Gauss Compact S ?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by SirBurning, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. SirBurning

    Hey guys

    I'm mainly a Engineer player, and I wondered. Is the upgrade from the Mercenary to the Gauss Compact S worth it?

    I currently run my Mercenary when using vehicles/on foot
    And i run the GD-7F when I am assaulting facility's.
    Now the GD-7F is good, but it lacks range ofcourse.

    Do you guys think the Gauss Compact S is worth it's cost because of the attachment options? Or does it have other characteristic's that make it stand out from the mercenary?
  2. Ghostfox

    It is a solid weapon that can be equipped to fill any role you are missing. You can spec it out for short ranged or long ranged through cert unlocks.

    Overall, one of the better unlocks.
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  3. Griz

    Gauss Compact S is straight-up worse than the mercenary - slower reload and lower rate of fire with everything else being pretty much the same. the only reason to use it is so you can get the underbarrel grenade launcher.
  4. Ghostfox

    Eh, I've had more success with it than the Mercenary. Handling characteristics are different and better.
  5. Mirakk

    Gauss S handles awesome. You can use it for close/medium range effectively. It has 3 fire modes. Personally I like using the burst fire when I'm shooting longer distances.

    It also handles 2 ammo types: Soft point, and High Velocity.

    You can also get the underbarrel Grenade Launcher, and Smoke Grenades. Both of which are very handy. Engineers need to think outside the box sometimes to be really effective in a firefight. I think the Smoke Grenades compliment that wonderfully. It's a great way to hide your hastily deployed bouncing betty or sticky grenade assault.

    The GD-7F is better at close range, but suffers at medium/long range. The Gauss S will extend your range capability. I'd use the Gauss S when you're using your vehicles etc, and the GD-7F if you're sure to be indoors. I'd definately run with the S instead of the Mercenary. No question.
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  6. SirBurning

    Thanks for the reactions guys, Picked it up for a trial and definetly handles much like the Mercenary.
    Question is still have.
    Do the Smoke/Frag grenades for the grenadelauncher resupply from a ammo pack?
  7. irishroy

    i´ve heard somewhere that the smokenade doesn´t really affect players on low settings(like me).
    woop, didn´t read your post carefully enough:D
    that´s a good question. i think they reload also from the ammodrop, because nearly every gun gets some ammo from the drops.
  8. TehTee

    In the beta Smoke and Frag grenades DID resupply from boxes, but only a limited number of times, not sure how it works now

    I only play Engineer,and this is my gun of choice w/ Grenade launcher :)
  10. nibew

    gauss compact s

    its just bad you will lose almost any close/mid fight unless you shot enemy to the back but then sometimes you lose also

    it have bad rate of fire and very big recoil

    if you want good weapon pick
    or Piston shotty

    unless you already bought it then cert for granade launcher
    but becouse gl ammo bug you can sometimes shoot 2 times only
  11. Volcanus

    For me, as a Engineer only player i have only found the first gun as useful. I have the Alpha Squad gun which is meant to be better damage but it has spread out the *** even with a compensator. And the kick on all the NC engi weapons are insane.

    Compared to the Medic and heavies weapons, it is byfar the worst. The only saving grace is the fact you can resupply yourself, and by god you need it due to the hit rego on the guns.
    Not to say i don't get much kills, i already have the Merc with two gold medals. But it doesn't mean i didn't try my heart out to get those gold medals.

    From testing all the guns the Engis have on offer for the NC, i feel that the guns have been severly nerfed since the BETA, in the BETA a full mag would kill a heavy if every shot hit with his/her shield up. Now, it only breaks his nano shield and half his main shield. The spread is tremendous and i have a foregrip and a compensator on most my weapons.

    After my struggles with the guns, i went back to TR to see if they were nerfed as bad, nope, they actually felt better than ever. 10 extra bullets goes a long way too, they do have spread but it is easier to manage compared to the NC, You also feel MUCH more powerful close up, and you can kill a heavy even if they are fully modded in their suit upgrade of choice (tested this out with a friend).

    VS also have great starter weapons, with no bullet drop and small spread with incredible fire rate you can put down someone in seconds.

    NC guns feel the opposite to what they were meant to be, powerful and feared close-mid range. Terrible long range. Slow, but hard hitting. Now they feel weak, heavy spread and kick, and reload slower than a turtle going on a round world trip.
  12. TehTee

    I love the Gauss Compact S personally, I was doing kinda meh and was getting kinda fed up with my engineer, so I decided to use some of my alpha squad cash to unlock it and **** it up a bit, compensator and softpoint ammo and I can actually hold my own at medium range. In single shot mode it is also accurate enough to hit people at range when you learn to compensate for the drop ( I haven't tried but I assume the long range ammo and burst fire could do pretty good for long range too)
  13. Ghostfox

    Picked up the high velocity ammo since I'm making mine more for longer range engagements... The difference is significant.
  14. SkepticJerry

    I bought this yesterday, I'm on the fence about it. I do like the underbarrel smoke launcher though.
  15. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    580 confirmed kills with my Compact S/w grenade launcher, i wouldn't go into battle with anything else!
  16. Ryekir

    The Gauss Compact S is definitely the most versatile weapon for an NC Engineer because it has access to nearly all of the weapon attachments and scopes, so you can customize it for different scenarios and play styles. The three different fire modes are really handy for different situations as well (full auto, 3x burst, single shot).

    The GD-7F has a high rate of fire and is probably the most accurate of all of the options. However the lack of a 2x Reflex sight is extremely annoying (and I miss having the compensator on it from beta)

    The ammo boxes no longer supplies the grenade launcher, so you only have 2 shots with it before you have to find a terminal to resupply. I'm still debating if this is worth it or not.
  17. SkepticJerry

    Not true...sometimes it does. I'm not sure what the hell is going on with that.
  18. Ryekir

    Since I bought the grenade launcher several days ago, I haven't once gotten my ammo pack to resupply the grenades (whereas when I had it in beta, it would always work and I could launch grenades all day long).
  19. Ryekir

    Ah, I figured it out, it seems that the grenade launcher is only resupplied via the dedicated ammo pack in the utility slot (#4) and isn't supplied by the ACE ammo pack (#5). Not sure if this is a bug or not.

    Edit: Actually, it seems like this doesn't always work either. :(
  20. kris220b

    i have 2 loadouts for my engineer

    1, fire support, using utility pouch and the warden riflem, used ijn the open

    2, grenadier, using the compact s with grenade launcher for medium range explovsiv support, and for fighting inside
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