G40-F Ranger (Anti-Air) is OP.

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  1. karlooo

    So I bough this weapon on my Ant vehicle (because every other weapon is trash, wanted to try a new one).

    It's brutally overpowered, I don't get it. I can fight 3 Mosquitoes or multiple Liberators at the same time....their cost is similar to tanks.

    How come (in this game) I can fight multiple expensive, heavily armed aircraft...And when I see a 150 cost Harasser (buggy), I dump my pants and run for my life!?

    Why can I fight 2 Liberators (900 cost) with ease. And a 150 cost buggy decimates me, I have no chance of escaping it either, the only way possible to escape the harasser is on Hossin, you turbo up a 90 degree angle cliff....nothing else saves you.
    I don't get the balance!!!


    My last question is: If I can equip a weapon that's a heavy counter to all aircraft...why can't I have a weapon that counters Harassers, armored vehicles??
    The Ant has some grenade launchers, cannons, which are very odd and general weapons. Also hard to master.
    Why can't my vehicle equip for example M96-Mjolnir (Boombox), E-540 Halberd or some other special weapons? I love the boom box, constant suppressive fire, large magazine, hits a lot of targets thanks to it's fire power.

    The M60-Bulldog and M40 Fury completely suck...their rounds disappear after travelling approximately 500 meter's (I can't even attack from long range), small magazine for some reason, tiny blast radius damage, slow fire rate.
    The boombox is 2x better than these weapons.
  2. NXR1

    From the title I thought this was going to be about the ranger, not the harasser.
  3. JDS999

    lol yes a liitle op...so u want more op weapons :)
  4. Dakka43

    Used to be able to ram harassers with ease and insta pop them with the turbo.. But they now did some ninja patch work and screwed it up.. They now take less damage :| from force objects tried it many times with same results couldn't ever pop one again since after the last major update.

    They still take decent damage but its not enough since its like your only chance move.. then your #%#@ed. Yes I was able to kill great many of them before because it was the one thing I did after work that made me laugh but now no more :(.
  5. karlooo

    1 Ranger fighting off 4 aircraft's says enough lol.

    What's even the point of aircraft's in PS2 currently?
    They can't do any quick ground strikes...like they can but it does absolutely nothing, only thing they can do is attack a lone target with no AA guns, for a very long duration because their weapons do no damage...they are also really slow, very easy to hit.
    I don't see them being used for transporting anymore....what's the purpose of aircraft's?
  6. LordKrelas

    If you think an Aircraft has no bite..
    You have never used or been engaged by ESF's or Liberators properly.

    G2A, is essentially harmless until near instantly fatal.
    With select platforms having an Brutal over-efficiency for their Weapons compared to their cost (Harasser) in the field as well.
    Similar, to an ESF's Pods, vs all manner of targets, commonly.

    As well, ESFs can travel the entire map in seconds - they have the highest speed.
    Liberator have a speed-boost, and can outrun or chase down any MBT' easily.

    Like what on earth was the Pilots apparently fighting you, in an Ant (Which can shield, cloak, or speed boost), have for equipment?
    What BR or directive score?
    Were they solo or 3-manned (for once)?
    What were the TR Mossies armed with?

    One can say, a guy with a pistol can decimate a room, but not mention the room was full of only-knives after a concussion grenade for the situation.
    The Harasser is incredibly inexpensive for Firepower, let alone being so cost-effective against Aircraft --
    However, Aircraft are not weak: Far far from it.
    AA is either useless, or instant death for pilots, due to the nature of G2A weaponry: Which is ******.
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  7. adamts01

    As per the topic of OP's argument, you don't honestly feel that way about the Ranger do you?
  8. LordKrelas

    The few times, I've had the Ranger, it's felt quite decent; Certainly better than every other AA I've ever used.
    I don't tend to touch the Harasser's one however.
    and I have a grand deal of fun with the original Swarm
    -- but few vehicle AA, as usually I'm not just dealing with air, if I have a vehicle. As usually, when I can retaliate, it's infantry.
    As typically, I find the one enemy Prowler appears, the moment I look up, to deal with the ESF that appeared & left after a rocket-blast barely missing me by a meter.

    But typically, most AA is useless until it instantly kills the pilot, with no in-between, which is murderous.
    Given usually, the vehicle packing the AA gun, is screwed in every other situation, or dealing with a usual surprise aircraft.

    But no, I don't find the Ranger as demoralizing to fire.
    I just rarely get the damnable thing, without being seconds from death or nothing to shoot at all.
  9. Skraggz

    Seems more and more that most people's issue with AA is it doesn't instantly destroy air craft.
  10. adamts01

    It's a far argument that G2A should destroy just as fast as A2G can. I'm fine with that. I just ask that similar skill be required to do so.
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  11. Towie

    Hmm well historically - the Ranger used to be completely awful, the usage charts were literally flatlined. Walker was the only AA used extensively and was better in pretty much every respect.

    Following adjustments Walker is still OK but the Ranger was buffed to be surprisingly powerful for anything very close range so the low-level infantry farmers suddenly had a hard time. I suspect this was the intention.
  12. Skraggz

    But lock-ons and cannons that Spray huge CoF with mini explosions is what we have.
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  13. JibbaJabba

    After the most recent nerf the Ranger is where it needs to be, possibly a bit weak. It serves a deterrence role well, but lacks the punch to finish off a target that's being stupid. (Smart ones get away, but that's skill, not a weakness of the weapon)

    But look. If you go play rock-paper-scissors and constantly attack the rock with your scissors you are gonna have a bad time. Same thing with Air attacking a dedicated anti-air weapon. Expect trouble.
  14. adamts01

    My whole argument against that is that you can't take out a similarly skilled Ranger Harasser without 3 or 4 times the nanite investment as a dedicated A2G aircraft, be that 2 ESF or a 3/3 Lib. Sure, it's a 2/2 player Harasser investment, but I can honestly say that the vast majority of my Lib gunners won't win that fight as a 2/2 Lib with 3x the nanite investment, regardless of what belly gun they have, at least against a similarly skilled Harasser. I stand by my argument that the thing is broken, especially considering how little skill it takes to do so well in one.
  15. adamts01

    That reminded me of this video.
  16. JibbaJabba

    The cost on harassers is a point of possible consensus in the community. They are awfully cheap.

    Cost aside. 1/1 vs 2/2 vs 3/3 man aside. Do keep in mind we're talking a dedicated AA device. It's supposed to kill aircraft, specifically aircraft that are attacking ground targets. Even a dedicated A2G aircraft like the Dalton lib, or LOLpod ESF is the wrong direction on the rock-paper-scissors triangle here.

    It's not supposed to be a cake walk to attack dedicated AA vehicles with the very aircraft they are meant to kill. It can be done though. The ranger is deadly at close range, but the weakest of all AA at range. A Dalton Lib will have more trouble hitting the moving target than the damage from it.

    Find solace in this: That harasser has to run from frickin' infantry. :p Yeah it can kill them with a surprise, but it will lose a peekaboo game with a heavy assault. It's also going to get massacred by the first vehicle that finds it. Being in a ranger harasser and coming across ... anything ... is terrifying. Only choice is to run like Agent Smith is after you.
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  17. karlooo

    In my opinion all Ground units anti-air weapons should be removed. Only anti-air would be from the lightening tank or infantry lock on rockets.

    Air planes should fight for air control in air to air combat, and the team that has most air control can attack ground units safely.
    ...if you get me, currently the aircraft's cannot do anything to ground, if everyone has access to OP anti-air, what's even the purpose of these air vehicles right now?

    Also in my opinion the planes should have less ammo, and do more damage...Why do they have so much ammunition? Do they ever use all the ammo?
  18. LordKrelas

    So once Air has killed Air, the Flare-Equiped ESF is free to attack any & all vehicles & infantry with impunity, besides groups of Skyguard Lightings having to support every single vehicle on the field, or be defencless against air.
    Does Air want a "Best Farm in history 2.0" award to go with it?
    There's even a Hard-counter to Lock-ons, a very poor weapon for engaging gameplay between pilots & ground units as well.

    An ESF isn't incapable of killing the ground; They've been massacring it for years.
    An Equally Priced ESF fights a dedicated Anti-air platform; Before CAI, the ESF won unless there was 3 lightings.
    A Solo-run Liberator engages dedicated Anti-air; Liberator wins.
    Liberator sees a Tank; Tank is ******. It is not escaping a Liberator. Let alone if it's not just the bloody Pilot.

    A MBT, is operated by 1 man; It can easily die to a Lightning, Harasser, Infantryman, and more.
    Once it has a Top-Gunner, it can now if used properly, mulch the above. It finally has the full firepower.
    A Liberator with a Belly Gunner, now has double the anti-ground firepower; Given the largest caliber cannon is for once used.
    Before CAI, the Pilot could solo kill any target in a second, using the Tank Buster.

    If you pilot a multi-crew vehicle on the ground solo; You are incredibly lacking in capability.
    You solo-pilot an Aircraft, and you still have the firepower to murder MBT's.

    So if Ground isn't meant to any means of not dying unless dedicated..
    How about we disarm the massive transport Galaxy & Valk; As that is moronic to do as well.
    Given we'd be left with just Bassies, unless graced by Dedicated AA platforms that are fodder for everything else...
    When a ******* 350 nanite ESF strolls by, without having to worry about anything but a Lightning tank for any threat at all.

    Dedicated AA, vulnerable to everything else, vs Universal Aircraft.
    And you want to strip the ability to use any AA weapon, past this full dedicated vehicle..
    Air better ******* lose universal A2G capabilities on every damn plane, if our air Gods are meant to have free rein after killing each other.
    As they already have the speed, the free repairs, the DPS, the range, the radar, and the weapon count.
    Ground already is ******; You can't avoid aircraft unless you never leave the inside of a base, and that's impossible for vehicles.
    Not a single ground vehicle, has the capabilities of not even the cheapest aircraft;
    It takes a 450 nanite tank to match the weapon count.
    Harassers are too damn cheap, but don't **** the entire ability of the ground to not be fodder to Air.

    Aircraft have the highest damage output...
    The few times, they'll run out of ammo, they can reach any ammo depot in a second regardless.
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  19. CplRDaWiggy

    To put it bluntly, hell no.

    Personally, I'd argue for more anti-air. Start by resetting towers AA turret range. ESF's get away with blue murder quite frequently, the idea that they should have less things shooting at them in the event of clear skies is frankly bonkers
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  20. iller

    the Walker is way more consistent at Range which makes it way better for actually assisting Allied ESF's and Troops in your area in a far wider variety of Scenarios ... which if you're Driving an ANT for anything... you ARE hopefully always taking the role of Support as opposed to trying to be a Front Line Meme