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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Higby, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. evansra

    When i said 2 hit infantry, not 1 hit like every other av weapon. also due to shields recharging by the second hit it would not kill anyway. with reload and fire time it will have the lowest dps by far.

    What i said was "as long as it does not turn fast" it will be fine. tbh i cant work out if your coment was in referance to my post or if you are just ******** about the weapon in general...

    If it turns slowly it will have little use apart from correcting your aim mid flight and firing over a rock to hit a tank in the distance... both these things can be done by the engi av turret.

    Do you realy think they will give it long enough flight time to do more than a 180 turn? or be able to turn fast enough to realy negate cover? Time will tell i guess...
  2. Ravenorth

    I just cant wait to get my hands on Lancer and shoot down those infantry farming flyboys on continents with lower population.
  3. Yoda

    yes plz.. you vehiclebois been farming long enouhg.. fight between bases and leave the base fights to infantry
  4. Yoda

    i would agree but i've been farmed by vehicles to mutch at this point to feel with the armro/fly boys.. if they re-make bases so you can't get vehicles in them at all.. at least not the big once.. i'd be ok with vehicles beeing strong.. but as long as you can tank spam and drive them up in the infantry's faces in buildings and what not, they should not be to strong..
  5. Ash87

    As a quick point to MH's point about server ques... dude, Waterson had ques on two out of three continents on Friday. I think that the people of Woodman would prefer that, to having next to no people online.
  6. Yoda

    sure.. they can and should.. between bases.. as long as you can spamm tanks inside bases to farm infantry, even with the new spawn location exits, they should not be strong at all.. if they stop tanks from comnig inside teh larger bases i'd be glad to see them buffed up to get some propper tank wars while fighting your way to the next base
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  7. Yoda

    you are so freeking... won't lower my selfe.. but yes.. exactly.. that's what you have to do.. JUST LIKE NC and VS have had to do all the time til now.. never played other factions i can tell.. try it out might learn something
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  8. Hodo

    No love for the Battlerifle.

    But hey we get new rocket launchers and another shotgun.
  9. Patrician

    Ahhh; worried that you'll no longer be able to sit and farm infantry at a spawn room and might actually have to learn how to aim rather than just spamming your cannon in the general area of the spawn room?
  10. Patrician

    Please explain why? The Phoenix was not OP in PS and there is no reason it will be in PS2 as far as I can see.
  11. Patrician

    So as soon as a facility has three or four tanks shelling the spawn room all defenders should surrender the base and leave? So in your world infantry should not defend a base?
  12. Patrician

    It is!
  13. siiix

    its giuded-lock-on there for it MUST have dumbfire, guided lock on means it will only lock on while your guiding it
  14. STLYoungblood

    Nerfing splash damage MORE on vehicles? Let me put this out there this way:

    You're a lib or ESF pilot. You've already managed to get to your target and can avoid all other turrets, bursters, and skyguards (not to mention other ESFs). You arrive at your destination to engage enemy targets, great. Get on Zephyr, Dalton, or unleash your pods, hit marker hit marker hit marker repeat. Now, all of those hit markers have enemies with decimators, annihilators, and other various lock on launchers can lock on and take you out while they laugh off and recharge their shields. Sure direct hits still do the same damage, but the cross hairs don't even line up on the ESFs and it's pretty damned hard to actually direct hit a target from 200-800 meters when the enemies are locking you, hitting you with flak, not to mention the fact that air renders WAY before the enemy troops do.

    Yes, when the game was first released, pods were probably too strong, but this is swinging SO far in the opposite direction of balance. Since that point, pods have been nerfed (splash damage at least), more lock ons were introduced, flak got buffed, cones of fire reduced, new point system encouraging anti air play, etc. We're at the point in the air game where you need to decide if you want this to continue to be a part of the meta game. It'll probably still be playable as air, but I'll be doing high altitude gal runs and that's about it... You're taking the complaints of a few loud players and continuing to run with it. There needs to be a point where you re-evaluate the options to COUNTER a target. Air has so many hard counters, but that's not the problem. The problem comes from players that are unwilling to adapt and handle the situation with the tools available (and there are plenty) and decide to cry and whine until you inevitably make a change to favor them.

    If you're seeing something different with balance devs, please let me know, but I think the direction this is heading, air is on it's way out.
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  15. siiix

    your a n00b, this game would die with out useful vehicles, if they kill the tanks and air, at least half the population will leave, and then you standing alone in the boilab having nothing to do

    go back play CoD
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  16. Kize

    Really the Magrider has 2 months of uncontested farming and now the prowler for a month. When will it be the vanguards turn? Make sure it happens before too much AV crap is added please we deserve our chance to farm Tons too. Alas I forgot weapon makers are not NC so we get the shaft, hardmode for life, NC always is and always will be.
  17. Bloodlet

    Sounds good all around.
  18. Yoda

    never played CoD.. i fly reavers and drive tanks/suderers all the time.. i know for a fact that vehicles kills the good fights before they start.. just cus i don't want to have vehicles in the larger bases, but rather fight for teretory between bases, don't meen i'm not a vehicle guy.. i'm in a smaller oufit and need to change role/class all the time to adapt to the situation.. im' infantry just as mutch as i drive tanks.. or fly galaxies.. so no i'm not going to leave..

    ps1 was an awsome game and you didn't see tanks farming at spawnrooms.. so your comment about the game dying is wrong by default.
  19. Yoda

    come to Miller and join NC, add Ryzak to friendlist and i'll show you a populated server:)
  20. siiix

    THEN the solution is to further change/improve the maps and NOT to mess with the damage tanks cause
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