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  1. amega

    1) NO damage to tanks from av granades, tanks weapons, maxes av .
    2) broken phoenix
    3) magriders into biolab with shields on!!!
    4) granades which doing damage from the hellof nowere:confused:

    what next ?
  2. Casterbridge

    The grenade thing is definitely something I've been noticing it's very weird, they seem to be damaging further out, and they also seem to vary in explosion times, sometimes they take a several seconds to go off other times it's almost immediate with no possible chance of escape.
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  3. Utrooperx

    I'm still trying to figure out how my opponents get the grenade to land neatly at my feet...while my grenades bounce around like a Superball...

    From: http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/BouncingASuperball/

    A highly elastic superball can show some surprising behavior. When thrown down between two vertical planes, it will, in many circumstances, bounce back to near its initial location after three bounces.

    As I've noticed...
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  4. BadAsElite

    Higby knows how to make a game thats for sure :D
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  5. TriumphantJelly

    Lots and lots of nerfs to the VS, and the continued ignorance regarding the Prowler's guns. Also th Striker remains terribad and they never fix the Pheonix.

    Fortunately, we've nothing to fear: They'll fix evrything in time for PS4-- Oh, no, wait; They're balancing them separately (with the dev team the size it is, they might leave a person working on the PC version).
  6. Degenatron

    Bugs happen. Deal with it.

    Better than you do, that's for sure.
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  7. Axehilt

    Yeah, had several of these issues.

    Also had the old ESF reload bug where the reload animation plays and my ammo count lists 0 but I can still fire.
  8. FateJH

    Ignoring everything else, I'd like you to validate your game assets (Launchpad -> Wrench icon -> Validate option) and re-confirm this.
    Edit: I originally interpretted this as "Magriders with vehicle shields" but now I'm not so sure. Do you mean the Magrider was in the Biolab upstairs area? I believe there are still some you can finagle inside using a Galaxy and some luck. If you mean it drove right through active shields around the base of an enemy Biolab, they might have not been rendering for that Magrider. It's very important to determine if this problem has started cropping up again.

    Grenades start counting based on when they were thrown and how long it takes the packets to get to you. As for grenades exploding further out, see my reply below. It does matter what kind of grenade goes off around you. The most prominent example is the AV Grenade which has double the inner and outer damage radii of Fragmentation and Stickie.

    It depends on the kind of grenade. You need to be specific about what is blowing you up. Stickie Grenades will rest where they land and AV Grenades settle quickly, generally-speaking.
  9. BadAsElite

    Never said I can, could you cook better than Gordon Ramsay?

    I wouldn't put up with bad service at a restaurant, and as you put it "Deal with it". The gaming industrie is not exempt. People need to deal with that too.
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  10. Degenatron

    I'm not walking around talking about what a crappy cook Gordon Ramsey is, now am I? But I bet if you said something like that to his face, he'd be quick to challenge you to do better.

    It's a LOT easier to sit there and criticize the work other people do than to do it yourself. Your defense boils down to "I don't have to be better than other people to talk **** about them." Frankly, yes you do. The phrase is "You don't have any room to talk." Some of us are taught this basic level of respect, and I guess some aren't.

    If you feel like you haven't gotten your money's worth then by all means take it up with customer service and ask for a refund.
  11. BadAsElite

    So because I can't cook to the level of a skilled chef I can't criticise? So "I / we" have to put up with somthing that he puts infront of me/you that he/she's failed to cook or is not the dish that I asked for properly?

    Because thats basicly what you are implying here.

    Sorry but this cake looks and tastes like &^%£ "Are you a chef sir? If not you can't criticise".

    I'm sorry m8 game dev's are not exempt from "criticism".
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  12. Degenatron

    It's one thing to send a steak back to the kitchen if it's been cooked past Well-done when you wanted Medium.
    It's quite another to demand to see the chef and then berate him in front of everyone in the restaurant.

    And for the record, yes I have sent back an over-cooked steak or two, but I've also "just eaten" plenty that weren't exactly perfect.

    Since you demand absolute perfection, I suggest you get busy and show us all how it's done.

    And neither are you.
  13. Ixidron

    I can disagree about developer decisions, everyone has an opinion, and I don't think people need to know how to make games to disagree about it.

    Sure, there are thing that work under the "You don't have any room to talk." category, I mean, I'm a biologist and I would be pissed if someone who knows nothing about biology keeps arguing with me about the correct technique to purify a protein, because that's purely theoretical, but this is about someone's opinion, I don't like the current bases and I even created a post about it with suggestions explained with pictures, I'm not a level designer, and I don't think I need to be to dislike the current base layout.

    But I do believe complaining without offering an alternative is pointless (unless it's about bugs/performance/that kind of stuff someone can't just offer a different point of view), I'm always suggesting alternatives to nerfs.

    Saying "developers suck" or "Higby has no idea how to make a game" is also pointless, to begin with, Higby is a developer, he has ideas about new stuff or tweaks for old stuff and then his team makes them happen with his help, I don't think he's personally working on bugfixing, coding or making models and textures, he's like a manager mixed with public relationships.

    PD: does everyone's font size changes after posting something?
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  14. BadAsElite


    Every game has it's faults, but this game has by far to many to be deemed "acceptable".

    And for the record, If you pay top dollar for a quality night / meal you have every right to complain if a multiude of problems / errors arise.
    I'm not going to name multiply events for the sake of it, but when you have a really poor night and again get multiple mistakes, (we've all had them) people are generally outraged (and rightly so). But when the same scenario happens to a video game, people like you will stick up for then no matter what. Which is just "pure zelous devotion to the game developers", and can't reason to see others with a different stance.
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  15. BadAsElite

    I think you are beginning to understand now that anyone is open to criticism.
    Well done. :)
  16. Iridar51

    It takes a while to learn to get grenades where you want. Usually you just have to bounce the grenade off the ground in front of you.
  17. Simferion

    What Ultrooperx said is perfectly legit. I had the same thought lately.
    While the Grenade spam is surely increased, I have noticed that some grenades followed a strange path, seemingly following me. In particular I noticed an AV grenade, bouncing strangely, going up by an elevator pad and moving towards my MAX suit.

    Moreover I notice some people totally unaffected by my Concussion grenades, while not having the implant on.

    So either it's a bug or something fishy.

    You forgot : no damage with the weapons, broken infantry renders, broken servers.
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  18. Scatterblak

    Ok, I'll criticize the work a little bit then; I write software for a living, and I'm at least as good as anyone at SOE (20+ years of professional experience, multiple patents, current platform for the last 9 years is automation of human clinical drug trials data management and medical transaction aggregation - if I screw up, someone dies - so, I don't screw up. Ever.). So, let's talk about it.

    Current state of the game is Pretty Good™. At the end of the day, even with the bugs (which are inevitable) it's still a good time most of the time, and I don't know of any games out right now that really compare (and I've looked, in my frustration, and I bet a lot of you have as well). The problems with PS2, though, aren't due to the development staff, who are obviously talented; from what it looks like to an outside observer with a lot of IT experience is that there's a disconnect internally that's preventing SOE from effectively prioritizing the development goals that they need to be targeting. This can be due to a lot of reasons:

    1. Development limitations we don't know about. The PS2 dev teams, I believe, inherited a *lot* of the PS2 codebase from the Forgotten Realms source? I've heard some sources espouse this, and others claim that this isn't the case -- if it is, they're likely dealing with trying to shoehorn a lot of functionality into a process framework that was never meant to live there - there are going to be problems.

    2. Internal politics vs Community voice. Giving the PS2 community unprecedented access to the dev teams in the form of reddit (and occasionally these forums, even!) was a huge Win™ for PR, but a Bad Plan™ as far as the development teams are concerned. Dealing with a million different voices crying out for a million different things is bad enough, but entering into hundreds and hundreds of threads and conversations about same is just going to create chaos, raise expectations, and result in a lot of broken promises and butt-hurt feelings. Overall, I think it's been a win, but it does make coordinating development tasks more difficult when you're also trying to meet community expectations beyond just telling them 'here comes a patch'.

    3. Bad project management. The scale of the PS2 platform would be tricky for anyone to manage. Uptime is basically almost 99%, and with a playerbase as large as PS2, there's always an element of trial and error; your always going to have processes that work fine with 10 connections in the QA environment that fail when 1,000 people connect. Combined with issues that appear spuriously (often boundary/limit conditions or memory management/GC problems) and trying to build a complex client/server app that will function on a wide variety of hardware, and it's a recipe for issues that will creep and scale as time goes by.

    4. Bad QA. Personally, this is my tacit diagnosis (along with a 'too loose' project management paradigm that results in crippled prioritization of issues, likely due to pressures above) based on what I've read, what I've seen and experienced in game, and on what consulting I've done for process improvement for similar companies. The QA process is supposed to catch these issues, and *not* release until they're addressed. In reality, most enterprise shops will still release product when they know there are some bugs because it makes good financial sense to do so; it's a losing proposition to fix 300+ bugs in a 1.2M line codebase for an enterprise solution when only 12 of them are crashing/breaking issues.

    The simple fact that PS2 works at all is a testament to the dev team and project managers. Yes, it could be better, but just the fact that it runs, and it runs on so many computers, is a reason to assume that, at the end of the day, they know what they're doing. Assuming that they do, indeed, know what they're doing, why are there problems? Either there's a reason they don't/won't/can't implement a more effective development paradigm that will address community concerns in a timely manner, or it doesn't make financial sense to do so. I think it's *likely* that it's the latter, and that's just business - the bean counters know what the tradeoff is between hiring more developers or spending more money on more hours from the present team (or both) versus the loss of revenues associated with a projected percentage of users leaving the game and taking their revenue stream with them. This is a *very* common methodology across many IT verticals, and it (mostly) works. It's not a structure designed for growth, however - it's more a structure designed for stability, and shoring up the balance sheet to make investors happy.

    I would suggest to the powers that be (not that they'll read any of this) that a longer term growth strategy would result in increased revenues and a happier constituency in exchange for sacrificing some of their near term revenues. With the proper resources, SOE could work with the community (since that cat is already out of the bag) to prioritize the bugs; both the community and SOE could offer a lot of input here - and then address them straight down the list. If something can't be done at the moment, then let everyone know, and move on to the next thing. This is similar to how it works (or is claimed to work) now, with the exception that there's a disconnect between the community perception of progress and what's being fixed. As it is, we wait for a patch 'hoping' that something will be addressed - maybe something that a dev spoke about on reddit, maybe something that's been a problem for a long time - who knows. Then, the patch comes out, some people cheer, some people hate, and only some of the things that were fixed actually are, and often something new is broken. Here's what needs to change, in a nutshell:

    1. Set up a list (not the roadmap, that no one has any confidence in anyway), and put the bugs on it. Let the community vote on the ones that annoy them the most. Give everyone a certain number of votes, let them spend the votes, and then after the next patch, give them out again and start over.

    2. QA. SOE, whatever you're doing now, it just doesn't work. Love you guys and all, but you can't test things in an office with a group of people and then push it out to thousands and expect it to work. The Test Server is a Good Idea™, but just pushing code there and waiting to hear from people doesn't work either. If you want it to work, you've got to push it to the Test Server (after internal testing), and then pull a Google and reward people for finding game-breaking bugs, particularly if they can break something you thought you just fixed. I guarantee you, if you offer someone 10,000xp or a special 'I'm a badd-a55' helmet or something for breaking a new bugfix, people will come in there and pound your fixes with a purpose - this is what has to happen to QA something. Otherwise, you're just fooling yourselves - people will jump onto the test server, but they don't know what you've really fixed, and they're not there to try to break things anyway - they're just goofing around and looking at whatever is new to look at.

    3. Smaller releases. The game is up and running - you don't have to issue patches that address 50+ things. Just fix 5 bugs every 10 days (and really FIX them), and everyone will love you forever.

    Just my $0.02 as a software professional who knows what you're dealing with.
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  19. Schizomatic

    Ruined forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and everrrr
  20. BadAsElite

    All the points you made from 1-4 are likely correct on SOE's behalf.