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  1. Degenatron

    And you know that's a very important distinction. It's the difference between being "constructive criticism" and just acting like a jerk.

    For example, the post that started this little flame war wasn't constructive, and in fact was less about the game and more about an individual. An individual who, from everything I've seen, is a pretty cool guy and doesn't deserve to be treated like ****.

    PD: Yes, when I edit, copy, and paste when writing a post.

    And if the service at a restaurant is unacceptable you have the option to leave and not come back. You have that same option here as well.

    The reason I can't see any other stance is because there are hundreds of games out there I don't like and I don't go to any of their forums. I have no interest in going to game forums that I don't enjoy and telling all of the FANS their why the game they like is "unacceptable". I suggest you find a game you DO like and you go play and talk about that game.
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  2. Degenatron


    The exchange rate for you $0.02 is about $1000.00 for guys like BadAsElite.

    You may be interested to see, if you didn't already know:


    Now it's YOUR turn to learn. I hope you were taking notes on how it's done. That wasn't random sniping at public figures that you do, that was an educated analysis.

    You know, I approach the dev team (any dev team for any game I enjoy) with a healthy dose of humility. Unlike Scatterblak, I've only done basic coding - automation scripting for IT environments, and about 5 years of amateur Level Design for various games. Just enough to know that I don't know. Enough to give me a healthy respect for the work they do. I just wish everyone could have that same level of humility and respect.
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  3. Alarox

    You're complaining about that while I can't even enjoy the game because only 50% of my tank shells register.

    I'm not saying that those complaints aren't legitimate, but saying that the game is ruined because of those is hyperbole.
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  4. I play by many names

    The game does feel pretty broken to me at the moment. The biggest problem for me however is server performance. Its complete trash on any continents that happen to have alerts or be near/at capacity. You literally cannot snipe at all as people past 100 meters are vibrating, warping huge distances, headless and frequently not even rendering at all. It looks comical even playing as a HA to see the people in the distance sliding around with ZERO animation or head. I don't remember it ever being this bad even going back into beta.
  5. William Petersen

    This is irrational. Just because I can tell the difference between an excellent wine and a terrible one doesn't mean I can produce a wine worth drinking.
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  6. Simferion

    I think the fact is there are many ways to complain; for example complaining about a bug can point out its existence and make it appear a priority.

    Senseless complains or offense like "you sucks" or "you are inept" have no utility.

    Complaining about the rules and the mechanics without offering any suggestions or ideas to enhance or renew those rules and/or mechanics is fruitless.
    But there are still problems with PS2 mechanics.

    As Scatterblak said , there's no game like this at the moment, but the experience is crippled by some gamebreaking bugs (Hit detection) and poor general balance (overpopulation effect isn't lessened by anything and we still have a resource system which helps this problem instead on hindering it)
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  7. BadAsElite

    My 1st remark was nothing more than a funny pun. If you took that to heart then well... "sorry"? (Take somthings with a "pinch of salt", and don't bite the bait).

    Problem with giving "Constructive criticism" here, is that SOE never respond or seem to take any of it in. (Other than thread 100 this item is OP or UP).
    I've made loads of topics that were under the pretence of Constructive feedback, but again SOE seems to be oblivious to most of the good posts made here 'not just by me', but by some of the player base.

    Also if you want to get a responce from Higby and Co they say use the "Reddit forum" (If you're lucky enough) as this place is long forgotten as far as the Dev's go.
  8. TheRunDown

    Because of that Pro Higby PPA?
    God darn swear filter,,
  9. BadAsElite

    Inwhich I have stopped all payments to SOE (Membership and SC sales).
    Given that I only play this game still less often than before, due to the social interactions I have with some of my friends that still play it.

    I'm waiting till Eternal Crusades alpha to start and so is alot of my outfit, PS2 has had it's day now it seems a lot earlier then many expected but mainly down to poor management which I don't have the time nore can be bothered to give the time to explain.
  10. Foxirus

    The grenades not damaging correctly is a known bug where the grenade is not showing its true location when it explodes. This is because of clientside combat rendering. While your client sees that grenade perfectly at the feet of an enemy, The server sees it rolling off the ledge behind him.
  11. Scatterblak

    Holy cow! Thank you sir -- I did not know about www.ps2issuetracker.com -- looks like a good idea, and a good implementation. I think I'll skip playing tonight and do some reading. :)


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  12. DramaticExit

    Remember, Degenatron... Freedom of screech (the inviolable right to yell one's probably uninformed, uncompromising and arrogant opinion as loudly and obnoxously as humanly possible) is a one way deal, and only extends to those who wish to appear like some kind of authority-kicking badass. Anyone who expresses their opinions in a reasonable, calm and measured way or who calls people out on their overly strident methods of communicating, is clearly some sort of coward fanboy, or something... As such they would have no right to express their point of view or issue criticism to those who frequently and skillfully excersize their right to free screech.
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  13. Bankrotas

    Think of your grenades as beach volleyball. In bounciness and size.
  14. amega

    Depends on play style. i like to be a tank destroyer but i cant. Why ? Becouse weapons work 50%50=)) and i am forced to spend my game time in a play role which i dont like...so the game which i love is ruined to me. Especialy insulting is when you play like hell trying do some damage then getted riped from several ultra sniper ap shoots and you cant even do a last spit in the face of youre murdere , becouse of a bug
  15. Alarox

    I'm going to admit with some shame that I glanced over your post too quickly when I made that post.
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  16. LodeTria

    Is the prowler cannon affected as bad as the Vanguard/Lightning/Magrider? I know about this bug but I wonder that since the prowlers get 2 shots, they at least get half of their damage out rather than none at all.

    I find waiting until the reload noise that plays after a reload is done makes the shells much more reliable, but trying to do that in the heat of combat can be difficult.
  17. Flag

    So far I've noticed that with the FPC, Titan AP (these two as driver) and Saron HRB (reported by my gunner). But I'm not sure I've seen it on the Enforcer ... Have you? If my gunner at the time (on NC) mentioned it I must've missed it.
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  18. amega

    Not a problem. I should ask forgiveness. I ve created the discussion influeced by feelings of regret and frustration. And i should be more constructive. But every time i try to be a constructive the anger boils in me!!! Just why fakin why !!!MY weapon is broken to enemy armor AND SAVING HIM with that. And that s////t never hapened to me, NEVER SAVED my ***! When i sneak like snake between the rocks to find a weak enemy and when i finally find my victim which already smok , and its flushes away or even kill me! cose half of shots do nothig. Thats a shame. And what pisses me of its mag ability beeng already smoked get 3 ap shots in *** and boost away like nothing hapened. Thats a awesome why burger and van cant do that trick ??? Why they are more like coffin ?
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  19. Bixli

    ..such freds ruined the game again & that's no fun.
  20. Alarox

    I don't play the game anymore so I haven't had a chance to try it with the Enforcer.