. the GD-22s.
  15. Valthis78

    The Gauss Saw no longer requires you stop moving while firing. It has same moving CoF as Carv and Orion and most other lmgs now.
  16. Valthis78

    You lost all credibility by throwing the EM1 in there.
  17. Gundem

    It can still be advantageous though, since it has a still CoF of 0.

    I haven't personally tried to "stutterstep", but I might give a swing at it sometime.

    If it's going to be useful for any weapon, it's Slug Shotguns. Moving CoF of .9 is hard to ignore.
  18. JKomm

    Shotguns with slugs need massive improvements... it acts like one high damage pellet rather than an actual slug. It's far too inaccurate for less damage and only the ability to hit unaware targets at medium to long range, and is still outclassed by assault rifles and certain carbines at those ranges. Only reason to use it is on an NC MAX.
  19. orangejedi829

    Git gud.
    EM1 is excellent since the buff. I'll take you and your Anchor on any day with it.
  20. DrakeFang

    I'm not gonna say that slugs don't need an improvement, but they're not terrible. At least not always.

    An LA with a pump action and slugs can pretty effectively work as a close range sinper. Between the OHK headshots you get with pump slugs, and the angles that being an LA opens up, it can be a pretty potent combination assuming you've got the aim to use it.