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  1. Denzeli

    Had about 6 months off from PS2. New construction comes along. I'm exited. Well it is a bit of a let down tbh.

    Anyways, building a base. Spent 30 minutes setting everything up.

    Some guy spawn in there and pulls a sundie.

    Starts firing at the 6 Galaxy squad flying in the distance. All have shields on (or what ever they are called), and are being repaired constantly by 2 galaxies.

    Ofc they fly directly to my base.

    They take out my base in less than a minute, and even thou there are allies further firing at them, the galaxies are totally fine.

    Now I've seen these invinsible galaxy squads every day.

    Maybe something needs to be done to them? Strip them of weapons so they are just for transport as they should be?

    Seriously not fun gameplay on the recieving end.

  2. T.A.94

    What you encountered where DRGs (Double Repair Galaxies) with Jammer Galaxie support.

    Basically you can't lock any of the Galaxies with either Havoc or A2A ESF missiles or any other lock on launcher.
    The main reason why the Jammers are needed, are to counter Havoc missiles, which themselfs are a "cheap" (4500 A7) counter against DRGs.
    To be effective you need at least a whole squad to pull it off, 3 players in every galaxy.

    It is great fun if the pilots are used to fly in formation and looks pretty impressive. Obviously it should be powerfull, if the one of the gunners calls targets to focuse. Then being hammered by four drakes and walkers.
  3. Walking Shark

    12 players with 4 expensive vehicles vs two players with a base and a sundy? Pretty much should go down that way. One thing you could do is put a rebirth center directly next to the silo and an aa turret next to those and use fortress shields.
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  4. nagibator

    thats not problem of galaxies. 6 vanguards will burn your silo much faster
  5. Mechwolf

    IDK about what the devs of today are about, but I know about 2 years ago, this guy would get his wish and galaxies would be nerfed into the ground for using team tactics. That's the reason the Lancer, AMRs, and rumble repairs were nerfed into the ground.
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  6. Botji

    Mixing in the rumble repairs there is not fair for the Lancer, rumble repair was actually a warranted nerf. Heck the Harasser still needs a nerf to their tank shell damage resistance, no reason why they should take 30% less damage than a frickin MBT.

    On topic though, as always the problem is not how powerful the aircraft/s are but how utterly wet noodle everything on the ground is in comparison.

    A half decent number of aircraft would have a good chance of killing the Galaxy group because they have both the firepower and ability to chase them but everything on the ground that can aim up lacks the damage to do much of anything before the Galaxies either kills them or simply floats away if the damage ends up being too much.
  7. OgreMarkX

    Any group coordinating with galaxies like that should have an advantage, but what your talking about is really the fragility of player made bases vs the time, effort, and frustration invested to build it. Not to mention maintain it. Risk vs Reward.

    The last "guy" at RPG didn't get that. His focus was KDR, destruction, with a hatred of self-defensives (hated AI modules, pain spires).

    Example: He actually tweeted something like "Do you guys think base builders should get "free" kills from pain spires?"

    I mean, wtf, that guy...a few points he didn't "get":

    1. A pain spire was NOT free
    2. You had to unlock it.
    3. You had get an ANT (unlocked, upgraded, then nanites to pull).
    4. You had to choose to havest cortium vs go have fun fighting.
    5. You had to build a silo.
    6. You had to fill the silo (fetch, fill, rinse repeat, hope you dont get killed (or tip over))
    7. You had to place much, if not ALL, of the base, including the pain spire...all of that often under fire.
    8. MAYBE, if your base survives any time AND a fight happens there, you MIGHT get 1 or 2 Pain Spires kills.
    9. Edit: An enemy had to actually walk into the OBVIOUS marked area of pain and stand there long enough to die. Good Lord.

    I mean, that that guy didn't "get" that -- was inexcusable.

    The same guy who was like "Sure, shotgun flashes, with quick cloak that can kill anyone (including a MAX) by running over them stealthed....oh ya perfectly fine."

    Apparently he got killed by an enemy pain spire while being an infiltrator so was like, REMOVE PAIN SPIRES FROM GAME.

    Stellar design.
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