[BUG] Game refuses to start

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  1. ami262

    Problem: After clicking play, launcher stays at PLAYING, game doesn't launch, Planetside2 process spins at <20% CPU indefinitely. Left it running for 2h maximum with no effect. No error message, no crash, no game.

    HW: MSI GF75 Thin 10SCSR https://www.msi.com/Laptop/GF75-Thin-10SCSR/Specification
    OS: Win10 home x64
    Installation type: Both Steam and DGC installed versions exhibit same behavior

    Troubleshooting steps taken:
    * All antivirus (Norton) installed has been removed and machine rebooted. No other suspicious software (VPN, antimalware, virtualization, debuggers etc) found
    * Windows firewall disabled, windows defender disabled
    * Windows update updated, graphics drivers and directx updated
    * Tried both Steam and direct DGC versions, all steps taken on both versions successively
    * Multiple reinstallations
    * Installed in DOS friendly short paths (direct to C:\Planetside2)
    * Multiple machine restarts
    * Multiple game validation checks ran, from Steam (for steam install) and within DGC launcher (for both)
    * Ran launcher direct from game directory
    * Ran launcher as admin and non-privileged user
    * Removed launcher cache - Launchpad.Cache from GameDir\LaunchPad.libs
    * Deleted Daybreak entries under %USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalRow/
    * Transplanted UserOptions.ini from working machine
    * Used different ISP, phone hotspot, bypassed router, used wired and wireless connectivity
    * Ensured game runs correctly on different machine on same network
    * Ensured all hosts touched by DGC launcher are reachable
    * Ensured no second or virtual monitor is attached, detected nor configured
    * Set different desktop resolution before launching game (native is 1920x1080)

    Logs were captured in following way:
    1) Clear existing logs
    2) Start DGC launcher
    3) Verify integrity of game
    4) Click play
    5) Wait 5 minutes - at this time launcher button changes to PLAYING, Planetside2
    6) Close launcher

    ApplicationUpdaterApi.log: [https://pastebin.com/hddykyRV]
    CefInternal.log: EMPTY FILE
    ExternalCommandProcessor.log: [https://pastebin.com/8hQBYKvD]
    ExternalLogging.log: [https://pastebin.com/Df8Y7AiR]
    ExternalLoggingApi.log: [https://pastebin.com/dZJet0n5]
    GameLauncher.log: [https://pastebin.com/4jatR94g]
    GameLauncherEngine.log: [https://pastebin.com/Hr8EC3uu]
    GameLauncherStartup.log: [https://pastebin.com/yx5Sevhh]
    GameLauncherStates.log: [https://pastebin.com/uCM0W4sC]
    GameLauncherStatistics.log: [https://rentry.co/GameLauncherStatisticslog]
    GameLauncherView.log: [https://rentry.co/GameLauncherViewlog]
    PatcherEvents.log: [https://rentry.co/PatcherEventslog]
    PatcherProgress.log: [https://rentry.co/PatcherProgresslog]
    WebCookies.log: [https://rentry.co/WebCookieslog]

    I'm out of ideas. Please help.

    Whoever helps me get this running gets to choose my faction, since clearly it has the smartest players! ;)