[Vehicle] G2G lock-on launchers and the flash

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  1. SpruceMoose

    with wraith cloak, there is nothing to fear from these skillful weapons which can take years upon years of dedicated training to master
    simply cloak, the lock broken, justice served, high quality wenches with large flagons of beer for you and your team

    turbo flash or any other under utilized flash
    your ****** nine out of ten times
    the dark overlards who call themselves "heavy assault" win, your women burned, your churches *****
    your noble flash, the only thing you can trust in this dark and depressing universe
    all of your factions truly meaningful territory on the map, now a different color without you to stop the hordes of
    "heavy assault"

    what would planetside 2 be like if flashes could roam freely without fear of near unavoidable lock-on death?
    in the form of
    flashes are too small to lock on to, just like maxes are too small to lock on to

    think of the flash
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    Dat infiltrator

    Want naow both that flash and this hat and suit for my infiltrator
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  3. GoyoElGringo

    Seriously, flashes don't need to be vulnerable to lock-ons, they are literally the only vehicle where you can shoot the driver out of it. It's not like flashes would be unstoppable if lock-ons couldn't take them out. The wraith flash is nearly immune to lock-ons already, and wraith is clearly the best upgrade for farming.
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  4. Leftconsin

    Make a utility slot to correspond with each class's abilty.
    - Cloaking for if you are an Infil
    - Proximity Repair if you are an Engy
    - Overshield if you are a Hoovy
    - Powerful Proxy Heal if you are a Necromancer Medic
    - Turbo if you are a Jumpjetter
    - Nothing if you are a MAX cause you too fat to fit on the thing. Go get in a sundy.
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  5. GoyoElGringo

    It could work....

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  6. Foxirus

    You do realize that the flash has the Smoke flares... Right? If locks are giving you that much grief, Put them on. I mean, Its not like an ESF where the choice would cost you a free 25% repair for everything.
  7. Prudentia

    People are using the G2G lockons for something else than Biolab/Subterreanen Rocketprimary farming?
  8. Alan Kalane

    Lock-ons are heat-seeking missiles (I think) so they can't lock-on to a MAX because it doesn't have a main engine like all the vehicles do. It's a exo-suit so it's composed of many servo-mechanisms which don't produce enough heat to be locked-on to.

    As for the flash, sure. If you take away the wraith cloak then go on, make them "too small to be locked-on". And yeah, smaller vehicle means smaller guns so say goodbye to M40 fury and stuff...
  9. Freedom Fries

    I do a lot of turbo flashing. And while lock on rocket launchers are highly annoying, I don't think flashes should be totally immune to them. I'd say, give them a base of .5 to .75 seconds longer to lock on. With the stealth defensive choice(only one worth using for a turbo flash), you'd be given a much better chance of ducking into cover before the rocket launches or hits.
  10. Cyrek

    Smoke is every 15 seconds with max rank; I've also did the foolish thing of maxing mine guard and look and behold, it only dampens one mine and kills the driver, bravo SoE.

    To be frank, my only way to balance the flash is make every other option other than turbo and wraith a more attractive choice and leave those two alone, that way you're encouraging more variety in loadouts.
  11. p10k56

    And how often it can be initiated? One smoke cloud every 30s?
    You dodge one few second later you are toast.
    I didn't use IR smoke for a while but it worked rather bad cos if one not change position of his vehicle lock on still hit him.
  12. Foxirus

    Actually on the flash, Its one IR smoke every 15 seconds, Each use giving you complete lock on immunity for 6 seconds. If you factor in lock on time and travel time, That leaves the lock on user a small window of about 4 seconds to get a missile going after you before you can smoke it away. That also means that you only have to vanish from sight for about 9 seconds before you are guaranteed another missile block.

    Though from the sounds of it, You have never even touched the IR smoke and are just whining for something that already has a counter.
  13. SpruceMoose

    this just gave me a great idea

    max smoke flash with a smoke launcher LA on the back, ammo box in the middle (if it stays in place)
    the smoke spam would be glorious

    on topic though
    its not so much that I'm being nailed by lock-ons
    just saw it happen and thought why should it happen at all? you know as well as I do flashes need to worry about everything, would it really hurt the game so much if flashes didn't need to worry about lock-ons?
    might get more people to use something other than wraith cloak
    least that was the thought behind the topic
  14. Leftconsin

    Actually, it doesn't sound so bad to try this:
    Infiltrator driver
    Engineer passenger
    Engineer has the carbine with underbarrel smoke grenades, tank mines, utility pouch
    Flash is Wraith and whatever gun you really want, and heat vision.
    First pass on enemy lines deploys smoke. Subsequent passes add more smoke and hot lead.

    The flash can do fun things and I think expanding the little guy's abilities will in part solve OP's problem. Wraith already dodges lock ons. Adding an overshield if you are HA would let you eat a rocket and live. Expanding turbo for if you are LA lets you duck behind cover easier. And the other two are simply support classes doing support things.
  15. task_master

    -Turn composite armor into a heavy-specific defensive boost on the utility slot
    -Replace FS with proxy repair, engy-specific
    -Move triage to the flash utility slot, and make it not garbage
    -Move scout radar to defense slot, make it function like the motion spotter tool
    -Make turbo get some sort of bonus for LA driver
    -Give mineguard drivers/gunners innate explosive resistance, kinda like valk rumbles
    -Give flash passive increase in lock time

    Bam, a bunch of problems solved
    also, this is a nerf to radar+stealth, sorry
  16. FBVanu

    Now that is a real Low Rider...
    I bet this thing was a real Harley.. until this guy sat on it..
  17. Slamz

    If you increase Flash survivability and usefulness, be sure to increase the cost too.

    For 75 nanites, I think the point was a platform to take you from A to B which could, to some extent, also shoot.

    Instead, people are finding creative ways to use them as ultra-cheap, ultra-fast, cloaking MAXes with superior weaponry.
  18. HenryTD

    take away lock-on on flash then u should make it takes damage if it hit a max,not just run over like nothing right now, for 75 nanites u have a weapon that can use to kill a weapon than 4~5 time the cost of your weapon by means simply just run over it,what more do u want??
  19. NoctD

    The Wraith flash is in serious need of some balance tweaks - its just too good.

    As for lock-ons vs. Flash, I'd be fine if you couldn't lock-on to UNARMED Flashes. Anything packing a gun on it should be fair game however. The Flash shouldn't be taking on tanks and other such vehicles - why it even was allowed the Fury and Basilisk on it to begin with is beyond me. They should be reduced to the Kobalt and S12 Renegade AI options only.

    And the Wraith? It needs a SERIOUS haircut!

    Flashes also need to take collision damage when they run over people. Its a trike, not a tank!
  20. task_master

    So here's what you think is wrong:

    Here's what you want to nerf:
    -Weapon selection (including complete removal of already weak AV weapons)

    I think the lightning he was OP, therefore we should nerf magrider pc and titan he

    Wraith isn't even OP. It's like SMG infil in that bads will get destroyed, but any decent player will have no issue.