Game reset my UserOptions file again and again

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by CHDT65, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. CHDT65

    Hi all,

    As said in the title, the game reset my UserOptions file again and again.

    In fact, I did what this guys advices here...

    ... about editing manually joystick sensitivity in the UserOptions file, but everytime I close the game and go to control my UserOptions file, the parameters are back to defaut!!!!

    What should I do to keep these settings as I've written them in the UserOptions file?
    Make this file "read only" ?
    But could this cause some trouble with the game?
  2. Ayedrian

    Yeah I posted yesterday about this problem and was hoping for a fix today. Apparently the problem has been around since GU4. I'm very upset because flying is my main incentive to play and with that being unplayable I just don't find myself enjoying the game enough to log on.

    Please fix this SOE.

    Set the file to read only. Sorted.
  4. CHDT65

    Yep, read only solved the problem.
  5. Ayedrian

    So I changed to read only and you're right the file values stay to the custom edited state but the game does not recognize them.

    My sensitivity is still flying at 1.000000.

    Same with you guys?
  6. Jezs

    They did some stuff recently so the game doesn't recognize values outside of the ingame ones (for the most part), see threads about not being able to set renderdistance below 1000 anymore a couple patches back. Probably just took them a while to get around to setting the bounds for joystick sensitivity.
  7. 86216470BT

    Simplest thing 1st.after making changes you are saving the file, right?

    done it before myself.
  8. Ayedrian

    For sure.

    Edit file > save file > set to read only > open game

    It is saving the values in the file but, like I said, the server isn't allowing them to go outside the ingame ones.

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