Game update 02 incoming - my thoughts

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by dr_Fell, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. dr_Fell

    First of all - patch notes are impressive and detailed, hope there will be no ninja changes this time. I can't wait to see if there will be performance gain for my Phenom II.

    Almost every changes seem to be in good direction to me. Many of them are just great and I have waited for them. Thanks.

    I have, though, some questions:

    - What with killing players that have been alive for less than 10 seconds but earned more than 5 XP ? They doesn't seem to belong to any of those groups ?
    - why ? This was good way to say If vehicle has been repaired to 98 or 100%. Will there be other indicator now ? Maybe color change after hitting 100% ? What was the reason for this change ?

    - What is kill spam ? :)
  2. Sparks

    Out of all those changes there was not 1 that I didn't like, well done SOE for giving us notes prior to deploying a patch instead of 2 days after also.

    Only thing that saddens me is the time that the servers are scheduled to come up is 17:00 CET which means us Europeans will be downloading a huge patch during our primetime, can't be helped I guess.
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  3. Bhudda V1

    everything looks quite good to be honest a few things i don't see and if possible would be nice for a little info on would be when an engy is repairing a max the repair gun locks on like the medic guns, i can see this might be a problems for vehicles but it is completely infuriating when someone runs in front of the beam and breaks it from the max i'm repairing, also if possible when i top up the health on a number of tanks and get nothing would it be possible to have the game remember how much hp i have repaired and when i hit the hp required to roll over to get the xp would that be possible? also same for medics please!
  4. Curse_Gamerkin

    We need to reinstall our games, correct?
  5. Jezs

    From what I gather kill spam is the thing in the top-right that shows who killed who nearby
  6. irishroy

    nope. just start PS2 and then the PS2-launcher will download and install the new patch. you don't have to do anything^^
  7. Curse_Gamerkin

    They did say in earlier posts that we need to reinstall, anywhere saying different?
  8. Chipay

    It also means that when the European servers wakes up again most update bugs will be fixed already :D
  9. Flukeman62

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  10. Sliced

    Yeh, but they are American. What's a good time for us will not be for them.
    I guess you could always wait and download it later? That would be the only way to solve the problem.

    Apart from that this patch looks good. I hope it at least gives me more FPS and less lagg.
    If the performance is there then I couldn't care what flops for now.
  11. Hatamoto

    HUD optimizations finally! hope they have good effect :)
  12. Cleaver

    "Killing a player who has been alive for more than 10 seconds, or earned more than 5 xp and less than 1000 xp will yield a normal “Kill” xp reward of 100 xp"

    Says it right there.
  13. Hydragarium

    "has comments on a patch and the gameplay changes - makes a thread in Tech Support"

    How far humanity has fallen...
  14. irishroy

    trust me. :D there were lots of patches, and the only thing, you have to do, is:
    1. start launcher
    2. wait, 'till the download&installation of the patch has finished
    3. play
  15. Acceleratio

    So Ammosundys will no finaly get Xp for resupplying.

    But what about Repairsundys? Is it intended that you get ZERO xp for repairing friendlys?
  16. dragondrop

    The second one says "alive for more than 10 seconds or earned more than 5 XP will be worth 100XP". Therefore, alive for less than 10 seconds, but already more than 5 XP -> 100 XP kill.
  17. Bruiserdog

    Maybe didn't see it but I thought there was gonna be GPU improvements.
  18. SEMoslaw

    +1 SOE for this patch. Really good balance between feedback and your own ideas (detailed patch notes :D).

    I hope there will be no ninja changes this time :p.
  19. Cryless

    I hope the performance will increase at least by 5 fps
  20. L33T-T3CH

    so have no files been pushed yet?. that seems a bit odd.