[Suggestion] Galaxy Passanger Eject Button.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JojoTheSlayer, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. JojoTheSlayer

    Allot of the time, when flying a Galaxy. You get people that you want to bail over the target and do as they Platoon leader ordered, but they dont because... They are new, dont know how to. They are in the minigun and dont want to leave despite it being bad for the platoon, are afk or whatever or drop to early or too late etc... and it is an issue in my view.

    My suggestion would be to give the Galaxy pilots a default 3 settings pilot option that is controlled with the right and left mouse buttons while in the cockpit. Since they are not used while piloting a Galaxy anyway. Left button being the "trigger" and right mouse button being the "selector".

    The options would be:
    * Safe (Accidental left mouse button wont kick everyone out)
    * Eject Passengers (Keeps the gunners in the Galaxy)
    * Eject Everyone (Only the pilot is left in the Galaxy)

    In my view it would make the role of Galaxy pilot much more rewarding because even with randoms. You would have somewhat control over where the landed in regards to where you want them to land and so on...

    (Btw if anyone think this is going to be abused. Lets keep in mind that there is nothing preventing the pilot from just crashing into the ground... so I would argue that is a moot point.)

  2. Towie

    Even better idea - is to prevent the frustrating instant death when landing (occasionally - sometimes often). I even ejected once to 'land' on the wing of the Galaxy - so thought i'd run off the wing and I would be fine on landing. I was wrong.

    But anyway - not against the idea, besides it would be fun for those returning to play after a cigarette break finding themselves in the thick of it rather than their cosy Gal ;)
  3. Taemien

    An actual button would be nice.

    But you can already do this by locking the vehicle out.. least I think you can still do this. I haven't seen a forced drop in a while so I'm not 100% sure.
  4. Call-Me-Kenneth

    yeah, could be nice. currently you can lock the vehicle, but that kicks the gunners out. haven't done any whale flying in a while now, but back in the day doing it could result in disconnects or teleports for occupants, so i only did it when i had to **** fast and reinforcing a point was priority.

    would be nice if there was better ***** up indicator also. maybe some god rays, or a way to "park" the whale at a distance and with a similar mechanic as the current redeploy button has, have people be able to "beam" into a whale hovering at a reasonable distance. (50m or so)

    there's a lot of people with fully certed whales who just like flying around ferrying people between bases or offering support to small groups of armor.

    this could also help with infantry response times and alleviate peoples reliance on redeploy as a means of transportation.
  5. JojoTheSlayer

    I know about the lock feature, but I would hardly call that multi task with button and mouse movement convenient when you are flying over a target at full speed in order to try to keep the Gal alive or giving room for the second one behind you...