Game Update - 11/19

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  1. Sites Executive Producer, Planetside 2

    We will be performing a small update tomorrow morning at 6am (Pacific) with an estimated downtime of 1.5 hours. The update will include th following changes:

    Secondary Boost Slot
    Tired of only being able to equip a single boost at a time? Do you have a 7-Day Experience boost collecting dust in your inventory while you wait for your active Heroic Boost to time out? Wait no more! We've added a second boost slot which can be used to equip any type of boost! If you have boosts of the same type equipped in both slots, their effects will stack.

    For example, if you have a 7-Day Experience Boost (+50% XP gain) equipped in each slot, you will receive a total XP gain bonus of 100% until they time out.

    Bug Fixes
    • The new Anniversary Bundle Engineer Repair tool should now work properly from vehicle rumble seats.
    • MCG can no longer attach all attachments at once
    • Up x 10

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