Game Update 13: What to expect and when.

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  1. ReconTeemo

    Game is pay to win for sure, if the implants cost station cast.
  2. x7xBillyDaKidx7x

    I hope fixing the Flax is at the top of the list !! o_O And NC breaker rockets need some improvement !!
  3. ZephyrBurst

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  4. Shadestorm

    Make Implants like they were in PS1!!!!!!!!

    DO NOT CHARGE SC FOR IMPLANTS!! :( This makes me VERY sad as a PS1 vet, and PS2 player.
    Implant slots should be granted upon attaining certain Battle Ranks, with a max of 3 or 4 slots at once. Audio Amp, Surge, the dreaded Darklight Vision, and Second Wind should be considered before making SC bought pay to win implants even an option!! BOO!!!

    PLEASE, PLEASE just make Implant slots unlockable by attaining certain BR's. It will actually add some sort of motive for leveling up!! There are no benefits to leveling up right now. Certs are gained from XP, all you get is a lousy badge that doesn't display on composite armor, and a title each BR.

    PS1 had Implants as well as new distinguishing armour colour schemes that unlock every 7 (Ish) BR's, as well as the ability to remove one's helmet and a beret/command earpiece, cool glasses, and a hat.
    It costs money in PS2, (it's okay that cosmetics cost SC.. but NOT IMPLANTS)
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  5. Endlos

    I stopped reading here and realized how glad I was that I uninstalled this crap game when GU012 went live with those absurd resource cost changes. If the boost sale the day of the GU012 patch didn't make it clear that the developers don't give a **** about the quality of the game and are just milking the playerbase, this implant bull**** hammers the point home.

    What's sad is how much I was looking forward to EQNext. EQ was my first MMO and the one I played the longest, so I have a major nostalgia factor going on. Sadly, I couldn't get much into EQ2 because I couldn't get my RL friends to stay in it very long, but I had high hopes for EQN. Seeing what $OE has done with Planetside has basically ensured that I'll never so much as sniff at another product this company releases.

    Good job, $OE. Customer permanently lost. How's that for feedback on the system?

    EDIT - Maybe I quit with GU011. Whichever one skyrocketed the resource costs for everything. I'd given up caring about this game at all but the balls the developers have to put that OP Pay-to-Win implant **** basically demanded that I post about it.
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  6. Pherr

    Guyes, its not pay 2 win, its RENT 2 WIN... r2w..
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  7. g0aten

    1. Implants: I'm pretty sure everyone is going to use the Sensor Shield (Makes you undetected on enemy radar/motion sensors)... that implant would be absolutely incredible...

    2. Implants: The Clear Vision and EMP Shielding seems like really bad implants... I think I've been hit by an EMP grenade one time and I'm Battlerank 60... Never been hit by a Flash granade and Concussion grenades are rare as well. Of course it can be used in the sense that you are throwing the grenade and you don't have to worry about avoiding the effect yourself which can be useful.

    3. Implants: Naturally I want them as cheap as possible. I imagine it would be really really difficult for me to want to spend more than 30 certs for a couple of hours for instance. Why not combine it with resources by the way?

    4. Platoon Enhancements: YES, AWESOME! Make it so that the Platoon leader either chooses to let the Squad leader take care of the waypoints or he does it. Setting individual for each Squad (really really useful with randoms)
    Also, one of the most important things about Platoons; the Platoon leader must be able to set a backup Platoon leader in case he gets disconnected. Also there needs to be a way to vote away the Platoon leader I think. There are soooo many cases where someone leaves a Platoon/Squad and there is some newb who doesn't even know how to change it becomes leader...
    Drag and drop to change number for players in the Platoon is needed also. I.E. drag someone from Bravo 6 to Bravo 12

    5. About ESFs and damage against vehicles in general... Very often I damage Harrassers and ESFs with my normal weapon but when they die I don't get an assist. Sometimes I do but it often feels like I've done more damage at other times and then didn't get an assist... I understand that you don't get an assists because the game doesn't think you've done enough damage to earn an assists but I really think that you should start basing that more upon how much damage you've done. So no matter how little damage you have done you should get a small amount of exp at least. And up to the point where you get the full damage assist points, the amount of points you get should vary depending on how much damage you did (I don't want this to in any way result in lesser experience points for the assists).

    6. Magburner utility: I do realise that a refinement of the Magrider probably will come eventually and you will probably take a long hard look at this then, but what I really really think you need to change ASAP which is easy, is the cost for the Magburner utility. Right now it might be the worst utility upgrade you can get and I really don't think that's productive when it's an Empire specific ability. Both the TR and NC abilities are really good for combat but the Magburner really isn't especially since you would have to face your rear to the enemy to use it as an escape method. Make it possible to use with ASD (not only W, forward) as well but decrease it's effectiveness by 50% or so when doing it! Anyways, back to the cost of it... I think you should decrease the cost to maybe 50, 100, 500, 1000 instead of the current 100, 200, 500, 1000 (will be sad for me though since I already have the firs two ranks :( ). Or maybe even more like 50, 100, 300, 500.

    7. Test server: Introduce some way to get certifications for your characters when playing on the test server! Like, gain passive certs which you can distribute to your normal server characters! You could even base it upon how many (useful) bug reports you make or something like that. :) Right now I really feel that if I want to play PlanetSide 2, I definitely have to play to get certs so the test servers isn't a viable option for me

    That was all, thank you for one of the best games ever!
    g0aten, signing out.
  8. Morgothic

    While new stuff is always a good thing. I don't really like the idea of implants being timed consumables. General or even class specific cert lines for your infantry would be so much cooler. Movement speed, jump height, improved hearing, night vision, silent step and some of that other stuff you mentioned sounds really nice. Great cert sinks for really high BR players.

    And how about actually useful implants? No one is going to invest in something that protects you from EMP grenades.. I mean comon do you even play the game? You're lucky to get hit by one of those once a month. And when you actually do get hit you're just happy it wasnt a real grenade. Concussion grenade? Yeah some people use them and they've got thier advantages but hell even those are super rare. You can't really run around with a timed consumable expecting to get hit with either. It's a really poor investment.

    Consumables.. there are so many other great options for that. Like grappling hooks or tank disabling devices.
  9. Bankrotas

    **** the dev or someone from biz deparment, who came up with idea of terminal implants. **** the idea calling stimulants implants.
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  10. Patrician

    Skyguard is "ok", but it needs a projectile speed increase to bring to where the Burster Max was, against air but there are lots of areas that need air defense that the Skyguard cannot get to. Now the Air-farmers continuous whining have got the Bursters nerfed and now they've succeeded in getting lock-on launchers nerfed.

    All the above would be fine so long as A2G rockets damage to infantry was made zero; this would force air-farmers to go after the targets they should be, enemy air and armor.
  11. zu2

    I notice that server transfer tokens are not listed as being in GU13. Any idea when they might be available?

    as for the implants, i'll be using the first three for sure and enhanced targeting when running my prowler.
  12. Kubor

    I'd never really tried C4 until the last week or so. But having done so now, it is laughably easy to use against vehicles when circumstances are right and nothing like as risky as I have read.

    I always thought that you had to carefully place C4 and put yourself in grave danger of being killed. This current mechanic of just magically vomiting out lumps of high explosive from a few feet away instead of having to place it and get the timing right destroys any suspension of disbelief. Especially when simply lobbed from above a vehicle.

    I don't have a problem dying to C4, but I really dislike the "Noobtube" status that C4 deservedly has right now.
  13. TheRealTripWire

    Implant duration measured in hours, costing certs or SC? Yeah, let's piss all our certs/SC away for something that lasts such a low duration, when it shouldn't have a duration at all! Woohoo!

    I'm unimpressed and likely won't bother with implants.

    Damned nickle-and-dimers.
  14. Kunavi

    Let me tell you what I see in particular;

    Explosives Vision - AI Mines DENIED
    Auto-Spot - Do I even need to explain again? :) Doesn't this even make the Scout Drone we got coming, redundant?
    Anti-EMP - As if it was ever more than situational! Still one more slap in the face for Infiltrators especially if they improve EMPs
    Radar Cloak - Yeah let's nullify that little Recon Dart Gun and the coming Motion Sensor!
    ReGen - Guess who it affects the most? Yes, the Infiltrator being farther than 100M from their targets, while they can soak that Head-Shot from a BASR and just ReGen, not even requiring a MediKit or RestoKit.

    Sure an Infiltrator could use those too, if that's what you mean. The only way any of those are "Pro-Infiltrator" is in the sense that other Classes can now, easier than Infiltrators, actually do what they do, at the very least approximately(Not showing on Radar or Scan for instance- And Infiltrators I think do show on Scan even when cloaked :p)

    Since we've got Portable Terminals coming in for Engineers at one point, Hacking is also obsolete. Either way this Class gets a lot of trash talking, all over. Seeing how Infiltrator is by far my favourite Class(Even knowing that 1HK on Head-Shot depends on NanoWeave Lvl), this is really bad and I don't know if I'll continue playing PS2.

    Those Infiltrator changes? Decoy Gren gets fixed... Straight-Pull Bolt... Right, what an UPGRADE we're getting ;P

    Wheeew. Sorry for the text brick. TLDR; I might not be here after GU13, letting you know from now SOE.
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  15. TehGrimZa

    Meant all forums posts, because look at the list they have there its so out of date that those ratings are false and misleading.

    Thank you though for point that out though, I hope perhaps that SOE does give up or down thumbs for normal everyday posts.

    That way you'll get accurate reactions to posted updates, and future release of information. Road map is a joke.
  16. Xidaraf

    if concussions and flashes are not powerful enough than the implant clear vision then it could be underused compared to something that helps you all the time like sensor shield
  17. ThereIsNoTry

    The game is not even out for a year and SOE is already introducing cert/sc sinks...
    Well that totally makes a good impression.
  18. Xidaraf

    who would want to use anti emp implant over health regeneration which helps you more
  19. Xidaraf

    i hope that the implants work!
  20. moooosa

    Implants were never a good idea to begin with (basically a series of unpredictable "gotcha's" that will make you win or lose random fights). Making them consumable pay-2-win with SC-guzzling auto-resupply is just laughable.

    Remove them. They're not good.
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