Game does not load

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Drahzar, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Drahzar

    The initial loading screen (the one prior to the character selection) is stuck at 15% (at least for me).

    (After the update today)
  2. Zamos

    Mine is stuck at 98% :(

    Miller EU
  3. Slapyurmomma

    I don't have this issue because my server is still "LOCKED" at the top of the main forums page so i have not tried it yet. what server are you trying to log into?
  4. Cryless

    I can log in with my nc character, but I can't log in with my tr character!
    they are on the same account and the same server (woodman)
  5. VarkaanPT

    My game also stops at 98%. These patches are awesome
  6. Faction 4

  7. Twoja_St4ra

    Same here, 98% at initial loading screen, before char selection. reboot, validatetd game assets, no go ;/

    EDIT: Miller
  8. Peebo

    Lots of people in and playing on Miller, I just logged out, Alert on Amerish currently btw.
  9. Pazzonni

    Same here - Stuck at 98%
    Ceres EU
  10. UlteriorMotiveMan

    Stuck at 15 to 98% depending, but never quite loads... Helios here...
  11. Venomoroth

    98% stuck. same update issue as usual. would be nice if soe could solve this problem.
  12. Traz1k

    Similar issue, after the game loads to character select and I click play it holds at the character select screen adn says "Logging in..."
  13. MichaelS

    hey, just another can't play on a patch day in europe :D
  14. tj2spike

    Same 98%, a little response from the Dev/CSR 's would be nice to say "yes we understand the error and are currently working on it"

    But that would assume they read these posts
  15. werzinator

    Working just fine on Waterson
  16. James Appleby

    it just says logging in and If try to make new guy but if I logout as its making it if I try again the name is taken
  17. Mercyceleste

    98% stuck. Miller. :confused:
  18. Lazaruz

    SOE, where's my missing 2% ?
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  19. gualty

    Same here.
  20. youneedahug

    I just had to wait about 5 minutes before it would finally load for me.