game freezes on redeploy

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Louis Farrakhan, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. UberBonisseur

    Add me to the list.
  2. Killbot

    Went away for a bit, started happening to me again.
  3. sozo

    ditto and bump
  4. Rulistic

  5. Dreamspell

  6. Stray Cat

    Phenom II X2 Black, ATI 6770
  7. Stray Cat

    Hey, this was posted 20 minutes ago from time of writing:

    "All servers will come offline on March 27th at 6:00 AM PST (2:00 PM CET) for a brief update to address a few outstanding issues. Downtime is anticipated to be less than 90 minutes."
    Margaret "Luperza" Krohn
    Your Friendly Community Relations Representative

    Hopefully somebody this f&^*@% game freeze is one of the things that's being fixed.
  8. Stray Cat

    I will start a boycott by not... umm... playing. Like a hunger strike. Yeah? Yeah! Take that SOE, IN YOUR FACE
    If I freeze during redeployment, I'm gonna stop playing for sooo long that... um... that other users are going to get bored and stop playing too! And THEN where will all your revenues go, SOE?! Why... (oh, this is free to play)... um I'll-
    I'm going to fart so loud your ears will bleed and crash a sundy into warpgate for every game freeze that happens
    And if a GM shows up I'm not going to talk to them neither and stick my tongue out like this

  9. metrotw

    14 crashes this evening
  10. JCPhoenix

    You are one patient person. After 2-3 crashes in quick succession, I'm done the rest of the day and possibly the next.
  11. sLoP0101

    I am also experiencing this issue, plus FPS problems.
  12. Soulfiend

    nope, don't even have the option as i have a ATI card
  13. Watz

    happened to me for the first time now....i'd say once in 20 deploys
  14. Andy79

    its not fixed, it disrupts gameplay alot, not sure if I like to put up with it anymore

    btw the game is still producing a crash when closing it normally as well
  15. Dreamspell

    Still freezing...
  16. Rulistic

    Fond the fix.....well work around.
    Don't leave the warp gate.
    If you can't die then no redeploy bug.
    I know your think well what fun is that.
    Well here is an idea.
    Pair up with some other people with this issue.
    Spawn resupply sunderers.
    Park next to each other.
    Switch to a gunner seat.
  17. TeknoBug

    Froze for me this morning again when redeploying. :(
  18. waiora

    still freezing every time i deploy anywhere, it doesn't even get to triple loading screen
  19. sozo

    still freezing ..still annoying ...still not aknowledged ...still bump worthy
  20. mims007

    This bug forced me to return to surfing prawn.
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