Game Fail to Launch after GU06

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Jaamaw, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. f33die

    Hardly the reason for this issue. Servers are listed as up, also:

    But yeah, I too would appreciate some error messages. They can be as mystical and cryptic as those from Diablo III, it'd still be something to hold on to.
  2. r3bornbs

    u guyz just naps all waork for me huehuehuehuehuehue

    ok, to be serious, i did the game file validation and got to the char selection screen but it still doesnt get me in the game
  3. Craig1287

  4. Aurcius

    Maybe it's just the sheer amount of load of so many people trying to log in at once... imma just wait a couple of hours and see how it is then.
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  5. Codai

    Sounds like a plan. Also, good luck finding an engi.
  6. Kycoook

    Same here. Loading stops at 98%. Can't even get to login screen. Revalidation and .ini file removal don't help.
    P.S. Grats SOE on new level of bug implementation! Keep up a good work and kill the game completely!
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  7. f33die

    Well, I finally managed to get past the 98% and into the character screen. I'm now stuck with not being able to login to any characters as the button merely says "Logging in".

    Higby just confirmed in a tweet that login servers are getting a lot of stress": "Login servers are getting their typical hammering post-update. Stay frosty pals, it'll clear up."
  8. rexbinary

    Frosty.....think I'll head to B-Dubs while this settles out :)
  9. Mostly

    Vanu characters can't log into Waterson - at least some of them. My NC and TR alt had no problem at all.
  10. Josh Developer

    it appears to be a load issue that resolves itself. we're investigating further, but in the meantime players are getting into the game
  11. f33die

    Weeeeell, that last bit isn't entirely true in my case. I'm stuck at "Logging in..." however I suspect that I'm working my way through a login queue. Might I suggest some sort of real-time queue counter (with ETA) for GU7?

    I appreciate the continued flow of information from you and the other developers, though! Thanks a lot!
  12. AllyElly

    Still hanging at 48% for me, can't even get to character select screen
  13. Phaze

    Comedy of errors continues...
  14. Fligsnurt

    Mine would hang at 15% when starting the client, did a system restart now my launch pad is f**cked. Can't see the play button or anything, have to end process to close it.
  15. SooperDog

    Same for me.. stuck at 37%
  16. biterwylie

    Can't get on tonight - stuck on 15%
  17. MadKat

    98% and stops after hitting 'Play' :eek:
  18. quicKsanD

    I am stuck on 98% and have been for 10 minutes.
  19. Wayfairer

    Mine's locking up at 15%. Was fine before the patch.
  20. Leetsarge

    Guys, try to run LaunchPad.exe as an administrator. I've been able to get into the character select screen.

    Unfortunately, it stalls on "Logging In"