Game update during an event :facepalm:

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by A3DELITIST, Apr 22, 2013.


    So i was just over on the Cobalt server few minutes from the end of the event and the game locks up, lags out... and i have to force it shut via task manager.

    So i relaunch the game and notice that upon launch i get a small update.
    Why do they have to do this when there is an event on?
  2. Metalsand

    Lol it could be worse. I logged on and fought for 2 hours, then Planetside 2 decided to crash 3 minutes from the end of the event, and I was screwed out of about 25 certs...which granted isn't much on the scale of things, but I was on for 2 hours lol. Another time it did it 5 minutes prior but I managed to get back online in time lol.