Galaxy Rammers

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  1. MrMackey

    is that why the hailstorm does its best damage inside 100m? its a close range gun. so im dumb for getting close to do max dmg on a gal that has a **** amount of HP?

    still the same question unanswered. why was the ESF ram dmg removed in the first place. if its so easy to dodge a gal. if a gal has so much HP that no one cares. why do so many hate the idea of ESFs getting ram dmg back. answer those questions with acceptable answers and ill stop asking. untill then. i see this as a problem.
  2. Elrobochanco

    You keep saying this. But it's not true. 100% not true. Gals do take damage when ramming, and can even take heavy damage from debris if the server wills it.

    But of course as others have pointed out it's very difficult for a Gal to surprise ram an ESF, and very easy for an ESF to avoid a Gal. You're trying to make it sound like a tactic that rewards skill and punishes lack of awareness should be removed based on... realistic flight physics?

    Why stop there, why not make it so when someone fires small arms at an ESF it has a chance of puncturing fuel lines, with a chance to cut all thrust/kill engines or explode. Or the ability to headshot a pilot through the canopy. Or damage the external weapon systems or thrusters causing loss of function/erratic control.

    Realism isn't fun.
  3. MrMackey

    it could have been the lancer. it could have been the wreckage of the ESF that did that SLIVER of dmg to you. and he should have done much more dmg to you. thats my point.

    either way. you didnt lose a Gal to a ramming ESF you lost your Gal flipping it on top of a lib.
  4. MrMackey

    first. i know gals take dmg. but from what.. what do they take dmg from.. the ram or the wreckage.. ESF ram dmg right now is so inconsistent i would have to believe its from the wreckage. not the ram itself. so id say no. gals dont take dmg from ramming.

    no.. this makes it sound like i want ramming removed all together. thats not true either. i just want ESF ram damage restored to be a deterrence. as it should be.

    honestly. i would like that very much. what better way to knock out a lib in a low pop area than to just snipe the pilot. then C4 the plane.. but i think its more of the problems with hitboxs and additional strain on the servers that stops that.

    and i get it. a single bullet bringing down big vehicles = crying. but how about the other side of that... super HP vehicles that take too much to kill... kinda sounds like the galaxy to me.. the lib aswell. in low pop areas libs can be almost impossible to kill from the ground. and what if im not good enough to kill a good lib team. why shouldnt i be able to shoot him a bit then ram kill? libs do that go galaxys.. why shouldnt ESFs be able to do that to libs.. or at least ram a galaxy for a good chunk of dmg. more than just 5% hp which it just hits fire supression and its like it never happened.
  5. NinjaTurtle

    I'll remember that and I squash your tank with my whale just to say hi *boop*
  6. EGuardian1


    1.) ESF Ramming DOES do damage to Galaxies, just not much. In fact, it's more dangerous for the Gal to CRASH afterwards from the impact than the impact itself. That Scythe that hit me did almost as much damage as a charged up Lancer.

    2.) ESF mass = maybe an eight of a Galaxy? Maybe even a tenth? 100 Pounds vs 1000 pounds. Do the math and you'll see why your ESF splatters on a Gal.

    3.) ESF ramming = Not effective strategy. A STOCK ESF with a standard nose gun can hover at range and pelt a Galaxy with impunity, do some evasives and you can even avoid incoming fire from gunners.

    Here, since you want to see effective ESF ramming, I'll put more entertainment on this thread.

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  7. Taemien

    I'm sure at one time a collision with ESFs was a one hit kill to both Gals and Libs. Problem was that ESFs come out faster than Libs and Gals and cost less resources. All it took was a noob with a mouse to pull a ESF and stop 12 people in their tracks by running into them. Due to the slow speed and less handling, the ESF guided missile was 100% hit rate.

    So we got what we have now: Galaxy > Liberator > ESF

    As it should be.
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  8. Pikachu

    Mosquito :D
  9. MrMackey

    thats not a good enouph reason to take the ESF ram dmg away. you just make them pull a lib.. what have you solved.. nothing. you've just taken a tactic away from the ESFs is all that accomplished. so.. give ESF ram dmg back. as libs and gals now charge at ESFs knowing they cant be killed by them

    trade one problem for another.. so if you dont want to be rammed by an ESF you can kill it.. they dont have much HP. "get some skill dont nerf cause you suck"

    if ESF ram dmg is gone so should all other ram dmg. only fair way. ppl use libs and gals to ram kill things so they need nerfed. is that the mentality here. noobs can use it to ram kill so it needs nerfed.

    honestly. if the game gave noobs something for AA (more than just one crappy burster) mebe you wouldnt see a problem with noobs ramming libs.. or make some way to drop a lib or gal FAST and you wont see so much ramming. gals and libs should not have over buffed HP just because they get shot down fast in big fights. they need less so they arent so OP in low pop battles.
  10. Taemien

    ESF ram damage isn't gone, no where did I say it was. It just no longer does more than its HP in damage to anything bigger than it. Galaxies do take damage from ESFs. That's what many people here have already said. Ram a smoking Gal and it does die.

    Sorry but because of that, your argument holds little weight. And there's no way anyone can justify a full health 7000hp vehicle being one shotted by a 4000hp vehicle. Everyone just needs to stop being worse than noobs and stay out of the way. Yes.. Worse Than Noobs. Noobs at least know something that is bigger needs to be avoided. They aren't that naive. Not sure why veterans are.
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  11. Elrobochanco

    It's not gone.
  12. Alarox

    I love when Galaxies try. Many have, many have failed.

    I pop the shield and you either bounce off and take damage or instantly combust. You're better off trolling the hell out off me by hovering above and spamming bulldog/drake rounds into my butt.
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  13. Hegeteus

    Skywhaling is already very risky and more likely gets you shot than any successful rams done. It's fun though, you should try it yourself.
  14. MrMackey

    to kill a galaxy
    6 clips of saron laser.

    7 clips hailstorm
    7 clips coyote missles
    at point blank range no missing

    so instead of waiting the 3 mins of shooting you. and possibly run out of ammo anyway. why not ram.. this is the reason ramming happens. so you nerf the ESF because ppl found out its faster to kill a gal by ramming than shooting..

    so lets say i run my guns dry shooting at a galaxy.. what do i do.. fly back for more ammo.. or ram and kill it..
    nerfing ESFs only made the problem worse.
  15. Kid Gloves

    Imagine for a moment that you get your wish. Lets look at the situation:

    For a Galaxy to ram an ESF, it requires the ESF to be outplayed. The Galaxy is big and slow. The ESF is small and fast.


    For an ESF to ram a Galaxy, all it requires is the ability for the ESF pilot to aim. Badly. It's easier than actually hitting with the nose gun.

    This means two total nubs with stock ESFs who don't even care about their ESF timer can now spawn a couple of essentially missiles and take out a Galaxy. For next to no effort and at no cost to themselves they care about.

    This is why Galaxy wins vs. ESF in a collision.

    If you want to win ramming contests with Galaxies, do what Flash drivers do. Tape c4 to the nose of your ESF and then ram 'em.
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  16. MrMackey

    or the same noobs spawn a lib or gal and does the same thing. just because its easier to do in the ESF because of agility means its the only one nerfed? if you want the ramming fixed. fix the ramming. its simple. whoever does the ramming dies. the other doesnt regardless of size.. thats how you fix ramming.. saying noobs can ram you with ESFs so nerf them. just makes those noobs spawn something else.. so how can that be the reason for the ESF ram nerf? and if that IS the reason for the nerf it needs reversed.

    mabe drop the HP of gal and noobs wont have to ram you.. they will just kill you with rockets.. fix the problem.. not the solution.
    solution being noobs in ESFs. problem being the HP of a gal..

    and again. i dont want to win a ramming contest with a gal. i want the gal/lib to cringe at the dmg taken when ramming an ESF.
  17. Akaan

    I would say the damage Gals take from ramming anything should actually be reduced. It's a perfectly valid tactic and needs to be encouraged. No more freak excessive damage from ramming ESFs, no more illogical debris!

    Any ground or air vehicle being squatted really should have seen that lumbering giant come for it.

    So, give Gals larger ram damage immunity. Also, some viable wing guns for it. 2-shots ESFs, no splash, high velocity. Badly needed now due to the bulldog nerf.
  18. DrPapaPenguin

    Galas are much heavier and much better armored. ESFs are made from balsa wood and recycled coca cola bottles. If you expect something else of ramming them together you have the wrong game. This isn't a flight simulator.

    Oh and a little food for thought: there were instances of WW2 fighters ramming their opponents and continuing with very minor damage for the survivor. And those are machines of roughly same weight category.
  19. Wingman

    This is so stupid it makes me laugh.


    Thats it. No 'examples' can clear anything up, on either side of this discussion. It comes down to LOGIC.

    DO. NOT. GET. CLOSE. TO. A. GALAXY. As an ESF; Shoot the ******. Also going 1v1 on a gal, hell ANYTHING is dumb. This game has 500ish players per side for a reason. Teamwork. Use it.
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  20. Govedo13

    It is refreshing to have ignore option when even with video proof one continues to spread lies and argue.
    Gals are just fine Esf eat them alive - go above one salvo lolpod take half HP shot the nose till it recharges and finish with second salvo.
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