[Suggestion] Galaxy belly gun / bomber bay?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MaCritz, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. MaCritz

    I thought it would be nice if the Galaxy would have one belly gunner (walker) for countering aircrafts. And how about giving Galaxy a whole new role as a dedicated bomber? The trade off would be the ability to carry troops.

    They could drop bombs such as MOAB, cluster bombs, and napalm bombs and more.
  2. Tcsisek

    that's the libs role, but if you want a carpet bombing tank zerg destroyer, fill a galaxy with C4 LAs, I guarantee you as long as there is enough tanks close by at least 5 will go down
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  3. McgeeLacroix

    Haven't they thought of adding a chin gun for seat 6 to the galaxy?
  4. Obstruction

    sorry, they are too busy right now planning how to make the Valkyrie extremely OP and then nerf it into the ground a few months later. ruining the Galaxy is going to have to wait until after that.
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  5. nightbird

    No no no, what will happen first is a galaxy update that makes it awesome so people will pour certs and money into it, THEN nerf it into the ground.
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  6. Obstruction

    no you're right, but that has to wait probably until christmas time. they just don't have time to ruin the Galaxy yet because of the planned content updates and overhauls.
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  7. WarriorMe

    It is not. The Liberator is a gunship, not a bomber. I does not have any bombs at all. Pls give us a galaxy bomber, i want to blow stuff up.
  8. Alarox

    You already can blow stuff up. Do you have a Shredder/Dalton/TB like the Liberator? No, but you're 3x as tanky as a Liberator and still have solid AV options with the Drake and Bulldog.
  9. Lightwolf

    I know you didn't just include drakes, the air basilisk, with lower damage output close up than the basilisk, as a competitive AT weapon. It's not, it's all we have though. Even under ideal conditions, its ttk against armor is lower than the bulldog.
    they did, and there was a cosmetic mount by the forward landing gear on test for awhile.
    Coming.... Soon™
  10. Alarox

    The Drakes and Bulldog combination can kill vehicles. The guy wants to be able to kill vehicles. The Galaxy doesn't need to be able to drop bombs.
  11. Lightwolf

    Nope, but I'd love to have more toys for my whale. ;)
    Three weapons total doesn't have much variety to it. And most times, I'd honestly be better off dropping a living bomb than hovering for the fifteen or so seconds to kill a tank.

    Mainly, I'm a greedy son of a nanite.
  12. ZeroErrorz

    THIS, THIS is the very reason i DONT wanna buy vehicle weapon with SC ANYMORE
  13. M2_Bradley

    buy C85 cannister.Best weapon in game from start.Made by Vladof.(read with russian accent)