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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by OldRaka, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. OldRaka

    A lot of people complain about the same error: After 15% of loading the game quit and proceed the player to an Internetpage, where is shown, that the game can't be started because of the error G99.

    I have installed and reinstalled the game several times, including the use of the repair-function. I have changed the installment from my partition F: to C:, as recommended. As well I have updated the windows7-firewall to the path C: for all the 3 exe, as recommended by SOE. The result is always the same: G99. My ticket, open since the 13th of december, is still open, in the forums no statement of SOE visible.

    A lot of things (mass of cheating tools, strong laggs, slow support, bugs, payment problems, all reported in the forums) and the suboptimal programming of the access to PS2 (why the OS-partition has to be used?) let me think that this game should be still in Beta-status.

    I don't understand, why SOE makes it difficult for a group of users (error G99) to get any access to this game (why no priority in support?), why SOE not let more parts of the programm remain in the servers instead in the clients (less cheating possible, but more investment into power of servers necessary, of course) and why all is not enough tested before release.

    All looks a bit semiprofessionell. A shame for a major company like Sony. Small company Wargaming with successfull f2p-game "World of Tanks" is doing a better job, imo.

    I wanted to invest real money for tripple station cash at Dec. 21. But if I will not be able to get any access to the game before I will not invest any money in this game for the next year, if I like to play PS2 for a longer time. The f2p-game "Warface", very successful in Russia, will be released soon in Europe ...

    So, SOE, HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!

    The "wanted to be" PS2-player OldRaka
  2. DirtyHarry

    You don't understand. It isn't just a matter of "put more parts of the program on the servers". The more systems that run serverside, the more systems will be affected by the communication delay between your machine and the server. If they had lumped more of it on the server, I guarantee that you would be whining about hit-detection lag, movement lag etc.

    I do have to give you this one. The QA procedures at SOE seem to be bizarre at the very least. For example, they added horns last patch, but before signing off on the code commit to the live build none of the QA team actually noticed that the horns didn't work... at all...

    Remember that WoT is a massively less complicated and less sophisticated game. (It's quite a good game, but PS2 is just on a whole other planet in terms of complexity and scope.)
  3. OldRaka

    1. The infrastructure of any online-game is the most basic starting point. SOE provides the server-side. So SOE has to know, what the limits are under what strategy. They have to put as much as possible to the server-side and as much as necessary to the client-side. In the Beta it should have been possible to have 2.000 players on 1 server and to test their strategy. So I don't understand, why there are so many problems with access to the game and lags after Beta.

    2. WoT is more simple, because there are 30 players only in 1 game. But the server has to handle more than 100.000 players at the same time, including matching them all together. So it will run many games very simultaneous, with different positions of each player and different view-ranges for each tank, different hit-zones and different effects of angeling. Most is calculated on the server (no aimbots, no wallhacks possible, more performance). I don't have the knowledge of an expert, but SOE should have. So they should have tested out their strategy in the Beta. I can't see a satisfying result now. Still Beta?

    3. There are so many problems with PS2 that the support isn't able to reply to tickets within days, in some cases within weeks as I have read!

    So many "want to be" players still can't get an access to PS2 because of the same G99-error what occur at 15% loading stage in the most cases. Imo it is a "no go" for a company, which wants to sell, if they are not able to let the customers in! I don't know how much more time I want to wait for the access to an online-game in such an unstable and unsatisfying developed stage.

    I hope, the support can handle our G99-error-case soon!

    As a minimum I expect a reply in the forum or regarding my open ticket, what is going on and probabely how much time I will have to wait until a solution might be possible. Is this expection not reasonable?
  4. nuttah

    I am having the exact same problem, this is stupid i can t believe they are still having these major problems
  5. OldRaka

    In the german forum it was recommended to start the task manager if your loading-process stops at 15%. After, the minimzed planetside2.exe in the taskbar has to be maximized again. Surprisingly it worked first time and I was able to choose faction, gender and server. But as I wanted to enter the server a new error occured: G15. So I have done the configuration of my anti-virus software Avira Free Antivirus as recommended by http://help.station.sony.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7515. I have done this for system-scanner and for the realtime-scanner (processes and data) as well.

    I tried again. But after the maximizing of the planetside2.exe the loading status is now shown as 98%. A start with admin rights or with a deactivated real-time-scanner of my Avira Free Antivirus doesn't change anything. After the 98%-status I get the G99-error again :mad:.

    Any idea???
  6. Malevictus

    I get the G99 error randomly too and it's seriously annoying, at one point i was unable to play for 4 days, then it just magically fixes itself for a short time and it starts again.

    Don't bother reinstalling as it seems to be a completely random bug that seems to be related to their servers not the client. I've currently had a support ticket open for 4 days and not got a single response from sony on the matter.
  7. Sliced

    To me, saying more should be server side is what someone would say if they know their computer is not up-to scratch.

    If the game is configured correctly then you should not have any problem. I have played since early beta and have never, not once had any connection problems.
    Something on your computer is stopping you from connecting and it is up to you to find out what it is.

    SoE does not know what your running along side PS2.
  8. OldRaka

    If this problem is on the server side every player should have the same problem less or more. But it looks like many players don't have a problem to enter the game (but many other problems with crashes, waiting, bugs, lags, ...) or have any G99 errors. Only some players (How many? How many "want to be" players give up to play PS2 without contacting support?) can't enter the game not at all for different reasons, because of error G99 for instance.

    That could be an evidence, that the error G99 depends on the client/PC of the player.

    I don't understand why SOE has no priority to make an access possible to PS2 for ALL players. Is PS2 sooo buggy that SOE is happy for all players who caan't get an access to PS2 and who can't complain about the ingame bugs because of no access??? o_O
  9. OldRaka

    1 first step to solution?

    As I have checked my Windows7-firewall again (extended security for admins) I watched the "incoming rules". There I saw that the 3 exe had a status of "not activated". I don't know why, because I didn't get any choice as I added PS2 to exeptions. I have changed all status to "activated" (doubleclick on not activated). After this I tried to run PS2 again. Now the game doesn't stop anymore at 15%. It keeps starting up to 98% where I get the G99 error always again.

    I have tried to change the protocolls of PS2 to "all" but that didn't change anything. I wonder that the game started up to 15% only as well as I turned off the firewall before. Why not up to 98%?

    Any idea? Do you think that the last 2% depend on the firewall as well?
  10. OldRaka

    Another hint:

    I was told that uninstalled firewalls or anti-virus programms, namely McAffee, could leave something behind in the Registry or somewhere else even after uninstallment, what could occur the G99 problem. I have bought my DELL-Notebook 4 months ago and McAffe was preinstalled. I uninstalled it. After a search in google I have found confirmation for this hint. I downloaded mcpr.exe (McAffee Cleanup) and used it.

    Unfortunately it didn't help in my case. But this hint might help other players (and the obviously OVERSTRAINED and UNKNOWING SOE-SUPPORT - I still wait for reply to my ticket)!

    Btw., I have the same G99-problem if I deactivate the Windows7-firewall (completely, private as well) and the realtime-scanner of my Avira Free Antivirus (what has no firewall).
  11. lilFernandez

    so basicly the last 2% relie on something hiddin or SoE..........yay
  12. Hxxxollow

    As an aside to this, my game starts and runs completely fine (aside from bugs discussed in other threads) but mine will pause at 15% and 98% on the loading screen for quite some time before the game actually loads. I don't know if that's the same for everyone, but I can say that the places it's stopping for you are the same places it stops for me even though mine then loads completely.
  13. OldRaka

    Our stops let the launch stop and close and redirect us to an internetpage, where is shown that we have an error G99.
  14. Eisler

    The reason why my game quits around 15% is becuase my firewall blockes planetside2.exe so after adjusting zonealarm all runs fine. So it could be a firewall issue.
  15. Stizzi

    G99 *Worked for me* router>Look for maxed open sessions>cold boot router
  16. OldRaka

    I agree. So I don't have the problem with a quit at 15% anymore because of improving of my Windows7-firewall. Now the new quit is at 98%. It might be still a problem with my windows7-firewall or my Avira Free Antivirus antivirus-programm. But it looks like SOE-support doesn't know as well :(.

    But really, why can't SoE avoid this problems like many other publishers? First time that I have such a massive problem to get access to a game! Looks like less experienced programmers have created unnecessary odds regarding firewall or antivirus programms. There are many similar complains around ...
  17. OldRaka

    Thank you! In my case I don't have any access to my router now. Can other players check this hint please?
  18. Eisler

    Something else comes to mind. I played the beta and once the released version came out I updated the game but could not connect (I can't remember the error, shame) so I completely removed all of planetside 2 and downloaded via steam. (all planetside 2 files or under steam and I could fire up the game perfect)

    Just taught of it I couldn't start the game from the gamelauncher so all this shouldn't be part of your problem.
  19. lilFernandez

    mine does not do that but i left it for a hour and still nothing.. does that mean mines even more messed up :'(
  20. lilFernandez

    wait im confused so it didnt work or it messed it up even more

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