Galaxy Rammers

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  1. Zenanii

    Oh, I see what is happening here. It's a thread disguised as "Gal ramming is too powerful" when the REAL gist of the thread is "I have no clue how to effectively counter air, please buff ramming!"
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  2. Loui5D

    Learn 2 skywhale.
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  3. Obstruction

    it's still possible to reclaim what's left of your dignity if you just go back to begging for more lib nerfs.
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  4. DK22

    I think its called tactics. sucks when your on the wrong side.
  5. Zombekas

    This is awesome though
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  6. Thagyr

    Oh no, a Gal rammer is coming!
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  7. LordTankT9

    I'm a Galaxy pilot, we do ram ESF and when we are successful - we crave on your burning remains, after that we go after your ESF babies. Basically we are dragons of the sky L2P if you have problem with that ESF peasant.

    P.S. My record is 5 scythes in a row with a triple flipety loops, Vanu where very angry...
    P.S.S. Ah.. Yeah.. They where hovering all in a row... :D
  8. Pirbi

    Every good pilot knows you are supposed to see and avoid other aircraft. That's why I'll never consider myself a good pilot.
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  9. Pootisman

    The only problem with gal ramming is that you sometimes get hit although you have cleary dodged it, i.e. the gal missed you by ~5m on your screen, but you still die.

    (The same happens with tanks sometimes, you get run over although the tanks didnt even touch you.)
  10. Pirbi

    That's Clientside 2. I've dodged aircraft only to get blown up. I've driven around sunderers and even up the hill on a flash only to get blown up by them. You can't play topgun and see how close you can get while flipping the bird.
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  11. Zakuak

    My Gal takes damage when I ram.

    This OP is so bad in so many let me get this straight.
    You poked at something ( much bigger then you ) trying to hurt it and it bit back and now your sad and lost as to why such cruel and unjust actions have been leveled against you?
  12. Cyridius

    Old, but gold
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  13. Pikachu

    The galaxy is meant for ramming!
  14. JibbaJabba

    Dear lawd I hate this phrase and cannot believe I am being forced to use it...

    *** L 2 P ***

    Yes, learn to play. My feeble ESF skills render it a flying coffin for me most of the time but even someone as weaksauce as me can avoid getting rammed by a sky whale. Also just FYI - Galaxies do take damage and can be made to crash when hit just right.
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  15. DQCraze

    People have complained about the color of tracers. If someone dies, trust me, they will complain about it.
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  16. Alizona

    I have this vision of a mouse that can't get out of the way of a charging elephant, and then the mouse complains about it. :)
  17. AshHill07

    SOE needs to install TCAS on these planes, then there will be no excuses for not seeing other aircraft.
    Well, other than being flooded with commands.
  18. Edenwolf

    If I have 15% health left in my gal you'd better believe my last ditch effort will be to try and take your ESF with me.
  19. Selenadread

    I tried reading this post to the end, I really did. I gave up after page 3.

    I pilot an ESF the majority of the time I'm on planetside, and yes I got killed by skywhales a few times. I do not complain about it since (A) I was not paying attention or (B) there were too many explosions and I could not hear the skywhale, which for B I would still need to be traveling in a low speed or stationary.
    In either case I am still at fault for the death and I give Kudos for the Skywhale pilots that take advantage of my inept moments. As it was falsely stated before numerous times by the OP that the Galaxy receives no damage from an ESF is just foolish. The damage may be minimal but it is still present.

    Rather then nerfing the Skywhale I rather it be the opposite. Again I am an ESF pilot and never flown a Galaxy before, but I do believe that a Galaxy should only take damage from 4 things in the collision; that being a sundy, lib, another galaxy and of course environment.
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  20. Scr1nRusher

    Guys..... look what forumside is going to ruin next.