gaus saw for CQC

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by W01fe, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. W01fe

    been hearing since patch its viable, was wondering how the laser sight effects it. 44 more certs and ill give it a whirl and give feedback if nobody else does.
  2. CheeseThief

    It's viable in the fact that it takes 5 shots to kill and has a 100 round mag, it is still horribly out DPS'd at close range and has horrifically bad hip-fire accuracy though.

    It's not bad in close combat, between leaping around a corner, popping the shield and strafing, all the while holding the trigger down has netted me a load of kills. None of those really ruin the hip-fire accuracy more than half a second of fire anyways, but in the end the gun gets an advanced forward grip and that does loads more for the weapon than the laser sight.

    The EM1 gets the advanced laser sight, so between that and it's higher rate of fire, it's a significantly better weapon for close combat.
  3. W01fe

    the forward grip does more then the laser sight in terms of hip fire? news to me.
  4. Kyutaru

    Laser Sight affects bloom, Forward Grip affects horizontal recoil. The Gauss SAW has great starting accuracy like many NC weapons, so bloom doesn't really matter much. It's the insane recoil that will make you miss your shots, so forward grip helps a lot.
  5. BrB Stove Exploded

    Except the Gauss Saw has 0 Horizontal recoil so it in fact does not help in any way shape or form...

    Vertical recoil is effected by the compensator.
  6. Birdrock

    The forward grip seems to help on my gauss saw.
  7. AzK

    Was bored one day and spent 400 certs on the weapon, don't do it. That thing is a waste of space, use the gd, em1, or, if you really have to, em6.
  8. W01fe

    i have about 330 certs into it, i love the gun for med-long range encounters, easily my fav lmg for the job. it just may not be good for CQC
  9. HMR85

    EM6 is IMO the best all around LMG for the NC as it is extremely versatile. I absolutely love it.
  10. DailyFrankPeter

    It might not as reliable as you'd think.

    I use the SAW a lot. In CQB a lot depends on who shoots first (suppression) and good hand for headshots.
  11. LiamPam

    The NC6 Gauss Saw has in fact awful high horizontal recoil - vertical recoil is just as bad, but that can be compensated to a degree. Horizontal recoil is pretty unpredictable if it goes to two sides, however.
  12. Johnnyseven

    In my experience as long as you fire first the SAW tends to win out in CQB.
  13. Tekone

    Um, actually no, it does not. Go test it yourself. The forward grip does literally nothing for the gun.
    In fact, it has so LITTLE horizontal recoil that I'm wondering if a laser sight might help round it out to be *the* best LMG for NC. It still has amazing stopping power, and if you get 5-6 shots in first in CQC the enemy is just plain going down before you do.

    My favorite NC setup: HA, NC6 Gauss Saw + Compensator + HV ammo + 4x truesight scope. Thing is absolutely beastly. I love it. For 100 more certs I think I might just mess around with a laser sight and see if it makes the difference in CQC.
  14. Bill Hicks

    or a lvl 3 guy witha 0 cert solstice blows your face off
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  15. Johnnyseven

    More often than not I kill the "lvl 3 guy witha 0 cert solstice" before hes within 50 meters via a single, well placed burst.
  16. Athessu

    There is a reason it has advanced foregrip as an option. Every single gun in the game has horizontonal recoil, for many (such as the gauss saw) it is equal which means that the net direction is neutral, when you fire it will deviate left and right somewhat in an alternating pattern, the foregrip lessens this effect. If they didn't then guns would shoot perfect vertical lines (not counting CoF bloom)
  17. Tekone

    So tell me, why does the standard infiltrator NC Bolt Driver rifle offer a forward grip as an unlock? For burst fire? For follow-up shots? Would you spend 100 certs on a forward grip for a bolt action sniper rifle?? Please, help me understand this one.

    Ok. Fine. There is a *slight* deviation from perfectly vertical recoil. So slight that you won't notice a game breaking difference with a forward grip. The OP was questioning if a laser sight would benefit the NC6 Guass Saw in CQC. I was arguing that one could drop the forward grip on this LMG in place of a laser sight to improve hip fire. Which is what the OP was asking in the first place.
  18. MurderBunneh

    Slight deviation becomes bigger and bigger the further you are trying to shoot.
  19. Tekone

    The further you are shooting, the less the trigger gets held down. With the Saw, anything outside of 70(ish) meters you are going to be single shotting, maybe 2-3 shot burst max before you're going to start missing. Thus horizontal recoil is completely out of the equation at that distance.
  20. Tekone

    Furthermore, and forgive me for quoting myself but,
    Please, if I am not understanding something I would love for you to correct me. I don't claim to be some pro at this game or something :)