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    I have read it here in the forum, but couldnt find the thread again, so i think it is a good idear to post it again.

    Its a solution whitch means no freezes but a bad performance. After starting the game, go back to desktop start the taskmanager as administrator (start butten typ tastmgr.exe open as admin). Open "Affinity" witch you can find while you do a rightclick on the prozess of planetside2.exe and deselect all exept one prozessor (i hope its the right word because i got only an OS in german).

    That means planet side runs only whit one core and not whit 2..4 or 6,.. so you got very low framerate but at the end its possible to play until the devs will fix it in a better way.

    And in conclussion that makes it obvious that the migration of the ps4 code is the reason of that bug, because the optimaze it for the 8 core Ps4 hardware.

    I hope one of the devs is looking one time in a year in this f.... forum and find this solution, so the can fix it better!

    Pleace report if it works!
  2. ivry123

    ok..i'll try it..thx anyway.:rolleyes:
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