game error G99

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by mohawkd, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. mohawkd

    i can't even get into the game ?
    it redirects me to the ps2 site with game error G99
  2. Deus Draco

    Pretty sure the login server just had a CPU attack and died.
  3. Tonberry76

    have the same problem ore G99 ore just error i try 20 times but i cant get it -.-
  4. Spoprockel

  5. Dreadnok

    Same issue here too. must be login server problem
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  6. Powersurge79

    Just happened for me like 5 mins ago
  7. Contego

    Also getting error code G99
  8. Powersurge79

    was playing fine got kicked out and now a G99 Error
  9. barter

    yip and here :(
  10. Best AssassinAU

    also getting this
  11. Tonberry76

    sadly so long i try this game there was always a masive DC to all players and when we logg back in all players are ad warp gate
    sadly it hapens alot
  12. Superbunny

  13. oOWTF

    same here -_-"
  14. Danko

    Same for me Game Error G99 every time I try to get in.
  15. Tonberry76

  16. Sahbahkah

    Same for me...
  17. Erendil

    The zone servers (Connery, Mattherson, etc) are fine. It's the login servers that are having issues.

    If you look at the URL for the G99 error page we're getting sent to, it contains the phrase "Unable to connect to Login Server." So yeah, looks like login server issues.
  18. Powersurge79

    Welp, I might go to sleep. Would probably take at least 2-4 hours for it to come back on probably..
  19. Tonberry76

    am very sure a MOD wil look into this problem :)
  20. sucoon

    the gameserver are not down like you see on forum, but the loginserver is down! this you cant see on forum