Game performance is worse than ever (Stutter, Hitching)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Gerbil, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Kirppu1

    Stop compairing this game to BF4, they are completely diffirent
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  2. OldMaster80

    How is it possible we are still in such a bad situation after 2 years? Sometimes I got the impression they proceed by trial and error :(
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  3. 3punkt14159

    I am wondering if we are just i minority who got this problems, and the servers are still full, so they dont realize all the problems and ignore them, or.. are the servers getting empty now? I mean, for me the game is unplayable, because i got a 5 second freez every 30 seconds. Since september update its broaken,. and i dont get it, wyh the implement the ps4 code and accept that allready costumers are threated so bad all this time,.. (sorry for my bad english) ,.. but i think you understand what i mean.

    If just should everybody stopp playing this game and specially stop spending money on this game. Only the lack of money will force them to a better work i think!

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  4. tigerchips

    Mass stuttering on 64 bit client, no stuttering on the 32 bit client. Wonder why?
  5. Uwotm7+1

    what happened to the days where you had to earn your paycheck...
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  6. Joay

    Probably a minority, but they did acknowledge this problem for a few days now. See here:

    @Oldmaster80, well, things get added and things change. Afaik, at the moment, they are doing essential changes to the program with the PS4 introduction. Cause of the very low clock speed of the console processors, better multicore usage becomes very necessary and those improvements hopefully will benefit the PC version too.
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  7. dezusa

    I thought we regressed back to beta since the valk patch, its a good thing I stopped myself from buying SC after the valk patch.
    trial and error was supposed to be done on the TEST server, and not TESTING on the LIVE server. :confused:

    The last hotfix made the game sort of playable, but the 3~10 second random freezes and crashes are still existent on
    my 32bit potato PC. (never really happened from my gameplay from 2014feb till the valk patch)
  8. saulotyper

    this last fix helped me a lot to get worse the game
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  9. OldMaster80

    The Valkyrie patch was the freaking root of evil. I also stopped buying SC. I wonder how many customers and players they are losing along the way. Current situation has no excuses.
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  10. WarmasterRaptor

    Performance fix they said. It'll get better they said. :(


    Another cruel case of devs molesting their players.

    I'm losing faith in the Q/A care support.
  11. slawo

    shame you! you represanting damn SONY! game after 2 year work like ****
  12. NC_agent00kevin

    Runs a little better for me and no more crashes.
  13. OldMaster80

    No crashes nor freezes for me neither, but the game looks now less smooth than it used to be before the patch. That's freaking annoying, it's not what one expects from a performance hotfix actually...
  14. Damz49

    Didnt change anything, yesterday had 12fps max in 12-24 and half of the time frozen screen.

    Tonight, no patch, no hotfix, still lot of freezes (5-10s) and still lot of framerate drops but was able to reach 50fps in 48+ battles.

    Still unplayable but less unplayable than yesterday after the hotfix.
  15. Unsp0kn

    There's multiple things going on I've noticed the last couple months. For one, the feel of the game has improved a lot. I'm talking about the fluidity of character movement, aiming, etc.. I have experienced increases in smoothness here and they are most welcome.

    The bad is simply the lag. I had no problems the first few months on the same connection with the same rig. Now I get random spikes over over 100000ms, lots of de-sync and sometimes enemies out past about 150m skip around all glitchy like and I can't even hope to land any shots. Sucks to be chilling on a ridge scoping out enemies below and getting into the occasional snipe-war and then the lagmonster strikes. It was so bad the other day I had to force quit and couldn't even log back on. My 2-3 hours of time alotted for last week was gone.:(
  16. Breach

    Pretty regular 5-10 seconds freezes still especially in big fights, unplayable in that situation. Am having to find small fights or play properly working games. All was good until the valk patch....frustration level is high knowing that this won't be fixed anytime soon
  17. SynaptixBrainstorm

    How about quoting me next time so i can see that you replied something related to my post ?

    And i only compared PS2 with BF4 to show that my pc is healthy since BF4 has also quite some requirements in terms of huge cpu processing power and gpu.

    If you would have read that then you wouldnt have posted such a comment.
  18. SynaptixBrainstorm

    Adding more spagetthi code(ps4 stuuf) to the already exsiting spagetthi code is a great idea dont you think:D
  19. Kirppu1

    How about you get the idea that i did not give a single f about your post. I meant it to the whole thread
  20. Kirppu1

    "Remove code". k