GD-22s Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by CorporalClegg, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. CorporalClegg

    I just cracked 400 kills with this weapon and quite frankly I find it painful to use.

    It isn't terribly accurate, its hipfire is okayish but then again if you want to hipfire at close range then you use SMGs or the Anchor, its lacking on attachments, and it only has 50 rounds. To add insult to injury its DPS seems subpar, you will lose to the orion and carv (the most common LMGs) alot of the time and these weapons seem to share its accuracy.

    I auraxed the EM1 and even I found this gun more useful than the GD-22s. At least I had 200 rounds to work with and could reliably put rounds down range accurately. I think part of the problem is my play style. I play heavy assault very defensibly. I find a good cover spot and use the LMGs good mag size and accuracy to ADS attackers coming my way and found I could switch targets without reloading (loved the gauss saw and EM6 for this reason).

    Anyone have better luck and care to share some advice?
  2. Exonis

    You're already at 400, use it til auraxium to get your certs back, then get rid of it like a dead body

    I too have Auraxiumed the GD-22S, I agree that it is subpar
  3. DatVanuMan

    The 22S is my favorite NC weapon, just on par with the saw. I love it!
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  4. KnightCole

    I used to love teh GD22S due to it's amazing hipfire. When it lost that, I found little sense in still using it. Ofc, I originally had it cuz I found the Gauss SAW a pita to use. But, I L2P with the Gauss SAW and used GD22S for hipfire and CQC actions....

    I agree GD22S could use a little something more...maybe increase it's RoF to like 600 and increase anchor to 615. Increase Anchor's Magsize to 55 or 60 just to give it a little extra bonus over the GD22S. Restore some of the GD's hipfire....

    I used to think the GD22S was a pretty amazing gun, and overall, its not that bad....but since the hipfire really lost any point....
  5. cruczi

    GD22S is basically an assault rifle. Small mag, short reload, good range. Play it like you would play an AR. Apart from the relatively bad hipfire and lack of ammo options, it's almost identical with Gauss Rifle S.
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  6. Bhudda V1

    the gr-22s is a little bit of an odd lmg it's an "assault" lmg to say with the 50 round mag but it has a super fast reload, 1.5 first shot recoil modifier it's a odd mid range gun

    i have to ask what kind of scope and setup you use on it, I personalty use a 4x true shot scope with a grip and nothing else the barrel attachments in my eye's only hurt the guns purpose

    i think you need to try to keep it down to 1v1's at mid range that's where i find this weapon hit's it's stride somewhat at most longer range it can work too no closer the gr-22s looses it's self and's the user.
  7. Goretzu

    To me you have the NC6 SAW, EM6 and Anchor as good NC LMGs (not good at everything at once, of course), and then there is the second group of worse LMGs which to me go in the order of Gauss SAW S, GD-22S and EM1 (from best to worst), you can still happily kill with all of them, just not as well.

    YMMV, of course.
  8. Moz

    If you are not already, try it with a Suppressor.
  9. Casterbridge

    I'm surprised people find this weapon inaccurate, for me that is it's best feature, the ease of control coupled with the high velocity allowing me to put bullets where I want them. I also found I could reliably run with the laser and still have a decent hipfire, at least for a HA weapon, never found a real need to use the grip regardless.

    GD-22s is the weapon I always recommend first when someone wants a quick/cheap alternative to the Saw.

    To be fair it's not a weapon your going to win a dual with at closer range against something like the Orion, but eh.

    As said above I guess to each their own.
  10. Dinapuff

    The anchor is much better. As for the 22 I can only tell you that playing aggressively with any lmg and hipfiring is bad form. I had the most luck with forward grip and flanking. It gets rid of some of the left / right jittering.
  11. CorporalClegg

    Indeed. I find I have the most luck with it when I'm being pseudo sneaky and flanking. But the same can be said of any gun.
    This is where I find it fails. It doesn't win many 1v1s against other heavies since almost every gun puts out more dps. Sure with the shield you beat most other infantry but thats not saying much. On that note, I find it surprising that so many NC complain about the EM1 for its low dps when this also has that downside but has no large magazine or accuracy to make up for it. Its mid range ability are mediocre at the very best. I'd rank the GD-22 as the worst NC lmg, worse than the EM1. It kills sure, but it doesnt accel at anything except slightly better hip fire and reload speed and is well below par on every other stat. And good lmg hipfire is a misnomer in and of itself.
  12. CorporalClegg

    Its velocity isn't too bad you're right. I guess I'll stick with the suppressor then, since the primary suppressor downside is reduced velocity and this is partially negated. Thanks everyone.
  13. AssaultPig

    GD-22s is an okay gun for hipfire / run and gun circumstances; its closest comp is the anchor, and just for fun let's compare them:

    - significantly faster reloads for the 22s; its short reload is more than 1s faster (same ammo totals)
    - similar recoil stats, with the only difference being better first-shot recoil for the 22s (1.5 vs 2.0 for the anchor.) Both have right-directional recoil, although the angle is a bit more severe for the anchor.
    - slightly better velocity for the 22s (620 vs the anchor's 600)
    - slightly inferior RoF (577 vs 600)

    Anchor gets access to SPA (and the adv. laser, if for some reason you want to use that); the 22s gets no ammo attachments and only the default grip/laser.

    Basically the 22s is an Anchor that's a little bit better at mid-distance ADS, but a little bit worse at short range / hip fire. Its reload time is a severely underrated advantage in high traffic circumstances though.
  14. Moz

    No no, thats not what im saying.

    I should have been more clear, a lot of people say they prefer the GD-22s all round with a suppressor attached all the time. :)
  15. cruczi

    I imagine the number of those people is much smaller than the number of people who prefer it without a suppressor attached all the time.
  16. Corezer

    ...front towards enemy
  17. Solidpew

    I feel like the GD-22S is best for medium range. It's not the kind of gun you'll want for breaching rooms because its ROF is "okay" (577 for the 22S vs. 600 for the Anchor, it's still more). You also don't want to be the one greeting someone as they enter the room unless you're confident with your headshots in CQC. For a defensive playstyle, I actually think this weapon would be okay because it handles similar to the stock Assault Rifle, so you'll get off plenty of accurate medium range shots.

    If you're playing closer, the EM1 might be better due to the fire rate and magazine size. The reason I dislike the EM1 is due to its slow ROF for the damage profile (Even in the description it says the EM1 is comparatively faster than NC LMG's, not fast firing in general). I like the Anchor for CQC, but I understand 50 round magazines are hard to get used to when NC guns tend to have 100 bullets per magazine.

    So, to sum it up: with the GD-22S, position yourself to be at a slight distance when someone comes into your view, burst fire conservatively, and try to headshot.
  18. Moz

    You would be supprised.
  19. Jogido

    As others mentioned, it's a mobile LMG trying to be a bit of an AR at the same time. A cheap alternative for players who couldn't get use to controlling the kick of the G Saw or not liking its low RoF.

    When I did use it, I used hipfire with laser close range and use variable levels trigger control...depending on the range. Although I tried to void long ranges with the weapon.

    The hipfire is not as good now, but it's still second best (with laser) for the NC behind the NS-15 and the Anchor (when they are also using lasers/adv lasers)
  20. Rogueshadow

    I personally play this weapon more aggressively even though it's strongest at medium range engagements. I use the laser sight on it and a 2x sight for versatility. The laser sight helps in strafing during close range engagements and the 2x scope for its actual purpose of putting fire down medium ranges. This weapon has extremely controllable recoil due to its slower RoF so I find the forward grip a waste of time and certs, barrel attachments are worthless as they do more harm than good. The weapon in my opinion is one of the most versatile weapons in the NC which is why I auraxiumed it second only to the Gauss Saw. Also I found the CoF actually to be pretty good until 6th or 7th shot in medium ranges so burst fire in medium to long range engagements.