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  1. Alarox

    I'm pretty sure the Prowler is just as vulnerable. I saw a good video of this with a Viper Lightning (relevant because it also has >1 shot). It was either all the shots would work or none of them would.

    Waiting a second after the reload helps, but the last time I played even that didn't work for me. The reload would end and I would wait the extra second but the shot would "bounce" off.
  2. amega

    freds ???
  3. amega

  4. Flag

    Fair enough. Can't say I blame you.
  5. Stormsinger

    I blame his hair. I have no idea how exactly he accomplished this, but I know it's his hair's fault.

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  6. Bixli

    ..THE ol' thread-fred ..you know.
  7. Jake the Dog

    on point #3. Im assuming you're talking about the esamir biolabs. Tbh I've gotten prowlers past the shields by simply driving on the walls. In some places you can take your tank up a snow bank to get up, magriders are alot more mobile and can get to alot more places as well, but ive done it in my prowler so yeahh... Getting tanks into amp stations is pretty easy as well depending on the amp station. Do not assume you are safe because you have shields, complacency will get you killed
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  8. ZomboWTF

    a good tactic is also getting range by htting them in a higher angle while crouching at the wall you want them to bounce off from,
    i have a HA loadout revolving only around grenade bandolier, AV grenades and AoE spam (resist shield, adv. cap and Lasher)

    AV grenades are ridiculously broken atm, there is basically no reason to throw a frag if you are HA
  9. amega

    didnn know that thanks!!!
  10. Jake the Dog

    If you see a prowler parked on the walls of any building on connery I guarantee you its me.
  11. amega

    im on miller and we have a mag rain every day mostly =))
  12. Kumaro

    Im more worried about the suits than the programmers. as a software professional i guess you are also aware of the lack of knowledge in economy and proper marketing that plagues the IT world. And how something that is more similar to handcrafting is treated like a simple product and how that backlashes towards the company over and over.

    The biggest problem with planetside2 is that it's a great game with a big chunk of bad ideas. Over and over large parts of the community did come together to ask for something specific. the PS2 team then did opposite caused a huge backlash and then came crawling back. over and over it has been proven that the community knows better what the game needs than the suits running the company does.
    Like the old engine based on the first cryengine that runs this on DX9
    Nvidias prototype software that is developed as it runs the game
    The design decisions that makes no sense. And the choice of arcade simplicity that made the problems around balancing and map design more difficult than necessary.
    Or how this game was marketed as a big team based MMOFPS with strategy. And then lacked anything that could make such a game.

    there is no wonder people question the competence of the ones responsible for this game when it makes so many big mistakes even thought everyone tells them that it is a mistake.

    Sadly majority of the people that had the energy and will to push these things grew tired of no one listening to them and left.
    And this game continues to spiral in a bad habit.

    I just hope that upcoming MMO shooter will make it. cause if this game won't shape up till then. im out and i know quite a few outfits that will leave big and small.
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  13. t31os

    TL;DR: Rant -> Bugs -> Rant
  14. Scatterblak

    I agree - that's part of my point re: the beancounters adopting a steady state paradigm instead of reinvesting in development a a long term growth strategy. Your point on outfits leaving is well taken; long ago I was the cofounder of a Quakeworld Teamfortress clan named Gothic Terror, with a fairly visible online presence - once Planetside 1 came out, a lot of the TF world fell apart as entire outfits (including GT) left for PS1.
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  15. Chal

    That is making tanking really infuriating. Me and Ig (my gunner) are hardly playing at the minute because of it. Hope it gets sorted soon.

    Not sure about the Enforcer but you can add the Halberd to that list.
  16. The_Blazing

    I'd just like grenades to bounce like grenades and not like those rubber bouncy balls. But hey, decent physics are too bad for optimization and way too hard to implement on Forgelight despite accurate physics models having been around since 2004, so we'll skip that.
  17. Flag

    I'm going to chalk it up to the Enforcer being somewhat less prone to it because the fight might be over by the time you hit reload, at least to a greater extent than the other named weapons.
    It's probably suffering from it too, like everything else.
  18. queue

    They won't refund. I tried after not being able to use my subscription for the last 2 months. They blamed the problem on my computer and ignored the fact that most 32bit client users are crashing often ever since the 8/29 update. All I asked for was to extend my sub 2 months or give me the equivalent in SC. Still no.

    I was ready to drop $50 for additional SC on 8/29 because I wanted some new weapons. Good thing I didn't.
  19. Degenatron

    That's between you and SOE.
  20. ILoveLucy

    This is it! Either the 22 billion dollar Sony Online Entertainment company either bow to my demands or else I will withhold my 14 dollars from you this month! I'm very serious!