G2A Faction Balance

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  1. Flag

    Just whip out your LMG and HS the max. :cool:
  2. Shatteredstar

    Not sure that tops a default launcher shot to their gut lol, especially against a scat max you get one shot!
  3. Flag

    Of course not, but if you need help, bring concussion grenades. :p Buys you a precious few seconds.
  4. ModsFreeAreForTV

    Although I disagree with most of his views, especially on Vanu nerfing, his views are still more realistic than the kiddos on here.
  5. Ronin Oni


    Anyone saying different, on either side, is being biased AF
  6. Ronin Oni

    Of course you don't want your precious "OP gunz" you joined VS for (they aren't as bad as commonly thought, but you blatantly admitted to joining the faction you thought was OP because you thought they were OP and didn't want to try)

    Your arguments and logic are just as baseless as his though.

    Except you act like your 12 instead of a mature 14 like our old buddy scream
  7. RedArmy

    were not concerned with air - it already does good there - we know this - its ground and turrets we want it to be better at
  8. ColonelChingles

    So the NC and VS will get launchers that are good against ground units but poor against air units.

    The TR will get a launcher that is just as good against ground units and also much better against air units.

    Does that seem balanced to you?

    The Striker should be one of two things:
    Generalist weapon- OK against ground units and OK against air units, spectacular at nothing
    Specialist weapon- Good against ground units but poor against air units
  9. Konstantinn

    Trade Striker for Lancer you said?

    DONE!!!! No refunds.

    Lol. Spoiled VS. You don't even know how good you have it. Every time there's an OP toy in game, TR/NC lose it within days, VS OP toys stay in for months, almost years. Funny thing is they think they're "good", that their faction somehow attracts more "mature" players. LOL.

    Only thing VS playerbase is better at is keeping their heads in the sand. I don't know why their faction specifically attracts the most of those type of players, that's the real mystery.
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  10. CorporationUSA

    I don't know how the gatekeeper fares against libs, but it's not particularly good against ESFs. The most one has brought my health down was to about half way, and that only because I was being greedy. It doesn't compare to an instagib from a tank cannon or decimator.
  11. Thardus

    Every faction has ways to deal with aircraft, every faction has ways to deal with vehicles. The TR just have one more AA option, while the other factions have an additional dedicated AV option. There's nothing wrong with that.
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  12. Amouris

    After the recent buffs the Striker is actually really fun & effective to use. Against air you can easily chase off enemy ESFs, kill if you got a friend. It's also surprisingly good at taking out stationary vehicles, deployed sundies, at long range since the projectile drop is minimal. The only thing I miss from the NC while playing on my TR character is the Phoenix/Flash Combo. TR has all the fun toys these days :(
  13. OldMaster80

    Steiker op? What's next? Nerf the Inquisitor? Lul :D
  14. PasitheeVS

    You interprete these stats WRONG.
    The Striker is no dedicated AA Lock-on, thus more oftenly being used against ground units, thus having a lower AKPH.

    It's the Combination.

    - Instant Lock-on
    - Very forgiving against Vehicles dodging it, due to a decent amount of shots per mag and high velocity
    - Good dumbfire on Infantry (not comparable with Phoenix/Lancer)
  15. Plastikfrosch

    ok, i main vanu but i have to ask: REALLY????
    yes, the striker works fine against those diving infantry farming ESFs and against hovering libs but it does not work to good over ranges. yes, since it got buffed its possible to hit moving tanks as long as they are not to far away. BUT, the lancer is the best AV launcher in this game (and it also works fine against even moving liberators) in my opinion and often enough the only reason why i pull a HA. I can hit nearly every vehicle (ok flashes over distance are a problem) over all distances and it doesnt matter if its moving or not. the only weapon that outperforms the lancer in AV is the Raven but you have to pull a max to use them while there are no nanite costs for the lancer. and like the lancer you need to cooperate with other HAs to kill ESFs effectively with the striker since they will back off the moment they got the first salve out of it.
    so NO, the striker is not op its in a good place since they buffed it.
    The striker AND the lancer dont work to good against infantry but the lancer has better potential against maxes especially over range.
  16. zaspacer

    I haven't flown my NC/VS ESFs for a while, so I don't know what it's like to fly vs. current Striker. But I DO use Striker a lot (mostly vs. ground Vehicles and close range or hovering Air), and it definitely has it's niche vs. Air.

    I think that the current Striker A2A Trait is something that should have been made available to all factions: a quick-fire launcher to do chip damage on close range Air A2G that is too close for Lockons to work but too quick or far for slow Dumbfires to work well.

    I also have NO IDEA why DBG made Swarm. What is the point of it? Does it have a special role? As an ESF pilot, Swarm just makes G2A Lockons very confusing (annoying for experioenced pilots, probably frustrating/terrible for new pilots), since you just hear beeps and red projectiles on the mini-map and the same text warning, with no idea which of the 4+ types of Lockon it is, if it's 3 Swarm Rockets or 3 Annihilator Rockets, etc.
  17. Goretzu

    Don't get me wrong, the buff from Striker 2.0 to 2.0b mainly made its AA stronger and this wasn't needed (it needed and was supposed to get an AV buff).

    However the Striker 2.0b definately isn't OPd AA-wise currently, although it is nasty for A2G camping ESFs I agree (the Striker 2.0 was too IMO).

    Certainly if they buff its AV too much it may need its AA reducing again.
  18. Eternaloptimist

    OP just gets funnier every time I read it. Sure, I'm getting more air deterrence damage since the buff but no increase in actual kills.

    Must admit I can't hit jack with Lancer if it is in the air but that's me being a poor shot and damn! its good at ground targets. It can crack off six shots like the Striker or accumulate a super shot. Definitely more of an anti ground weapon, where Striker is best against air.

    Sounds like someone had a bad experience from looking down the wrong end of a Striker recently. That's still embarrasing even after the Striker buffs.
  19. Casterbridge

    TR suddenly gain the lancer combined with prowlers with gatekeepers.

    Yeah that would end well.
  20. Collin