GD-22s Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by CorporalClegg, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. Chris Bingley

    When I came back to the game a few months ago I found myself struggling with the Saw and picked up the GD-22S because it was cheap and wuld help me get back into the game. Once I got a bit of practice I went back to the Saw and Auraxed it. I then came back to the GD-22S and it seemed to suck.

    I've since picked up the EM1 and EM6 (for close and mid ranges respectively) and I love these guns, yet I still have problems with the GD-22S. TBH I think it's possibly because it's trying to be a close range gun but with a mid ranged damage profile.
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  2. TheShrapnelKing

    The GD22S is the 3rd worst LMG after the EM1 and the entirely pointless SAW-S.

    It's recoil is too high to be able to make longer accurate bursts like you can with the EM6, but shorter bursts can't be done SAW style because it's a damage tier lower so it always seems like it takes forever to kill people. Plus its accuracy is crap, it has a lower ROF than the EM6 and half the Mag size of the SAW. There's no point to this weapon other than to get the Auraxium GODSAW, that's why I'm using it.
  3. CorporalClegg

    I liked the EM1 better actually. It gets a bad rep for low dps but having 200 bullets to accurately pour into a doorway is a definite perk. Granted the guass saw has 100 5-6 shot kill bullets you can pour in and is betterin every way but te EM1 still has a niche.

    I just reached 1000 with the gd and it still feels like a grind. What bothers me the most about itis that its BELOW AVERGE in every stat except hipfire and lmg hipfire is bad in general. Its not even a jack of all trades: its below average at all trades
  4. KnightCole

    Lol, If I want to pour 200 rounds into a doorway, I grab my EM6, exmag, 2x and a comp....then sit back and watch the bodies pile up. The Em1, it just watches as the casings pile up on the floor and the enemy fearlessly over runs the position cuz yeah....
  5. cruczi

    Exactly, EM6 is basically a straight upgrade to EM1. The only range where EM1 is better in the 10-15 meters where it wins 0.048 seconds of theoretical TTK thanks to SPA
  6. AssaultPig

    I really wonder sometimes if people even bother to look at weapon stats before saying stuff like this

    22S has lower vertical and first shot recoil than the EM6 (even without HVA), and better recoil decrease. It's ADS CoF stats are ever-so-slightly better, and obviously it has better hipfire cones. EM6's advantages are a bigger magazine and slightly higher RoF.
  7. KnightCole

    Lol, the EM1 even in the 10-15m gets beatout by any weapon that either fires faster or deals more damage per shot. Only proper application of headshots will occasionally ensure the EM1 wins an engagement. However, pretty much any gun can do better then the EM1. Maybe the EM1 is better for getting hits on guys who strafe, but past that...its meh...
  8. TheShrapnelKing

    No, I don't. I'm going off feel, and this weapon is far more annoying to use and I am nowhere near as effective with it as I am with the Anchor or EM6. I don't care what the stats say, it feels wrong to me and I don't like it.
  9. cruczi

    No, that's incorrect. Since SPA extends max. damage range to 15 meters, EM1 will have better theoretical TTK within that 10-15 meter range than literally any non-SPA automatic weapon in the entire game. It is not true that EM1 gets beaten in the 10-15 meter range - it actually beats all non-SPA automatic/burst weapons which comprises a total of 34 weapons among carbines, AR's and LMG's.
  10. NCstandsforNukaCola

    GD22s is in a spot between EM6 and LA1 Anchor though it has lower RPM than those.
    I suggest you get laser sight and sight of you choice.
    Hipfire in close combat,
    7~10 Burst up to 30m
    4~5 Burst beyond that.

    GD22s has lower FSRM and fast recoil recovery.(let alone lightning fast reload)
    It is sure that '22s has lower RPM but it can drop down any target even in long range like EM6 and take advantage of decent hipfire CoF like Anchor.

    '22s is a little bit underrated. Just take you time then it will reward you with many kills, great fun.
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  11. AssaultPig

    you can like whichever guns you want, but you're still saying stuff that's obviously, factually wrong

    22S has better recoil and CoF stats than basically any other NC LMG; you can burst fire it however you burst fire any other gun
  12. TheShrapnelKing

    Your "facts" mean jack **** if it performs badly.

    If I want a midrange gun I'll just get my God SAW out again. If I want close range I"ll whip out the Anchor. This gun tries to do both and it doesn't really work.
  13. AssaultPig

  14. lilleAllan

    I auraxium'ed the GD-22S back when it was average.

    Now it's pretty great with top tier reload speed, bullet velocity, hipfire and accuracy while moving.

    It's basically the best NC LMG for strafing engagements at mid range. The EM1 is not even in the same league.
  15. RyanGUK

    I'm currently at the same point as you, however I've just come off the back of auraxiuming the LA1 Anchor. Coming from that, I would say the GD-22S is a superb gun. I find the recoil very easy to control, and whilst I do think the Anchor is the better gun purely for its hipfire, the GD-22S helps get those guys which just wouldn't quite be possible with the Anchor.

    On that, advice I'd give you is to learn how to control the recoil, you don't need a barrel although the Laser Sight may help you with your hipfiring issue. Don't reload until you're down to like 5 bullets because else you risk getting jumped on, trust it happens more than you'd think.

    I'd say it should've been the default weapon for NC starters, the Gauss SAW up until the scope adjustments, was flippin' terrible and jumped all over the place. GD-22S was that in between. Just change your playstyle to be a bit more attacking, you'll find this weapon has its pros.

  17. Nehlis

    EM1 gets no love. Super easy to control, so you don't need frontgrip or comp. Run it with SPA, Extended mags, Supressor and HSNV. Get a LA to throw up smoke and fire ALL DAY LONG.
  18. Moz

    Thanks you for your helpful, informative and intelligent input.
  19. Jogido

    agreed, although I've been leaning to the Anchor after the laser nerf....I'll probably mess around with it a bit again after I auraxium the God saw ^_^
  20. cruczi

    Super easy to control? Has lower horizontal recoil than EM1, comparable first shot recoil, higher overall vertical recoil. CHECK.
    Fire all day long? Has longer time per magazine and higher damage per magazine than EM1, but reloads slightly slower. CHECK.

    The only downside to EM1 is its TTK between 10 and 15 meters is worse due to lacking SPA (an advantage you've decided to cancel out by using a suppressor). At all other ranges, EM6 just hits harder and kills faster.

    For some reason... even though EM6 kills way more people:
    It is used less:

    I'd put it down to three reasons.
    1. EM1 costs 250 certs, EM6 costs 500 certs.
    2. EM1 is the only 143 damage NC LMG, and players who are used to the characteristics of VS and TR 143 damage weapons may be more inclined to use it.
    3. For those who want a 167 damage LMG, EM6 competes with Anchor which draws many of the people that would otherwise stick with EM6, while EM1 has no such competition.