Game not saving certs or iso-4

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  1. Vatarna

    Hello am new to this forum and kind of lost a bit sorry if i post in wrong place.

    Well i have played this afternoon for about 2 hours and made over 100 certs and buyed 2 iso-4 recycler,got assimilate implant and a double which i destroyed then logged off.When i came back everything dissapeared got my iso-4 back but lost all certs i made like the game does not save what i do.

    I reset the game couples times buying recycler each time then loggin off then coming back and everything was gone,every time i did it the game was not saving the iso i spent,dont know if its the new update or anything but am kinda lost.Am not trying to get the certs that i lost but i would really like if someone can help me here so i dont waste my time playing for nothing.Thank you for your time and sorry again if am not in the right place for the post.
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  2. strikearrow

    Probably the patch today. It also has been crashing the Connery server about every 30 minutes. It's crazy how DBQ screws up the game with patches that they are supposed to fix the game.
  3. Vatarna

    Well i guess am not playing until this is fixed.I am playing on playstation 4 genudine u.s server.Thank you for the reply strikearrow.
  4. Wafflepancake

    If you are able to replicate this glitch, put in a ticket at
    Shame theres no good bug support page here any more- they should make a perma link on the top of this page
  5. Vatarna

  6. Twin Suns

    Just great, now I have to go through some bug tracker that's not even official. Just so I can get those carts, ISO-4's and that counter-intelligence implant I pulled from today back.

    Where do you file a REAL ticket at?
  7. Prudentia

    that IS the real Bug issue tracker.
    otherwise if you are that offended: for the Customer support
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  8. Twin Suns

    Thanks for giving me the Official link and not some Unofficial community page.

  9. Wafflepancake IS The real tracker, /secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=10600 is the Planetside2 tracker for the sight.
    Customer Service will tell you to go that that site and make a ticket
  10. Ouel

    This issue has been happening to me aswell. I play in PS4 and my character keeps reverting back to prior to the update was applied whenever i log out and back in.
  11. Solenya

    I am shocked that things like this keep happening. In my (software) company there are so many levels of internal and external tests required before something goes live in the live environment, including a fallback plan if still there is a problem. Loss of work, data (=money) must not happen without exceptions.

    I will check in tonight whether this affected me as well. Luckily I only spent around 3 hours on my three characters yesterday. But if anything is lost this might just be the final drop for me to let go and also cancel my subscription.

    Lightning tank steering unfixed for a year, member queue without any effect, hourly bluescreens - the PS4 version really desperately requires a boost of attention and a proof that also PS4 matters if they want to keep this alive with our dropping player base.
    I am just sad that they kill this great idea, this great game this way and not let it die with style and honor...
  12. Solenya

    Does that mean you also lose the daily certs of your membership subscription? And any (membership) deal you had the chance to make? This would escalate the problem to a new level.
  13. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    This issue is being fixed with the current downtime, and shouldn't be a problem after the servers come back up. We'll make efforts to recover what we can, but regardless of whether or not this works we'll be providing some additional perks for players that logged in yesterday and experienced this issue.
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  14. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Also, since there seems to be some confusion here, the DGC Issue Tracker linked above is completely legit and is a tool our devs use to track some of the bugs that get reported.
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  15. Havic

    Hmm didnt notice it yesterday, I started playing around 9pm central.
  16. CplRDaWiggy

    All I know is that this type of update failure is what caused me to quit PS2 & DCUO years ago when SOE were doing it.. I accept that there are many variables with these things, but honestly that excuse was old years ago and there really isn't a valid excuse for the necessary diligence to be carried out when implementing onto a live client.
  17. Twin Suns

    Thank you for the clarity.
  18. JibbaJabba

    Let's have some intellectual honesty here:
    1. Lightning is fine, member queue is working fine.
    2. Hourly bluescreens means you have a hardware or driver issue. Applications such as PS2 that run in user mode literally cannot make your computer bluescreen. That is indicative of an executive mode issue.
    3. Your threat to cancel your subscription sounds like a bluff coming from someone who isn't listed as having "All Access" in the forums.
    4. Don't play the "I work for a software company" card then feign ignorance about the complexities of software development. Remember that bluescreen you are having? I bet the root cause on that came from another software company with similar checks and balances yet **** slips through.

    Now, that said. It's unfortunate you are having these issues. DBG is working to fix stuff as they said, and working to reimburse folks.

    If you still have issues then you know what to do (working for a software company and all): Use the proper channels, open a ticket, provide accurate and detailed problem description with supporting data if applicable, then be timely and responsive to whoever steps in to help you.
  19. Twin Suns

    "This is a community site and is not affiliated with Daybreak Games."

    That's the fine print at the bottom.

    That's why I was confused.

  20. Prudentia

    legal stuff
    the site is completely run by the community which then communicates with the devs. it is not a direct line to the devs. thats all that means.