[BUG] Game suffering a stroke. Call a Medic.

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  1. Mercyceleste

    It's a very sad state of affairs for many, many people. I know some folks have had a better experience since the weekend update but I haven't met any yet in-game. I'm not knocking the DEVs or Daybreak. I'm a game-dev myself, so I understand, and I support the efforts of all involved, but server lag is currently crippling. 36 second mag-burn, 20 seconds per ammo tick from an ammo tower, 7 seconds for a vehicle to explode after delivering kill-shot, ammo modules in bases non-functioning... oh and a fellow friendly outfit just disappeared after update leaving all members and their outfit interface broken... I feel for them too.

    Plus tried reaching the issue tracker, (where this report should probably go) from link in the forum and I'm suddenly presented with a holding page saying the domain has just recently been registered with namecheap.com. LOL.

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  2. Money

    Last night was particularly bad. Pain fields broken. Grenades take an extra 3-4 seconds to detonate. Next to impossible for medics to rez anyone. Server stroke is a good analogy.
  3. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    I've made sure the link to the bug tracker is valid, but it looks like the tracker website is running into issues of its own right nowo,

    In other news, we've got a downtime happening right now that should address some of these issues.
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  4. CaptCran

    I'll leave this here

  5. QuasarAlpha

    Hello there.This is my first post in the Planetside 2 forums.
    I would like to express my gratitude to the Planetside 2 staff for working on issues, this new update is a major improvement ,I've noticed huge difference compared to what it used to be,my fps is now more and I can enjoy the game better.
    I want to kindly ask everyone that plays Planetside 2 especially it's members to be patient.
    I know it's not very enjoyable at the moment ,however if we keep posting what's wrong with the game and let the devs know what needs fixing ,the staff will make it happen :) .
    I have very good memories in Planetside 2 ,so I am looking forward to see this game progress and increase it's playerbase :).
    The game was certainly working properly before the update and I am sure it will work even better now,we just need to give it a bit of time ,testing and finding out problems together.
    Thank you.