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  1. Bobaflay

    I was able to spwan in a squad galaxy and people were too. When was that feature implemented? (I was on vacation) How do you deploy the AMS for supplies and stuff?
  2. Pikachu

    Squad members can spawn in galaxies and sunderers if the squad leader is driving it.
  3. mooman1080

    There is no galaxy AMS, instead you may now freely spawn in a galaxy or sunderer that contains a squadmate.
  4. Bobaflay

    sunderers? While driving? No deploy?
  5. Pikachu

  6. Bobaflay

    when did this happen? also can you deploy galazys so you can switch classes?
  7. Pikachu

    It happened slomwhere in january. Galaxies do not have terminals.

    correct me if im wrong, but its not just if the SL is in it, its if ANY squad member currently occupies a seat in said vehicle. I know at one point, I had the option of spawning into 3 separate galaxies, and im fairly certain i dont have 3 SL.
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  9. Bobaflay

    oh ok
  10. WyrdHarper

    You are correct; it can be any member of your squad. The galaxy must also be moving, but moving below 114 kph.
  11. Bobaflay

    patch notes. CAN IT BE FASTER( SRRY FOR CAPS)
  12. WyrdHarper

    If you go faster the squad spawn will show up as an option, but you'll spawn at the facility closest to wherever the pilot was when you clicked spawn (like squad deploy). It's a combination of the regular deploy option-changing bug along with this weird speed requirement (which is not in the patch notes). There is also a speed limit for the sunderer, but I can't remember it off of the top of my head.
  13. MichaelS

    Don't forget, the vehicle must belong to a squadmember, not only occupied.
  14. Bobaflay

  15. Bobaflay

    how is there a speed limit. BUG? It should be in the patch notes.
  16. Prudentia

    but i can fly 180+ and still have squadmates spawn in my Gal :s
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  17. WyrdHarper

    That was from the initial patch--it may have changed since then (which wouldn't surprise me); however, since they don't give us this data, it is hard to tell when it changes! Thanks for the update, I'll have to test it out and see if we can find the new limit, that's handy information.
  18. Prudentia

    you could be right, initially spawning often failed, but after the last Patch spawning always succeded, no matter if i dodged a Tankbuster burst, luke skywalker'ed trough the canyons of Indar (i know the Scythe is a better podracer) or chase a Lib with near ESF speed after a speed up from flight ceiling. (Wow i didn't realise how awesome that stuff i do on a regular basis could sound)
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  19. Thovargh

    There was a time when Galaxys had fully deployable AMSs including terminals and large glowing shields on their wings. Those things were extremely gamebreaking
  20. Epoch/Eep

    Whole squad spawned in my gal last night on multiple occasions when i'm doing 150-160k
    We did have issues on the original patch day though. I thought it was UI related not speed. Still it seems fixed.