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  1. Lightwolf

    They're not only transports. My tens of thousands of certs whale is not a taxi. The closest allegory would be a hind helicopter.

    No, it's not meant to be a toothless transport. That's why it can mount weapons.
    It's meant to be good at infantry suppression. That's why the devs gave it bulldogs. That's also why it doesn't mount halberds.

    Just because you think galaxies should only be transports doesn't mean the devs agree with you.
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  2. Tommyp2006

    Just because you want it to be an infantry suppression platform doesn't mean the devs agree with you.
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  3. Leftconsin

    Forumside will not stop until they agree!
    Death to all non-infantry weapons!
    Soon, only sword combat will be allowed!
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  4. Lightwolf

    Seems they do. It's not like I put in bulldogs.
    The gal hasn't significantly changed since launch. Why do you now have a problem with it?
  5. Tommyp2006

    You're implying that I'm complaining about it, I'm not.
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  6. Aelyn

    Slippery slope...

    "You know, I think the weapon X is overperfo-
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  7. Nexus545

    I love my whale (and I don't mean the gf). It's great for over head infantry support as well as a long range turret you can place anywhere. My favorite places are on mountains shooting down into the enemy base :p

    When they let squad mates spawn in your Galaxy there became no reason for a Sunderer (if you play tight knit with your squads, Sunderers are still needed for the smurfs).
  8. Lightwolf

  9. Kunavi

    The closest allegory would be a Hind. So these can take more than 1 AP shell and shrug it off, I assume?

    That's why it can mount weapons. There are more reasons to mount weapons on stuff during WAR than to farm peasants. But this is not a WAR GAME it's a farm Sim so who am I kidding here?

    It's meant to be good at suppression. If by suppression you mean complete and utter annihilation of every single being with less than 8 legs on sight, then it's a suppression weapon for sure. It suppresses good. Into the Spawn Room, step out and you DIE HORRIBLY.

    Just because you enjoy your FarmSim so much doesn't mean the BullDogs shouldn't be toned down.
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  10. Tommyp2006

    I thought we were talking about galaxies?
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  11. Prudentia

    because they nerfed

    now there are no hard counters left because Kevmo has a serious problem with looking at tthe whole picture
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  12. Crayv

    I knew Gals were stupidly tough since early on in this game when I hopped into a random Gal that decided to land in front of an MBT and trade blows with it (2 of the guns were able to fire on it), the Gal won. Aircraft should never be that durable without a extremely serious downside like "has no weaponry" or "has a top speed of 20 KPH".

    The Bulldog wasn't always as good as it is now (used to be kinda crappy) back when it got buffed it was kinda out shadowed by other things like the Dalton.
  13. Prudentia

    unrealistic, the gal loses to a single sundy, so the tankdriver must have really sucked or there were multiple engies from the gal crew repairing
  14. KnightCole

    And when it comes to that, the QQ will not stop until we are merely punching each other for 1pt of damage....
  15. Lightwolf

    So the galaxy gunship as it is referred to in game is meant to be toothless against infantry? You can't use the realism argument in this game either. Your soldier runs 4:30 miles infinitely and has no trouble shrugging off 60mm mortars landing next to his feet.

    Suppression is only effective if it offers a meaningful threat. Too busy to pull one of the myriad counters?

    It's been the same vehicle since game launch, and never called OP once until now. Know why it's being used now? People like you literally nerfed every other air based AI weapon into uselessness.
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  16. Lightwolf

    When was flak nerfed? Or AA esfs? Dumbfires still hurt vehicles the same way.

    But basically. Suddenly top of the AG heap since everything else was burned with such hard nerfs.
  17. Champagon

    Here are my thoughts on the GAL

    • It should transport troops, and vehicles
    • It should be able to defend itself
    • It should have a great amount armor
    • It should be able to defend itself
    • It should be what it was in PS1

    Being a farm machine was not one of those things. However things like GAL squads and ramming SHOULD stay in this game because it can get pretty epic. I suggest the following two things to get the GAL back on track

    Enable the transportation of Vehicles (Lightning/Flash)
    Remove Bulldog and other explosive weaponry

    Now in order to balance this i suggest creating another vehicle/cert line for the GAL ala PS1 this version of the GAL cannot transport troops or vehicles however it had the following

    • Explosive weaponry
    • Ground support capabilities
    • Mid-air range support vehicle
    • A lot Less armor
    • Holds 3 gunners
    • 1 large port side cannon
    • Can use bulldogs

    This version of the GAL would give those who prefer to fly it something to do while ensuring that the vehicle is not some kind of unstoppable force
  18. Kevin49704

    Swords are fine as long as I get a giant one in place of my tank cannon. Infantry think its bad now wait till we have vehicles doing drive bys literally slicing them in half....glorious!
  19. doombro

    The gal gunship is too powerful. I say this as a gal pilot. It's very difficult to fight back against with what little tools you have available.
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  20. Lightwolf

    "little tools".
    It's not changed since launch save a few minor and indirect buffs, more than balanced by the indirect nerfs.
    I strongly disagree with your statement.
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