Game wont launch, black screen then shuts down

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zica96, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Zica96

    What the title says, it's stuck at 94 or 99% then it's just a black screen and then it shuts down, didn't know where to post this so i posted it here and in gameplay discussion.
  2. fogbert

    well same here - i just played like 2hrs before - now on 94% blackscreen and crash to desktop

  4. mal_wilson

    Im also getting this, are you on windows 10 by chance?
  5. Special_K

    Same here. Win7 and was playing fine about 60mins ago.
  6. P149U3

    Win7 Same issue
  7. mal_wilson

    looks like daybreaks login servers are down for me.
  8. Zica96

    Are they working on a solution for this, has anyone found a way to get past this problem?
  9. UnionBob

    it fixed for me logged in at evening.
  10. Zica96

    It still doesn't work for me :(
  11. AlterEgo

    Hmm... restart? Could be a computer thing or something. Restarting it might help.
  12. Zica96

    Restarting didn't help. Still can't access the game. Is it maybe because i downloaded Win 10 and then got back to Win 7 and my copy of Win 7 isn't genuine? Non of my games work, Steam doesn't work, and i can't download any movie using BitTorrent or uTorrent it just loads endlessly.
  13. Unadude

    Windows 7 genuine issues generally don't cause these types of problems.

    First, you have a 90 day grace period where you can use Windows 7 with no key and you can re-arm it
    for I believe up to 180 days of using it without the key. Windows 7 will function 100% normal during this time.

    Once it expires, it stops installing Windows updates, some Microsoft specific content like Office 365 or other
    Office products may not work properly or at all. You can also no longer set a background image or use
    (I believe) Aero Glass any longer. BUT, the rest of the computer will typically function normally including games.

    Umm..why is your Windows 7 not genuine?

    If you upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10 then downgraded back to Windows 7 then you could have just
    messed up your system. Us old timers know these upgrades/downgrades always breaks things. You might
    want to do a clean install of Windows 7.
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