Game more fun since GU11?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DashRendar, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. DashRendar

    Just curious if anyone else agrees. I haven't been playing the game much these last 2 GU or so because of some horrid balance decisions and the unshakable feeling that my main faction that I've invested heavily in is unloved, but one thing I've noticed since GU11 is that for some reason the game seems more fun now? I don't really know what changed or maybe it's just me, but it sort of feels like Beta again, optimistic. Maybe it's because lots of people are leaving so fights are smaller and not so unorganized and zergy?
  2. SgtBreastroker

    It's been the opposite for me. I haven't been feeling "it" as of GU11.
  3. KlyptoK

    Not enough tanks for me to destroy.
  4. Fanaticalist

    There are probably fewer vehicles out there nowadays, but it's not always noticeable. Probably slightly easier to fly since AA got nerfed and MAXes have such a high cost. Overall, this GU doesn't seem that different to how things have been done since maybe the last 3 months. I think it's that stagnation that has people leaving more than anything.

    We don't want people leaving. We want more people. We want SOE rolling in the cash so they don't feel pressured to draw blood from a stone with stupid stuff like resource boost sales. The wealthier they are, the wealthier we are. They get more toys, we get more toys. I wish we were worrying about having to create new servers rather than merging servers.

    Overall, I think things feel the same.
  5. Tommyp2006

    Isn't really any more fun for me. Actually less because I feel like I have to grind for resources some times, and get stuck going to the same areas to get those resources. Though it is nice seeing so many friendly 2/2 tanks now.
  6. ent|ty

    Absolutely not.
  7. RipperTR

    I've noticed it's easier to take the steam out of a tank zerg since the resource update.
  8. RHINO_Mk.II

    I've been having a fair bit of fun since the update. Probably partly because I rarely use MAXes or vehicles, so the cost increases didn't really change much on my end, and partly because I love hunting vehicles while on foot, and they seem to stay dead longer now.
  9. f0d

    less fun since the resource change
    i bet the infantry love it though
  10. NietCheese

    I was very pessimistic about GU11 but the games I have had recently on Connery and Briggs have seen some of the best fighting in many weeks.

    Large tank battles, huge battles, lots of air but Skyguards keeping the battle interesting. I was fearful that the resource cost boost would mean the "average" tankers wouldn't get to use them enough. It might be the at the right level.

    Now if they can just do something about AV Turrets, Striker bugs, and tone down AV Maxes & C4 a small amount, then we'll have be getting somewhere. A minor rebalance to make tanks more survivable in the post-GU11 world might be needed, but everything is feeling a lot better.
  11. Hibiki54

    As long as ZOE, Strikers and Fractures are still around, it's never going to be fun for me.
  12. Takoita

    Squad UI improvements + SCU changes have both improved the fun factor greatly, IMHO.

    As for the vehicle spam - it still happens.