Game looks and feels like complete Sh** now

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  1. Campagne

    Everything looks awful, I checked and double checked I wasn't on 50% render quality or something. Relogged to improve my graphics to flat medium and everything looked exactly the same, except the effects were all way too over the top and blinded me. I tried to turn them back down but nothing happened.

    Feels like the game is stuck with mouse acceleration on even though I don't have it enabled. It was very hard to aim at all. My mouse has a DPI changer on it, with set DPI levels. I can press the buttons to go up or down a level based on what I've set previously, so I know the problem wasn't with my mouse. Works just fine outside of PS2.

    My FPS was all over the place, but it was at minimum 57 FPS, so good job on that front, no joke. Massive performance increase, but it swung from 60 to 120 to 80 to 120 to 60 like nothing, without even moving. I'd like some stability too, but I'll take the FPS boost.

    I was literally frozen in place when I tried to change class at a terminal. There were a bunch of dead allies (and /yell allegations of a cheater) in the spawn room so I went to change class, clicked the button, exited the terminal, and then froze without a weapon. Couldn't move, couldn't look around, couldn't shoot or change weapon. I could still use chat, and when I redeployed I spawned in exactly the same place.

    I tried to redeploy to the VR, but I just ended up frozen in the VR spawn tube with an odd downward angle. ALT + F4'd my way back to the forums.

    Ultimately the game is running terribly right now. Dying around corners like mad, being instakilled by some people while magdumping into others' faces, the usual latency garbage. But It wasn't on my end! Numerous bugs as well, darklights don't work at all, spitfires seem to be targeting through walls which means any large fight is basically just nothing but constant gunfire from spitfires shooting at walls, and I either could spawn literally everywhere regardless of pop or couldn't spawn anywhere I wanted, even with equal pop where my squad was.

    Overall especially with the freezing in place thing the game is literally unplayable right now. I wasn't expecting much but this is ridiculous, why even have the PTS if they never ever use it? Please don't ship the game in such a horrible state.
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  2. DarkStarAnubis

    Make sure you have smoothing enabled in the graphic options and/or add manually:


    into UserOptions.ini. Both have helped me to reduce FPS spikes.
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  3. Gen.Drake61

    dude,asking daybreak to fix the game is like talking to a brick wall,they don't hardly even use these forums to actually participate in the community,its reddit they use.they treated the ps4 community like crap,(even though they apologized,i don't accept it because they refuse to ban team killers,all that's left is a bunch of a holes who go around cyber bullying other players,and because of that i had to take a leave of absence from the game,racial,homophobic slurs etc go on in chat,anything bad that happens will happen in the ps4 game)the ps4 version is way worse off than the pc version,i honestly don't even use in game voice chat anymore due to all the ***** heads that dbg refuses to actually follow their policies and ban these players,(oh and nick silva,if your listening,which i'm sure you are,i hope you lose your job someday due to dbg going out of business after the potential lawsuit that could happen if someone kills themselves because of the toxic community on ps4 you've created as a result of the the tk issue announcement,i almost actually did this due to what i just described,but i realized your game is just not worth it,though is ts not you or the company's fault entirely,just mostly,it's also sony's fault for handing over the power to ban psn users harassing other users in game based on the psn id,they only ban players if its non ingame related,and you don't block the offending player,overall i have a very negative view of daybreak games company after this experience,and its not gonna change,bottom line is you did the same thing ccp games did to the psn community,you shouldn't have gotten into the console market the first time if you were going to treat us[the console users] like crap to a toxic,and broken game,you even used us and the entire console player base as beta testers, in a game that was never ready to be released to the ps4 community to begin with.)
  4. TRspy007

    Yup, I don't see whats the point of having high frame rate if the game is unplayable. We asked the devs to release a polished patch an got a big F*CK YOU. rip fun
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  5. SgtScum

    Running fine for me. I guess its hardware specific for some users experiencing problems. They will push out hot fix patches like today as they gain more live test data to work off of. Remember that there are literally millions of hardware combinations out in the real world and the devs can only afford to replicate a scant few of the most common builds for in house testing.
  6. SgtScum

    Lmao after the hotfix now all the effects are crazy and whacked out.. Hahaha.. :p
  7. tommyrocket

    From what I noticed, GPU usage is now through the wazoo. Been reading various topics on Reddit, and the folks who claim it runs better or perfect for them, having graphics cards with anywhere from 6 gigs to 15 gigs of video ram. For people like me that only have a card with 2 gigs of video ram, and will not be upgrading for the foreseeable future... it's not looking good.

    I have a feeling they can fix whatever's wrong with it. I just hope it doesn't flip the coin in the process.
  8. SgtScum

    Yeah dx11 brings a lot of nifty features and optimizations to the table but it does need semi modern hardware to run it and the additional code complexity makes room for more bugs! Give it a week or so and it will all get ironed out.
  9. Ulviirala

    Everything looks bright, slightly fogged to me, as if everything had a glow, like if Bloom (lol) was enabled. Then you have the sort-of a lens flare effect, and get literally blinded by bright lights of celestial objects. Who the !@#$ thought that was great? Might be nice for a cinematic or a screenshot, but not for actually playing the game. I can't find any way of making the game look "normal" anymore so I don't develop cancer in my eyes.

    On top of that, I get frequent stutter in bigger fights now, as if the game is crapping itself on an AMD FX 8350, 32 GB RAM, and R9 390 (cough cough "semi modern hardware").
  10. Caydn

    it looks like **** now
  11. SgtScum

    Pretty sure this is just patch day blues on an entirely new engine build using dx11. There are going to be hitches and hiccups as the bugs are worked out. Every game is its own code beast and every game has its own unique issues on performance and such.
  12. karlooo

    Woah watch out, you can’t criticize the devs. I criticized Wrels PS2 gameplay and Twitch stream once, and got a temp ban on the forums from some moderator lol.
  13. aversi0n

    As mentioned before, I’m running a Phenom II X6 1090T only (though it was a quite modern CPU, when PS2 came out!) and was able to play on low settings with DX9. Now low settings are not an option anymore for various reasons, but on medium or high settings, I get stutter, bullet hits without damage count (even with Lightning shots), delayed explosions, delayed repairs and so on. I’d estimate a CPU issue, but the game tells me, that my GPU is the limiting factor. My GPU is an over-the-top Nvidia GTX 1070 with 8 GB VRAM, the PC itself has 16 GB RAM. So what’s going on here!?
  14. Towie

    Ahh that's what it could be then - I personally find the new graphics very good, the smoke effects and stuff really 'realistic' compared to old - and sure it's going to take time to adjust (the Sun made very little difference before but now it's blinding) - but ultimately I think it's good.

    So we now have to consider the position of the Sun when attacking something ? I think that's pretty cool actually...

    Also like the cloaked sunderer look now - especially when cloaking / de-cloaking at distance.

    The performance on my rig is excellent but I do have an RTX 2060. Sure there's a fair few bugs but overall, i'm enjoying it :)
  15. aversi0n

    Update: currently PS2 feels better after the patch, at least on Esamir this morning in smaller fights. Indar was terrible yesterday, but now it is playable to a certain degree on my PC, even with high graphics settings. GPU is still shown continuously as bottleneck, not my old CPU.
  16. Gutseen

    Planet Side 2 is now in the glorious NO PEASANT mode.
    Ave Weeb lord!
  17. Gen.Drake61

    dude i don't care,i can criticize them [the company] because of what i went thru,if they wanna ban me its their choice,i dont put up with bullying,especially when it happens to me or my friends,and the company won't follow their own policies,there is no law in existence nor will there ever be saying otherwise in the usa.
    hell they can ban my character as well,i should never have gone thru what i went thru,i don't hate the game,but the company and nicksilva should take responsibility for what has happened,both to me and my friends,the ps4 community,the games player base, and the ones who care about the game and who are kind,not the toxic ones who pushed me away [they should start following there policies and start banning these players permanently]consider this constructive criticism from my pov to the company and nick silva,the producer and one in charge of the game devs.
    thank you.
  18. Gen.Drake61

    i honestly don't know if i'm gonna return to the game even if dx11 is implemented on ps4 after what i went thru anyway,at this point i'm just gonna wait and see what happens,and weather or not it gets better,if it gets shut down due to the issues i've been having and all the bugs that the ps4 player base had to deal with,then fine.