Game Freezing with Increased Frequency

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Michalo, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Michalo

    My game has been freezing randomly since 2-3 patches ago. I have no idea why, it just seems to randomly happen. It seems to happen more frequently when I am in a vehicle, but it also will just randomly happen when I am running around.
    The game just freezes, and it won't let me alt+tab or alt+f4. I have to ctrl+alt+delete and open the task manager and shut planetside down that way. Most of the time, the in-game voice system still seems to transmit whatever people are saying. However, other game sounds, such as vehicle engines or gun shots, bug out and just sort of studder along until I close the game.
    I've been playing the game for a while now, and this never seemed to happen before. I've tried opening a ticket with Daybreak, but they have not responded.
    Is this happening to anyone else, or just me? I wonder whether it is potentially a problem with my video card, or an in-game bug, or both. Does anyone know any potential fixes? I've seen from certain online posts that you can try deleting .ini and .dll files in your file directory, but I haven't tried that since the source didn't seem reputable.
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  2. SquirtAttack

    YES! This happens to me frequently, exactly as you describe, and mostly in a vehicle. In some cases, I will be driving a sunderer full of people and it will freeze. I can only imagine what the sunderer is doing at that point and what all the passengers are thinking, especially if I am riding near a cliff and it just goes over with no driver! Funny in hindsight but still really sucks. I have had it happen right after checking out a Max suit for 450 nanites, only to have the system lock up. I have had it happen just as I uncloaked as infiltrator getting ready to shoot at a close target, only to freeze. I assume I was an easy knife in the face at that point.

    When the game hangs or freezes, I can still hear the people in the platoon talking, but everything else in the game is locked up and the last instant of sound effects is repeated over and over.

    Sometimes it happens several times in the course of an hour, then sometimes I will be able to play 2 hours or so straight before it occurs. EXTREMELY frustrating.
  3. SquirtAttack

    Just locked up again while in a Max suit and firing at an enemy. Just dang great!
  4. Bigb159

    You may want to try reinstalling. Of course that comes with the eternal download hell.
  5. Zorg

    No you're not alone, the game suddenly started freezing a lot lately. I can only guess that one of the latest patches is the cause, as nothing has changed in my PC configuration.

    It seems to happen randomly, sometimes within the first minutes, sometimes after one hour or more, PS2 freezes but I can still hear the sound. The only way to close the game is to use the task manager.

    I'm surprised to not see more reports about that, it's incredibly annoying as it can happen several times in a 2 hour session :-(
  6. Zorg

  7. henrickbr

    I have constant freezing ...
    The updates do not work for me. Freezing occurs every 5 minutes, sometimes in less time ... three years playing, and have never seen the game so BAD.
    Win10 64X
    8 GB RAM
    AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 (4.0 OVCC)
    GTX 550 TI
  8. Stopper

    Same here : game freezes and I have to reboot my computer. Or game freezes during 30 secondes. Or I have suddenly a black screen...

    It happens very often. It's frequently unplayable !
  9. Raiuga

    me too, my game freeze and crash after a few seconds or minutes after login

    this happens just when i'm back to the game after a few months without playing :(
  10. Zorg

    Might be a different issue, my game only freezed one time since the February 25 patch so the situation is much better for me.
  11. user101

    If your not running Windows 10 the best driver for Windows 7/8 is Nvida 353.62 anything past that is a Windows 10 drivers.

    Try disabling "Software Protection" in services (win7x64)
    this solved it for me ;)
  13. Michalo

    Tried all suggestions. Still crashing. This is really annoying. I'm pretty positive it is a problem with the Nvidia card. Would really love some kind of dev to respond to this, or any kind of acknowledgment of the several tickets I've opened and never received a response to.
  14. Ygdrad

    Probably not quite the same issue, but my game will repeatedly freeze, it can last a few seconds and then it starts working again. It does so very often and makes playing near-impossible. I didn't have any issues before.
  15. LastAlbatross

    Sometime it recovers most of the time i have to close it down I had the task manager on a second display to see what was going on
    PS2 client would stop utilizing my CPU
    I'm using an AMD Video card and I am experiencing this too so not just Nvidia users
    Windows 10
    Intel Skylake CPU
    Amd Video Card
    16GB of DDR4 RAM