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  1. Swoll

    I currently have the laser sight on it and it will miss horridly when firing from the hip depending on range. I guess the question is does the advanced grip have an impact on hip firing? I assume no - that is what the laser sight is for, but then it begs the question: why is there and advanced grip option for this gun? It as has very very little horizontal recoil.
  2. Tekone

    THANK YOU!!!
    My point exactly!
    Also, why does the NC Bolt Driver have the optional forward grip unlock?! A previous poster was trying to make the point that since the option exists, it is a 'must have' for the weapon. I disagree.

    I also am testing the laser sight on the Gauss Saw. Tbh if you're hipfiring outside of 5-9 meters you're going to miss anyway, ESPECIALLY when strafing. I can't yet tell if the laser sight is improving hip fire capabilities. I need a good solid day of bio lab fights to get a more conclusive answer. Anyone else please feel free to chime in here.
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  4. Birdrock

    Where does it say there is no horizontal recoil? It indicates equal left and right recoil, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it does neither. It may randomly select one direction, much like most shooters. I'll do my own testing later to check.

    If you are correct, then only 5 out of 18 LMGs have any horizontal recoil - this seems odd given the availability of a foregrip.
  5. Kyutaru

    You just linked the Fun Stuff section of that spreadsheet, which doesn't have the actual weapon stats. Those are the compiled summary stats manually entered by the user, and they neglect to include the horizontal recoil values. The user had the values at one point but has since removed them from the sheet. Not listing the values isn't the same as there not BEING any values.

    Notice how the T9 CARV has no listed Horizontal Recoil either. Now click the Patch Changes tab and scroll to the bottom.

    T9 CARV = Horizontal Recoil 0.2 → 0.225

    Welcome to true enlightenment.

    You are a troll.
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  6. Tekone

    So back on target, and along the lines of what the OP was asking...

    I can not tell the difference in CQC when the NC6 Gauss Saw is equipped with an advanced laser sight instead of the forward grip.
    Between strafing / getting shot it doesn't seem like it makes any difference at all. On paper I guess it does, but in practice I really can't tell a difference.
  7. Birdrock

    Tested in game with and without Forward Grip. There is horizontal recoil on the NC6 Gauss SAW, and the Forward Grip assists in attenuating it, allowing longer bursts before the horizontal aim is too far off target.

    Actual testing is a very powerful thing. Especially when you actually have the certification on your character and can test behavior in game and how weapons truly work in this game.

    Welcome to actual enlightenment.

    There is horizontal recoil on the NC6 Gauss SAW. Turns out you have no idea what you are talking about.
  8. Hyllan

    Close on the weapon stats. They are a summary, but for everything right of the damage values they're pulled from the game data files using formulas so they update automatically when new game files are uploaded.
  9. KnightCole

    NC upgraded are unbelievablely OP......My TR HA dude comes up against an NC HA, even if I fire and hit first, he wins on sheer damage and my guns **** recoil and low damage mixed with the in game's camera shake when you get hit....

    NC6, it is a pretty decent weapon no doubt, so far, im getting a 2.8KD with it. It murders people, even if they fire first, shield,
  10. pdog109

    High Velocity ammo is useless now after patch, even with compensator vertical recoil is still too much on the SAW.
  11. Ghoest

    The advanced grip is not going to make a big difference at short range because balanced recoil essentially cancels itself out anytime the recoil range is within the target areas.

    But at medium long ranges it does make the gun more accurate - you cant personally compensate for balanced recoil.
  12. GimiZigi

    I use the EM6 with compensator and forward grip and this gun rocks. I hope they don't change it at all.