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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Valena, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Valena

    I'm getting kind of tired of using instant action or pulling my Scythe only to have the game close by itself while I'm flying out of the WG or while I'm in a drop pod. I get no error code, no warning that "Planetside 2 has stopped working", so I don't know what the cause is or how to prevent this.

    It wouldn't be so bad if my IA and ESF cool downs were reset once I get back in the game, but after a shut down like that I just feel stranded at the WG. Has anyone else been having this issue, and does anyone know of a workaround or fix?

    Also, this is an unrelated question but was exp from Infiltrators sensor darts all in my head? I don't get any exp for using them, even when I can see the enemies it's lighting up on my mini map. I asked about it in game and people seemed to be 100% convinced that exp from sensor darts was never a feature. So I'm perplexed about that as well. It used to be Motion Detection exp, right? :confused:
  2. Alcatraz-NC

    I have the same problem i'm playing 1 min and after the game close without reason : "PlanetSide 2 has stopped working"
  3. Valena

    I only get that error message half the time. The other half there's nothing.
  4. Kozmyk

    They didn't want to worry you ...
  5. Valena

    Ugh, it only ever seems to happen right as I reach the end of a queue, right after I pull a vehicle or right after I instant action =/
  6. Cadpig

    I've been getting this a lot as well. Even worse, when I try to verify the files to see if maybe that's the problem, it tells me I'm suddenly missing 210 separate files, about 6.3 gigs worth of the game! This happens every time it patches and tries to install itself again through the patcher rather than through STEAM. I have a feeling this might be related to the issue.
  7. Llethander

    I have a similar problem where I will be able to play for about 10 minutes or so and then, all of a sudden and for no reason, my FPS drops to a crawl and, after about 5 seconds of this, the game closes to desktop with no error message. Heck, it doesn't even create an error log in Event Viewer, the game just simply closes to desktop.

    If I load up the game after this happens it will typically run fine until I decide to close it but the initial crash is really frustrating since, in most cases, I've recently pulled my Mossy and just engaged in a dogfight before BAM! close to desktop.
  8. Valena

    I used to get that same problem for a short time after GU7 or 8, but I haven't got it lately. Now it just closes smoothly and with no warning, like someone hit ALT+F4 on the game.

    I guess I could try verifying my game files, but I just reinstalled the game the other day. Also I don't play it through steam, do you think it might work better if I tried that?
  9. Alcatraz-NC

    I have downloaded PS2 on steam an i always have this problem so i think the problem is on STEAM
  10. Valena

    That's unfortunate, but I don't play through steam and still get the same issue. So perhaps the cause is something else? We may never know.
  11. Valena

    This crashing is getting to be more than I can handle. I just crashed 3 times within the span of about two minutes. Once right after I used instant action but before my drop pod loaded, again 15 seconds after I pulled my ESF, and again just for the hell of it at the WG. No error code, no "Planetside.exe has stopped working." The game just closes down.
  12. NaniteSystems

    Welcome to the group, Valena. I'm not surprised if half the players on Planetside 2 are experiencing this right now, including myself. It is getting really annoying. up to 30 minutes in the game and then it just randomly closes. No explanation.
  13. Valena

    No known workarounds or fixes at all, huh? Well, I guess it's time to take another month off. Maybe by then they'll have a stable game.
  14. Sar Yehudah

    The game is constantly closing, not crashing, closing on me at random times. Although now it feels it's doing it even more frequently and often 1 minute into gameplay.
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  15. MacG32

    I've got the same problem. The game just closes/stops/ends to the desktop by itself randomly with no error message or anything.
  16. Sar Yehudah

    It would be wonderbar if SOE could get on this ASAP. I have missed alerts multiple times =[.
  17. Valena

    It only ever seems to happen 15 seconds before an alert ends, or right after I blow a cool down of some kind :(
  18. drunkendunc

    Just wanted to chime in saying I'm having the same issue here too - game just closes without warning or error. Usually after I click instant action, but I've seen it happen at other times.

    4770k (stock), Titan SLI (stock), Windows 8, 4 monitors (just gaming on 1 monitor at 1080p, but I'm running a surround desktop resolution across 3 of them if that's relevant)
  19. Jeniva

    This might sound strange, but i used to have this problem too and i fixed it by turning my graphics UP. No idea why, but if planetside 2 runs on medium or less quality for me it does this.
    Regardless of whether this fixes it for you, it sounds like some kind of graphical thing, so perhaps fiddling with the settings could help you. Good luck anyway
  20. Hypersot

    same thing happens here

    before anyone points at our rigs, I must note that I have a pc made just for PS2. There's nothing else on the system except PS2 and firefox (and ofc the graphics card's control panel)

    To sum the problem up: Game suddenly closes down at random times with an error appearing only half of the time. Validation has done nothing to fix the problem

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