Galaxies are OP

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  1. Taemien

    I just had someone say they could solo Galaxies in their ESF.

    So who's right? You or him?
  2. Pelojian

    your statement would have merit if air support was available all the time. galaxies flying beyond response by ground fire when there are no friendly aircraft around is giving attackers a essentially mobile hard spawn advantage which as attackers they should not have.

    They should change the ejection seats in gals to only work for specific fall distance so they can't sit up there immune to ground fire and will actually have to fly around while dropping troops instead of idling.
  3. Yeahy

    It takes way to many shots to take down a gal as esf.
    If they in a organized squad/outfit, which many battle/camping gals are, they will spawn 2 or 3 guys in that gal in seconds. You won't stand a chance.
  4. Maphreal


    TL;DR: - No.
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  5. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Ram it harder :D
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  6. Axehilt

    I was ready to disagree until your request was related to ESF speed. Although I think the correct change is to reduce Liberator and Galaxy top speed so that ESFs' relative speed is better, since that's the main issue.

    Galaxies aren't actually OP of course (in fact apart from Galaxy AMS in beta, it's the first time in Planetside's history (including the full first game) that Galaxies aren't underpowered). If the skill of all players involved are even:
    • 2 ESFs beat a 2-man galaxy. It's not a hard counter, but ESFs have the advantage.
    • 3 ESFs definitely beat a 3-man galaxy.
    • 1 ESF at long range (400+m) will widdle down a galaxy just generally doing nonstop damage while not being at much risk yourself if you're varying up/down thrust. However this is also where the Galaxy's speed comes into play since if they just head straight for you there's not really a ton you can do except an all-out retreat, if their gunner is reasonable. Recently I started using Throttle (analog) to help me pop into hover mode for easier reverse-thrusting, but if the galaxy is heading straight for you then the extra space you create isn't going to buy much time at all.
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  7. Dracorean

    Anything can kill a galaxy, well anyone with an G2A weapon or AA weapon. Given their size, you can hit it with dumb fire weapons, I've killed one with a Falcon MAX once.
  8. NoctD

    Its not an issue of being able to hit them, but the amount of damage a single Galaxy can withstand. Its got ridiculous amounts of health. Either reduce its health pool, or take away some of its offensive/non-transport capabilities.
  9. FBVanu

    Gals are just a bit too fast.. their top speed should be reduced, maybe 10%, at most..

    that would reduce the skywhale ramming a bit, since it would give other players a slight chance to use speed advantage to get our of the way..

    it would also allow some ground forces to put more fire on the Gal.. (although some people can't hit a barn from the inside..)

    IMHO, the Gal is not overpowered.. it is just little bit too fast, but that's not game breaking.
  10. Bixli

    ...oh dear.
  11. Dracorean

    Well think about it, a galaxy is suppose to carry a mess of people in it, and its a mobile spawn. Imagine how frustrating it would be to fly something that can be seen from the horizon and 20+ people take note of it, ping it, and either swap to AA and make all attempts to kill it off. In my mind, if you can hit them easily from say, 300+ meters, you can kill them.

    Only time galaxies were truly a problem for me, just from experience here. Is when there are too many enemies and not enough friendlies. Other times there are a few good galaxy pilots that can keep their galaxy alive but they wont be seeing much combat if every fly by involves having to land and repair.
  12. iller


    what part of "combined arms" doesn't the Original Poster understand?
  13. Daikar

    I can take out most galaxies with just my ESF with nosegun/AB.
  14. BobSanders123

    Because the galaxy is over powered, you want to increase an ESFs speed? What about the liberator? What about lock on missiles? And flak? The ESFs don't need a buff.
  15. Elrobochanco

    This thread is ridiculous. The gal is not OP. It's just not intended to be easily destroyed by a single player. Whale ramming is downright intentional, since everything in the sky can outrun them there is only one situation where it can occur (pilot error). And you can easily whittle down a Gal from a distance as you present a tiny target compared to their giant self.

    Some serious whining occurs anytime there is something that requires teamwork or planning to overcome.
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  16. Zotamedu

    Rich comming from an outfit that are abousing battle gals more than anyone I have ever seen. You are even worse than TIW.

    They have way too much firepower for the health. Those bulldogs are too powerful. One gal can effectively shut down a spawn. They can just hover straight above it and be almost impossible to even hit and when you manage to find an angle, they take huge amounts of damage.

    It makes sense for them to to have some defensive weapons but the bulldogs needs to go.
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  17. Bassett

    And if you're in an organized squad/outfit you can get a few other ESF to back you up.

    So, teamwork OP?

  18. TheKhopesh

    Open a "Lower bay" weak spot that "opens" for a second or so after a person drops that takes 3x damage from infantry fired weapons when dropping infantry.
    ("Bay Open" timer resets to full second or so if the door doesn't close before the next drop. So coordinate and drop all at once or you're almost guaranteed to be fried.)

    2-3 well placed rockets and they're kaput if they attempt to just sit there and waterfall troops over a defending territory.
    At worst that increases rep time considerably (Making it livable til a better solution is made if this one fails).
    (I realize this isn't that great an idea, but it's better than what we've got ATM. If anyone has a better suggestion, i'm all ears.)
  19. Bankrotas

    I have no ******* clue how, but I once got to 197 with my gal ^^
  20. Prudentia

    i redeployed to Switch loadout (my squadmates were panicking because there was no Pilot suddenly) respawned and then the gal just spasmed out and flew out of the map. like literally out of the map, we hit the edge of the Terrain before the 10s countdown killed us....