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  1. Herminator

    We all know that this game is hard to get into for new players due to several stuff like implants and general ability upgrades. Another problem is the RPM of guns linked to your FPS counter, which they wont know. You fixed this problem for tanks and i cant grab my head around why you didnt do it for infantry, is it server load?, lazyiness? I as a paying costumer wanna know why this isnt fixed. It makes the gamplay not satasfaying for new players at all and you cant even keep the veterans due to the lack of weapon balancing metas changes.

    Are you eating donuts or whats happening, im sorry if it comes out harsh but i really love the core of this game and its has a ton of potencial which is just thrown under the bus. Cheater is also plauging the game with lagswitchers, wallhacks thats very common and one rare aimbotter.

    Implants is probably the most massive pay to win aspect of the game because it has such a affect on gameplay as for example maxed leveld assimalite. I know you need to earn money but is the implant crates that massive of a income thats its actually worth to keep in the game due to it also killing the new comers to actually get passed the new game phase to getting addicted and then supporting with membership etc? I think you need to really think this through. Veterans arent forever so its important for you to stay interesting for newcomers by making that new players dont get massivly killed farmed due to all the exploits in the game like the fps making you do more damage etc.

    First of all you could make all implants avaible from the start but not maxed ranked so you can at least have the interest in choosing and changing for incomers and adding ranks to the exceptional implants aswell. Thats one way of doing it and there you could lessen the amount of unfairnes because you mabye dont even have assimalte for starters which happend to me.

    The most ideal scenario is having all implants maxed rank for free for newcomers and just earning money through certs which is a big leap but i think it would fit great to making the newcomers life easier for sure. Implants is a massive pay to win aspect especially with that they have effecting ranks. Its like playing Cod and you cant have perks like two primaries or fast regen and everyonelse can have it due to buying or doing the massive grind to get it. I understand why its there for extra income but i think it hurts the newcomers revenaue more than it helps in the long run as seen in the player count dwidiling, which is also due to cheater, exploits and lack of meta changes.

    I beg of you developers to focus on the core aspect and making the newcomers dont feel like they are being used for kill farms. i got a KD of 1,5 and working my way up and lately getting solid 2 above 2 kd sessions so im not the one getting primarly farmed. i have a 60 herts monitor and i get 35% less dps in combat due to my fps and i still got a high kd which is impressive by that standard. for exampler my orion 750 rpm i only get out a 435- 450 rpm i have done the counting.

    Pls develepors think about what i said with my broken english, sorry for that but this game is solid and it can certantly make a revive if you think about what i mentioned. Offcourse its a gamble as everything else you do now with your situation the game is in. I strongly belive this would help and mabye even you could do more than what i mentioned but the important thing is making new comers like the game and sticking to it. If the casual players arent there the hardcore veterans will kill it due to making the newcomers die 20 times in a row and thats certanly not fun gameplay
  2. Herminator

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  3. Icedude94

    Implants should have never been added to the game. What made the game popular in the first couple of years were the lack of advantages veteran players have simply by being veterans. Everything you could unlock was a side grade and not a direct upgrade.

    The design focus on side grades instead of upgrades effectively capped the skill ceiling. The best weapons for most situations were the starter weapons. Everything else would make you better for a specific situation or role but terrible at everything else.

    ASP further eroded things by allowing, for example, an engineer to equip an LMG primary and a shotgun secondary.

    I have similar thoughts about the vehicle gameplay.

    - Remove the valkyrie or make it a light paper armored transport only. New players have no counters to valk drops or valk close air support. Even a coordinated veteran air squad has difficulty stopping valk drops. This will bring back the usefulness of the galaxy for dropping on contested bases where anti air and air to air is active.
    - Revert the air to air lock on missiles to their original form so new players can team up and do air to air combat.
    - Revert the tank weapons to their original HE and AT roles. Make the shots do much more damage but with longer reload times. That will lessen the AP's effectiveness against infantry and better for shooting high hitpoint targets like vehicles while making the HE more useful for punishing zergfits who mass valk drop 50 people inside a capture point building and less for picking off randoms caught out in the open. Right now, the AP and HESH cannons are straight upgrades to the HEAT which is awful for the gameplay experience.

    It shouldn't be possible to hold a building with just infantry who can ignore all the vehicles outside. Holding a capture point should require combined arms and holding the area around outside and the area inside the base. That means also removing this sunderer garage nonsense that forces vehicles to enter into close range of infantry anti-tank weapons in order to kill the sunderer.

    Lastly, raise the population caps. The advantage veterans have can be easily solved by dilution. Veterans will always win small fights where it is infantry versus infantry only. The maps are designed for 2000 players per continent, not 750. All your veterans are mainly infantry players because there is no reason for combined arms in this game because the bases themselves and the nerfs over the years to vehicle anti infantry weapons made them insignificant.
  4. Herminator

    I like the implant system at its core due to being like perks that changes your gameplay like in COD and makes it refreshing to play. its the upgrade thing thats my issue also that you dont have everyone from the start. ASP points is the most dumb system i seen in a long time and makes gameplay extremly unfair. Make it otherwise a implant or a gear slot ability to equip extra weapons like for example in your tactical slot or something.

    Vechile combat is some small issues but i dont think they are the most prioritised, Infantry is what a new player will play most so thats need to be perfect and then thhe vechile combat comes.

    The map thing is a big change and would be good but i dont think its step 1
  5. AuricStarSand

    I want 3 to 4 Implant slots tbh.
    2 new infantry slots PER YEAR since 2012.
    Would have been a sweet goal.

    +2 tactical slots per year
    +2 ability slots per year
    +2 tool slots per year
    +2 Implant slots per year
    +2 armour slots per year

    & yes much of the extra implants / abilities/ tools / tactical items / armour types given to new players for free.
    not even need a outfit or npc to unlock tactical items; because of those 2 extra steps;
    means 95% of people don't equip tactical items.

    I've played 3k hours and have never used Assimilate; I had to look that implant up right now. Then again I only started main'ing HA more often lately.

    As for the other implants; their weak.

    Having a smg 2ndary, or shotgun 2ndary doesn't do much. I can pistol whip those guys.
    Then scout rifle 2ndary for medic; the medic already had assault rifles for range.

    So none of that is op.
    Engi lmg; meh engi still needs forward walking offense tools.
    Till then they just barely hide behind a engi wall & wait.
    Else die from a grenade behind their mana turret.
    They're campers. camping is hardly a playstyle.
    They need updated role alternatives.

    What implant is op?

    - I still die when Survivalist's speed kicks in 8 out of 10 times.

    - Catlike barely helps me jump over a players head to knife them;
    its ok for Hydropons walls; yet those walls are easy to climb ontop of without it.
    So want more jump height. The crouch walking helps. Isn't op.

    - Deep op; I never in my life want to count to 8 seconds everytime.
    & medics have still shot me at mid range when I'm invis crouch walking
    from 30 yards away from them. They see me still. Sometimes I wonder why
    people complain about invis at all; when it works it works & the other half the time.
    They see you. Because it's not all about skill; different types of environment and lighting effect invis.

    - Safefall shoulda been given to Light Assault by default when " Moukass " made his own wish list video; years ago.
    Why waste a slot; while making noobs equip. Safefall default; no slot taken. fixed.

    - What other implants? TBH the knifing implants aren't even good enough. Vampire & Nightmare. Vampire is almost useless without carapace or the hp implant, which I don't have on this alt. Even with Carapace it's average. Knifers don't need hp; they need instant shield bar per melee kill. Not hp. I don't need hp at all when knifing; if my hp is low its almost the same as if its high; melee is mostly about the shield bar; not hp.

    So knifing is better ironically with Survavlist for the 2 out of 10 times the speed helps you; which isn't enough; yet still the only option for speed utility. They buffed it some when I asked; yet probably not enough buff, idk. Then the 2nd implant for knifing is Sidewinder' because I'm not 100% certain, yet I believe it makes my running angles more interesting when I'm knifing.

    I essentially want Hermes ability as NC, everyday I play. For run speed juking. & can't play VS due to helping the underdog faction. When? Ty.

    So what knifers are " suppose " to use implant wise; is Nightmare + Vampire; yet what's better is Survavlist + Sidewinder.

    Nightmare has it's uses; it's ok. Yet I usually don't need to go invis immediatly after the first kill, I need to go invis like seconds after that. So wish the invis kicked in like a few seconds after the kill, would prob make Nightmare better.
    Meaning 0.1 seconds right after the kill, you don't need to be invis, you need to be invis a few seconds later when their buddy might see you.

    Either way I have no room for Nightmare; thus why I want 3 to 4 implant slots. Give some new players some more free implants; whatever helps; yet 2 isn't strategic enough. Implants are esentially this games " skill tree " and theirs 2 slots only. Armour slot barely feels like a slot, cause I use run speed for almost all the classes. Besides HA lately I have to use athlete for.

    So the armour slot, prob needs 2 slots too. So my Infil gets to play around with other armour types.
    & so Light Assault doesn't have to stay as Flight Fuel armor only. Options.

    Ultimately, implants aren't why vets are killing new players, not at all. You can tell a new players is by the way he walks around. Situational awareness prob has more to do with that, then even aiming. Since many new players have played other fps games. What they aren't use to is getting shot in every direction, by 60+ more enemies then their use to per map.

    I've suggested the devs to turn Medics into a super hp class with x2 double the green bar, then the other classes. Since new players play medics by 24' guys at a time, per faction. All new player medics. So why not buff the hp of medics majorly? Unless they have 1 hit snipers to impress; which nobody should be trying to base their fps game off of 1 hit snipers anyways, so yes buff the medics hp.

    What's the worst that can happen; snipers vets now have to use 1 headshot & 1 bodyshot to kill a new player; so what.
    Buff the new player class, or they all die at the door, simple as that, theirs your options.

    Snipers 1 hitting medics isn't even good player retention dynamics. Also their should be 1 class out of all of them that counters snipers anyways; why must every class get 1 tapped? Then medics have more hp to heal eachother.

    Yet that's a different topic I already wrote a ton about. Medics having x2 green hp bar. & out-tanking even Heavy Assault.
    While making Medics do 1/3rd less dmg with all their weapons. So x2 green bar hp traded for 1/3rd less dps with every weapon. Medic upgraded for new players survival.

    Less someone has a better idea to get 24 medics past the door, plus your whole team past the door since Heavy Assault & Max's aren't good at that, help new players survive everything, and new players not die to vets, plus give the healing of green bars more importance, all with one feature suggestion.

    My ASP so far unlocked Thumper for 2ndary & Smoke grenade universal so my stalker infil may use.
    Well Smoke grenade just want free for everyone, without asp, for infil.
    Unlocking a smoke grenade for my stalker, isn't amazing, since my hunter uses smoke barrel scout rifle.
    Thumper you don't need ASP to use.

    So ASP isn't op.
    Implant's are weak.
    Add more implant slots
    & give new players some free ones.

    Then turn medics into a mega green bar meat shield
    While giving them 1/3rd less dps for all guns.

    & give medics a easy to use deploy pod energy shield that
    has a 0.1 second fast pod shield shoot auto deploy time.
    So that medics have a ability that counters roof vet Light Assault.
    So pop up energy shield cover, that doesn't need the floor to greenlight to defensively try.
    For the 2nd infantry new tool slot.
  6. AuricStarSand

    I can use a slow Heavy Assault who has a knife; & find my way behind another vet, without him knowing.

    With less fps than him too.
    That's not implants.
  7. AuricStarSand

    My new rule is just to go easy on anyone who doesn't have shoulder pads. or tank camo.
  8. Icedude94

    Infantry combat is probably the hardest thing for a new player because it requires map knowledge of base layouts which is the biggest advantage veterans have, not certs or implants.