Game won't load after patch. Freeze at 15%

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by SneakyTouchy, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Andyvotel

    i get into the character screen but when i try to log in, it's just says "loggin in..." forever (!)
  2. Eleo

    well if people on login cannot even get into the game that sounds like a server overload.
  3. DQCraze

    Getting in now but stuck at character selection screen, prolly just the servers down still.
  4. 1fiercedeity

    Stuck at 98%
  5. Josh Developer

    We're working on resolving the login/loading issues.
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  6. NachoFoot

    Thank you Josh.

    I, too, am sidelined by the 98% loading screen.
  7. 1fiercedeity

    Great! Thank You!
  8. Nate1

    SOE has some of the *****iest player base ever.

    The servers just came 'up' after a major patch and even if you complete the loading screen, I am stuck at 'logging in' myself.

    Stop ******** bricks and wait a few, they probably arent even accepting logins yet...
  9. Zwoss

    Thank you Josh :D
  10. Avengere

    Can we stop posting these now? We have six of these open and more coming. They're working on it; let them get back to it
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