game error G99

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by mohawkd, Mar 22, 2014.


    same here, but some of the people of my outfit already online
  2. p10k56

    noooooooooooo... me too:(
  3. VanuSShooter

    Same issue with me here mate
  4. 11Sheldonator

    Few I thought this was just me. I started frantically doing things to try to fix this. Well, I guess we have to wait this one out :/
  5. TheChippewa

    Yup was going to log in and buy some crap, but getting G99 so I guess I'll go buy some crap on Hawken instead.
  6. Doc Jim

    Same here, G99.
    Validating game assets doesn't help.
  7. azm0dan1

    same issue here .... and i just bought a skygaurd...
  8. Chronomorph

    Yup, same here.
  9. Fredfred

    Same here.
  10. Xenophobe

    Same here. Oh well, guess it's time to get some house-work done ;) and check back later on when it's, hopefully, fixed.

  11. Hiding in VR


    *waves fist*
  12. FaLI3N

    Look on the bright side, SOE are being more efficient. Before they would make you wait 5 or so minutes watching the log-in bar before the game crashed, now it just crashes before even getting your hopes up. Yay for Briggs :)
  13. OrthrusIII

    Right before we all got kicked, red text popped up on the screen, much like when a dev does a server-wide message.

    All it said was, "in 10s." I barely had time to type, "what?" in chat before getting booted.
  14. Amirul Hakimi

    same here loading at 98% then crash with error G99
  15. RoxyJohnny

    Yep, got the same problem :) Let's go outside and enjoy the weather!
  16. KenInAction

    I just used the XP boost...sigh...
  17. Tonberry76

    hahaha sadly it raining here :p
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  18. Blaze81

    Getting the same issue....
  19. FLHuk

  20. Tonberry76

    yeaaaaaaaaaaa on the forum they hear us and they try to fix it :)