Game down for patching, ok but no thread about it?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by T0x1s, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. T0x1s

    Soe what update s it? No news at all D:
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  2. Kociboss

    It's an unscheduled "scheduled patching".
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  3. SafetyDance

    Looking back around 50% of 'scheduled patching' either isn't announced or is announced somewhere other than the official Planetside 2 forums.
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  4. Jeths

    it's scheduled...

    (if you work for soe)
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  5. Ownasaurusrex

    Patch notes?
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  6. Champagon

    probably on reddit
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  7. Noktaj

    There's maybe a post somewhere on Twitter... or Facebook... maybe Reddit?


    (let's hope they fix the gorram Adrenaline Shield)
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  8. Alizona

    Definitely odd. RadarX or dcarey always posts a list of the update notes beforehand. Despite what someone else said, I cannot recall an update where they didn't post patch notes or announce it. I'd say this one wasn't scheduled, what else are we to conclude?
  9. T0x1s

    Soe y u do dis?
  10. ZomboWTF

    since there are no patch notes, it is something people won't like, maybe they reduced the PPAs clip size to 2 bullets, or reduced the range of the phoenix to ten meters, or they made the prowler now have the lowest DPS from all MBTs

    you never know how forumwhinerssiders influence the devs
  11. Noktaj

    That they forgot?
    They are the ones that forgot to pay for they domain :D
  12. Hicksimus

    Let's be positive about this. Maybe this will be the end of beta.....maybe today will be the full release of PS2!
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  13. ZomboWTF

    okay, you are right, let's stay positive about this

    meanwhile while the servers are patching, i will fly to narnia and make a movie "the lion king" with the real deal, while me and the lion are sniffing cocain lines from a dead pixie
  14. Kulantan

    Its almost certainly not a PS2 patch folks. There have been login issues across multiple SOE games and this is most likely a patch for the whole network to fix those problems (or at least attempt to).
  15. tigerchips

    It's a fix for broken hit boxes and stuttering. It was on Reddit last night. They tested the patch last night on test server which is why there are no patch notes.
  16. Takara

    Tuesday are their usual new patch day....always has been.
  17. DFDelta

    In that case the other games would be down, too.
    Landmark is still running. :p
  18. Alizona

    Had the same thought as I was browsing Reddit and came across this one on the front page... possibly related, or possibly it isn't related at all...****_itself/
  19. ahandyman

    Twitter said it was only to fix the mouse acceleration bug. Nothing big, so no patch notes.
  20. Xlicit


    thought it was to do with this.