Game Update 13: What to expect and when.

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    Hey all -

    Game Update 13 is right around the corner and it brings some pretty exciting change to Auraxis. Here are some highlights of the major changes and additions you can expect to see with the update. As always, last minute issues can pop up and delay some of these, but this is what we're looking at right now.

    Esamir Lattice and Facility Refresh
    The icy expanse known as Esamir has had a major facelift with virtually every facility and outpost modified and enhanced, with some being completely replaced. The goal with these changes is to enhance gameplay flow and help support the addition of the lattice connections on the continent. There are a lot of threads with screenshots floating around on the forums to check out, but I'd highly recommend (and humbly request) that if you can you spend some time on Public Test (Click for more info) Checking out the changes for yourself and providing some feedback. We could use all the help we can get finding bugs and areas in need of polish, so if you do hop on to Public Test please do make use of the report a bug feature - it really does help us out tremendously to have extra eyes on this kind of change.

    Implants! <YOINK!>

    Platoon Enhancements:
    We're continuing to implement suggestions from players for platoon and squad management, with GU13 we've got two big player requests coming in:
    • Platoon voice channel management, ability for platoon leaders to set platoon VOIP channel to only be used by squad leaders
    • Platoon leader waypoints per squad, ability for platoon leaders to set individual squad waypoints for Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta squads.
    Spawn Changes:
    Several enhancements to the respawn window:
    • There is now a category for Squad spawn points, if you're not in a squad this will allow you to auto-join a squad.
    • We've added some more respawn options, these should allow you to respawn at more locations near where you died, previously by default you were able to spawn at the nearest outpost, large outpost and facility (in addition to local spawn points, squad spawn points and reinforcement requests), now you'll be able to spawn at the nearest linked base (or adjacent base on non-lattice continents) in addition to the above, this should create some more consistently available fallback / reinforce positions.
    • Chat window added to the respawn screen
    ESF Updates:
    We are working on some extensive ESF changes that Kevmo has outlined (here). These changes are going to be coming over the next 2-3 game updates, starting with GU13. With GU13 you can expect:
    • Retuning of the default and rotary nose guns
    • When an enemy vehicle is destroyed via crashing, suicide or the player logging out the last player to damage the vehicle (within 10 seconds) will be awarded a kill credit.
    New Weapons:
    There are 4 new weapons coming with GU13:
    • NS-7 PDW SMG: This SMG has a lower damage drop-off than all the other SMGs, allowing it to perform well at short and medium ranges. Its low recoil and very quick center speed (fastest in the class) allow those with good burst control to extend it's range even further.
    • NC LA3 Desperado Pistol: This 2x burst pistol has a fast burst but slower overall rate of fire. The fast burst mixed with moderate damage makes this pistol a solid choice at close range, though low accuracy will limit its effectiveness at range.
    • TR TS2 Inquisitor: Equipped with an extended magazine by default, this pistol gives the TR a solid all-around option that has very high sustainability and damage output per magazine.
    • VS Cerberus: High upfront damage mixed with an above average rate of fire for that damage class makes this pistol a good choice at close range. Low accuracy will limit the pistol‘s effectiveness at range.
    Suit Slot tuning:
    • The cert costs for the Ammo Belt cert line have been retuned.
    • Advanced Shield Capacitor has been tuned to make shields recharge significantly faster.
    Vanu weapon audio update:
    Most VS infantry weapons have had their audio significantly updated to be more impactful and satisfying.

    And of course we have a pile of bug fixes and other misc. polish, performance fixes and tuning coming with the update too numerous to list, and full patch notes will be available as we get closer to releasing the update.

    Our current plans are to release GU13 next Wednesday, 7/24.

    As always, we're excited to hear your thoughts and feedback on the update and these upcoming features, and once again encourage you to check out the changes on Public Test before they go live next week!
    See you on Auraxis!
    Matthew Higby - @mhigby
    Creative Director @planetside2
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  2. KanoHe

  3. Roxputin

    Hey Xanderclauss.....thanx
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  4. Joram

    Looking forward to the update, the new VS pistol and the new smg look awesome, i hope you guys continue remodeling old weapons.
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  5. Elrobochanco

    Consumable infantry items not being bought with infantry resources is a bad idea.
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  6. VSDerp

    ahh shucks next Wednesday!
  7. Benton!

  8. Blarg20011

    The TR pistol sucks, just wanted to put that out there.
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  9. Eclipson

    Can we get the NS SMG patched in this week? :p
    Perfect description of the NS SMG btw, couldn't have said it better myself.
  10. Loegi

    There are already some obvious concerns about the implants maybe being P2W. With the amount of advantage they add, they would better have some not too high cert cost, otherwise you wouldn't be able to progress at all without having a clear disadvantage.
    Already a discussion about them here.
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  11. IamDH

    Few questions:
    1- What r the prices of the implants
    2- What happened to the lasher pistol/shotgun pistol/auto pistol?
    I hope to god implants aren't P2W, other than that i love it all especially this
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  12. jihon83

    Some of the implants seem like they could be genuinely OP. Like shrugging off the effects of grenades, which is situational. Yet, the Awareness and Sensor Shield buffs seem like they could unbalance the game greatly, as being able to identify, or hide, from the mini-map is surprisingly useful, especially in hectic fights as a lot of people do rely on the map and "fighting by Dorito". It's entirely possible that they'll be "balanced" by simply having a high cost, but I don't think they should be in the game.
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  13. Coffee Hound

    I already like the current Vanu weapon audios, so I thought I would hate the new ones. Count me pleasantly surprised when I tried them out on PTS and I really liked the new ones.:)
  14. Patrician

    Glad to see the Esamir revamp, also glad that the air-farmer buffs in the form of the lock-on launcher nerf isn't in yet. I ask again that you think very carefully before instigating that change, the increased TTK caused would leave infantry completely at the mercy of air users looking to earn cheap, no skill, CERT's by farming infantry.
  15. Duvenel

    Would the awareness and the sensor shield implant balance each other out or have some other effect?
  16. Flukeman62

    sod your limited time implants. it will ruin the update and possibly the game
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  17. Lazaruz

    Feeling very skeptical about the implants, but will not pass judgement until I see the final implementation.
    Esamir bases look awesome, look forward to having some good battles in them.
    Don't really feel that we need another SMG let alone new pistols, but business is business, completely understandable.

    Also, will the prolonged ESF update series push back the schedule for other updates?
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  18. EaterOfBabies

    Im VERY worried about implants...
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  19. Alexandrix

    Please make a higher cost,permanent purchase option for implants.I truly despise having to constantly repurchase consumable crap like that.If they are consumable only,I'd rather not even have them in the game honestly.

    I understand you guys have to make money with the game.If you look at my account,You'll see I obviously don't have a problem throwing my money at the screen as long as I'm having fun and I can justify the spending.I've bought plenty of weapons/upgrades.Because they are permanent.I never lose those things I paid money for.Consumable implants just puts a sour taste in my mouth for the game.Which in turn will make me have less fun,and be less likely to continue spending.
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  20. Netsurfer733

    My favorites^. This is going to be bloody awesome. Thank you guys!!
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