Game getting unplayable due to population inbalance

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  1. Bl4ckVoid

    There would be a 1000 ways to fix the population inbalance in PS2, but the devs do nothing. On EU server VS is almost always underpopulated to a large extenct, making the game a frustration exercise.

    Some ideas to fix this:
    Make the respawn timer slower for overpop factions. Continent pop balance would count in this most, world balance secondary.
    Promote the underpop factions with free certs at the time of joining. Promote underpop faction with much bigger XP gain.
    A kill would should more if achieved when you are outnumbered and count less when you are overpop.

    Uninstall looming for this game.

    And remove OHK sniper mechanics, it does not work in this game, because there is no limit in the number of snipers. Biggest flaw since day 1.
  2. Bl4ckVoid

    And yet again, there are only 2 continents open for play at the time of writing this. Hossin which is terrible and Esamir, where VS is outgunned by the opposition. The only sensible choice is LOG OUT.
  3. Eternaloptimist

    is this just your experience today or do you have evidence that this is an established trend. and what is your quantified definition of an unplayable population imbalance? I can't help wondering if this is just an 'I'm not having fun today' post. i sometimes log on and find the same problem but then a little while later it has corrected itsef
  4. Bl4ckVoid

    Play the game on EU server and you will see...
    I would not post if it was just today.
    (BTW with your name you are pretty much disqualified from this discussion. We need realists ;P)
  5. breeje

    or do you want pessimists, so you can all search for the bad things in the game
    don't be so loyal to your empire, make characters in all factions and play the one that fits your game play of that day
  6. Alchemist44

    According to this TR and VS are both generally underpopped on Miller, though this only takes into account the daily uniques, it doesnt tell us the population percentages broken down hourly.

    This is much more accurate: from the last 24 hours on Miller,1439528568590
    and from last saturday:,1439092306969

    From these you can see that VS ARE underpopped most of the time, even during primetime. Though in my experience, during alerts the populations are even on the contested continent.
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  7. Bl4ckVoid

    Yeah, nc is almost always the overpop faction. Change their music to some crap barbie disco plz. Modern Talking would be great or some smurf songs.
  8. Bl4ckVoid

    I only switch side to TK snipers. (Thats the only way you can reliably kill them)
  9. FieldMarshall

    What is your ingame name so i can report you for teamkilling?

    Some dude who only logged on his alt to teamkill was banned recently.
    I checked his stats and he had AE, platinum and golden weapons. So im guessing he's a bit salty loosing all his stuff.
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  10. lothbrook

    Why do people have a tough time with snipers? The only ones that have ever been more than a nuisance were guys i have a pretty good feeling they were using some sort of hack, and the like 2 guys on the server that only played sniper Infiltrator, the rest you can literally almost run in a straight line right at them and shoot them in the head from point blank before they even hit you.

    Plus you can always take solace in the fact that snipers are damn near useless and the least productive way to get certs, lol.
  11. Bl4ckVoid

    Don't blame me, blame the designer who designed a class with no counter. I play less and less anyway, so I do not care about a ban. But I will not help a griefing infiltrator fanboy such as you.
  12. Alchemist44

    They dont. As I see these threads pop up and see the replies of the proponents, Im more and more convinced that they are just trolling and not serious about this. This blackvoid dude especially, along with Ironmouse
  13. BlacknBlue

    No that's the only way YOU can reliably kill them. I pop snipers all the time. Or move about a base in a way that I don't get headshot.
    In fact if I do get head shot by sniper I either call myself an idiot for standing still. Or think nice shot. Have you ever played as a long range sniper? It's not the easy kill fest people think it is.

    With your mindset this is a good option.
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  14. 0fly0

    It's the case for cobalt today, only two fight by map, vs 25% pop, not able to do anything because the other faction fight only in one place, you also can't go to another base because the redeploy system is **** up, the zerg just redeploy 30 sec before the end and rekt you.
    Better log off and play when casual are not here, spending their time switching faction for the overpop.
  15. BlacknBlue

    Just logout and be happy you didn't pay a penny
  16. thewr3ck

    It's worse on the ps4 version some severs have populations that never go over 20%. The game mechanics are set up all wrong and incurage zergs and overpopulation, by giving the overpopulated empire More benefits through zerg captures of bases and continents. Overpopulated empires need longer spawn timers and less resources, not more. God forbid they bring back ants that will make the problem worse