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  1. DeonTheReaper

    Nah, I think I'm better off playing some TF 2.
  2. Sagasaki

    Anyone still getting this error? The server list shows that everything's working, but every time it loads to 15% and boots me the G99. I know I've had port problems with other games on my internet here, could this error be related?
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  3. SouthL

    Have had this issue since downloading on Thursday. Have tried uninstalling then reinstalling but this has not worked. Sometimes it loads to 15% other times to 98%. Have checked my firewall settings as well as disabling it completely. Have loaded all the latest drivers but i still get this G99 error. Is there anyone who knows what this error actually is for as i cant even find it in the error list. I have not even manage to play this game yet so i dont mind being treated as a noob.
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  4. Sagasaki

    Well SouthL, at least two of us are in the same boat. Game looks awesome, just can't play!
  5. zelkova

    I have found that peerblock interferes with starting the game and causes this error code. After having set peerblock to allow IPs from sony, the game starts. If you are using peerblock or a similar program, unblocking sony might help.
  6. KukKung

    im having the same issue getting the G99 error, mine wont get past 15%, ive been playing for a few months straight now BR 20 just untill today it stopped working, was on it last night till 2am and worked fine.

    if anyone has a fix for it, let me know
  7. Joram

    Servers are down atm that why we are getting the error
  8. JibbaJabba

    Servers are down for maintenance. In launcher click the Gear Icon for an accurate status. They've been down about 40 min so far.
  9. Veratu SOE

    The most accurate status will always be at the top of our forums.
  10. shadowwolfx5

    i have the same issue but i don't know what it means.
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  11. Ambi

    it mean server are down. but it would help when soe would post the server down post befor serverdown and not mind 30 min after down.

    and the status on forum page is inaccurate to
  12. shadowwolfx5

    urrg. exactly on the time i getting bored.
  13. GaussianGamer

    fixed :D
  14. shadowwolfx5

  15. Veratu SOE

    How is the forum page inaccurate?
  16. shadowwolfx5

  17. JudgeDeath

    G99 here too .. Ran the filechecker on steam and now when I log the game goes straight to ingame menus that have "null null" texts on it and then game crashes.

    Started after the server shutdown.

    Char Judgedeath , server Lithcorp
  18. PsyStorm

    There was an in game message saying the server was coming down. If you weren't in game then the next step would be to check forums to get up to date.
  19. Veratu SOE

    Guys, the servers are still down for maintenance. The forum status page is the most up to date information you'll find. Check there before attempting to load into the game. The worlds are not currently available.
  20. JudgeDeath

    It shows Lithcorp for one being still "UP"

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