Game Constantly Crashing, either freeze or crash to desktop worse with every new patch

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by MisterBond, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. MisterBond

    Is it just me, or is this game getting worse and worse for crashes with every patch?

    Now I get crashes trying to launch the game, at the login screen, loading the map screen, redeploying, or just if I play for over a hours time, get nothing but freezes and crashes

    My last PC was a 2600K and a 7970, I since then got a 4770K and a new mobo, and I'm still having the exact same problem

    Its ONLY this game, I played Far Cry 3 for TWELVE hours today with zero issues, yet I can't play this game for at least two hours without it crashing

    Is there any word SOE what is going on? When this game launched I could play 5-8 hours at a time with no issues, but for about the last 4-5 months, every new patch makes the game more and more unstable
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  2. DeadAlive99

    No, there's a lot of us with these problems. It has definitely gotten worse. It must be a small percentage of players because they aren't doing or saying squat about it. Honestly, I think some of us are just out of luck, but I keep hoping.
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  3. MisterBond

    If I play on lowest settings, I can play for hours, but I play on ultra, I can maybe get an hour and a half before the crash happens

    More upsetting is I thought my new PC would fix this =\
  4. FleurDisLee

    yeah it keeps getting worse and SOE wont respond to us
  5. nitram1000

    Bump. Still crashing to desktop, still freezing. This game ******* sucks ***.
  6. user101

    Ultra is for the 64 bit PS2 comming out later this year... it is for the 4K monitors and if you use it now - it causes memory leaks.
    This has already been posted by the Dev's.
  7. tonberry king

    I haven't played this game for a bit, been too busy but just reinstalled after a clean format. After many hours of having to tweak to get it back up and running (which I took into account was going to happen, ahh good ol' firewall antics) I managed to get back in to play. I've experienced in the past the usual occasional crash which I can live with but now and I'm guessing it's happened after this latest patch from what I'm reading, I can play for maybe up to 10 mins at a time if I'm lucky but yeh, crash to desktop, no error code or anything. I can log back in again but it just keeps happening. I've done all the usual stuff, (validating files etc) but this is worse than I've ever experienced it. I'm usually very good at solving these things myself after a while but racking my brain as to what it could be and I've come up stumps on this one.
    I've been here since beta and have gone through all the pains everyone else has but did manage to get a pretty stable gameplay for a long time. My system hasn't changed and I've done plenty of tests on it to ensure it's stability so let's not go there. There's got to be some idea surely as to what's happening here? Devs? Hello? Are you guys there???