[Suggestion] Gauss compact S or AC X11

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SupCuyCuy, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. SupCuyCuy

    I'm playing engineer a lot, and looking for a mid range weapon, which one should I get ?
  2. vonRichtschuetz

    If you want a precise answer, you need to tell us what faction you play.

    Otherwise the answer is: a carbine (or depending on what you mean by medium distance, a battle rifle).
  3. SupCuyCuy

    NC, gauss compact and AC X11 are NC weapons :)
    I already use a battle rifle for long range, and GD 7F for indoors fight
  4. Demigan

    Ac-x11 for ranged combat. Compact for a more general purpose if I recall correctly
  5. Cirena

    The merc, the razor, the ac x11 and the burst variant are all good midrange options.

    You can't really go wrong with NC carbines - except for the gauss compact s which is hot garbage.
  6. pnkdth

    Razor or Burst variant are fantastic ranged options and even strong up close if you're good with ADS + with the burst version get into the right click pattern. The ACX is neat as well but despite its damage profile I think it works best for close/mid range (even having used it with a laser sight). The Razor (much like the Pulsar C for VS) is superior for mid/long range because they're more controllable and consistent. The Razor also has good bullet velocity for a carbine.

    Plus you have a wonderful directive carbine to look forward to which has really good hip fire + is based on the reliable Merc platform + has a 5 meter advantage over the Merc with max damage (which is great for CQC with its improved hip fire). The under-barrel shotgun is more of a novelty but can do in a pinch.

    I'm not a fan of the S variant or Charger though but given the aforementioned carbines you won't need them on the road to auraxium since you also have two really strong CQC variants as well (Bandit and GD7F). Like Cirena says, you can't really go wrong with NC carbines save a few.
  7. typnct

    personally id take ac x11 as it can 3 hit kill with a headshot and 2 shot+1 body shot infils

    its a great wep and i would love to have a variant of it or any 200 dmg weps on tr
    imo i would take the ac x11 over the s anytime at any range and scenario

    -low recoil
    -great cof
    -mediocre accuracy
    -great 1 shot dmg(3 hit kill potential)
    -rof that is managable for any distance

    the compact s just seems like a worse version of of the regular wep imo with worse handling
  8. Crash Bandicoot

    AC-X11 without a shadow of a doubt a better weapon overall.
  9. TR5L4Y3R

    iirc the only benefit to take any S variant is more attachmeantoptions like underbarrel nadelaunchers or SPA/HVA ...
    other than that they are often worse than your default weapon or basevariant ...
  10. Liewec123

    if you play engi a lot then gauss is awesome, UBGL ftw!
    it gives you the option to spam a doorway with big damaging explosives for farming/suppression,
    or fight with a normal (and pretty darn strong) primary.
    i've auraxed it a few times now, mostly through the UBGL!
  11. vonRichtschuetz

    I should have read the title :D
  12. AllRoundGoodGuy

    Nah mate, get the compact s to spam smokes! Sometimes, the only way to win is to lag out your opponents.....
  13. Scrundle

    The AC-X11 is a fantastic weapon, it takes a little bit of handling but really not that much. Master it and the AC-X11 will see you through many a scrape.
    The Gauss Compact S is considered a bit weak, most S's are, but don't overlook that burst fire mode and the sheer adaptability the weapon brings to your gameplay as a whole. Also, underbarrel attachments are a lot of fun, be it grenades (Even after their nerf), smokes or the wonderful UnderBarrel ShotFun.

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